The Ancible issue 3 is coming soon

issue3_cover.jpgIssue 3 of The Ancible will soon be released and they are currently accepting pre-orders for the magazine.

From their announcement:
The Ancible issue 3 will be along shortly packed with even more interesting stuff. If you would like to pre-order your copy then why not pop along to the web site.

Things that are in Issue 3
• War for Edadh
• Spherewars quick play Guide
• Space Vixens from Mars
• Brutal
• Second part of the Conan Adventure
• plus lots more

See what happens when you put 5 guys infront of a large bundle of cardstock and tell them to build something….Part 1 of this “Adventure in Cardstock”

ps…watch out for a free Space Vixens Mini Game hidden somewhere in the magazine. everything you need to play.