That Escalated Quickly

Creature Caster has launched their Kickstarter campaign, finally.
And apparently all you people were anxiously awaiting it, as it’s more than 3x funded already.
Note: one model has uncovered breasts. Just so you know.


From the campaign:

Creature Caster is the new miniatures company from Jeremy Glen, award-winning sculptor and former owner of Ultraforge Miniatures.

  • Belakor

    Yeah because doing something original like Malifaux and Warnachine is way too advanced.

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    • blkdymnd

      Yeah, they’re neat, but it would be nice to see other than GW clones yawn

    • Cergorach

      GW isn’t the biggest, most profitable miniatures manufacturer out there for nothing, they make stuff people buy. Why should Creature Caster take the ‘high road’ and do something ‘original’ and less profitable? As a side note, what mythical miniatures KS did this ‘original’ thing? Just about everything is a derivative of something else, just because you aren’t familiar with their inspiration doesn’t make it any more original.

      Chibi miniatures aren’t new, the Japanese have been doing that for ages? Reaper minis, same old stuff in a new coat. Robotech, literally stolen from Macross (and I don’t use the word stolen here lightly). Even the Shadows of Brimstone and Journey: Wrath of Kingdoms weren’t exactly ‘new’. Only one that came close was Kingdom of Death and I can still hear the complaints about that…

      These are great sculpts that can actually be used in games 40k/WFB/D&D/Pathfilnder/etc. due to having usable base sizes and only cost about 55% of what Forgeworld asks for similar sized miniatures (45% during KS and even better deals when you buy a bundle).

      I used to think that nontraditional miniatures would sell oodles! Just joking, I never thought that…

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      • Belakor

        Why? Great talent wasted on being a knock-off instead of doing something of their own.

        And Kickstarter will generate cash even if you do your own thing.

  • Haibane

    I used to feel that way too – what a waste of talent when it could be used for something fresher. But I’ve seen enough new concepts coming out through Kickstarter over the past couple of years that it doesn’t really bother me that much anymore.

  • Necroloid

    Sure its unimaginative, but the only thing they are guilty of is giving the people what they want!!

  • ferk

    I used to think that all these new companies meant miniatures were going to get a breath of fresh air and go in a better direction.

  • Onemanworkshop

    What a lot of people don’t realize is that starting off you need something that generates income, so that you have the stability to pursue other more original work. Even GW starting out did mostly D&D and licensed miniatures to build the business, then they started branching out once the business was sustainable. This has been how most businesses work, offer something familiar but different, then build on that.

    I give this guy high praise for taking the difficult step of going from traditional sculpting to digital. That is not easy to do and maintain a style that is unique. I’m sure once they have a stable income, they can start exploring some more unique models and ranges.

    • -DE-

      Keyword being ‘licensed’.

      • Argate

        GW licensing D&D because they want the name D&D and the publicity derivative by the name. Also, I don’t know GW has never give a single penny to Tolkien for their elves, or orcs, they did only when they want the name and the logo of Lord of The rings, or, most important, they never given a single penny to Moorcock and his Elric imaginary (the entire chaos), or even to Whithe Wolf or Bram Stoker for their vampire blood lines and the list is very long…
        I don’t want diminishing the effort done by GW for build their universes, but is also unfair blame someone who want start something in this business and must adapt to customers needs and tastes.