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Jan 30th, 2014

TGN Ad Rates

Tabletop Gaming News
is always interested in adding banners from advertisers from the tabletop gaming industry. Please note that we do not take ads from companies, or for products, not associated with tabletop gaming. Our aim is to provide focused ads that our readers will be interested in reading and exploring.

Tabletop Gaming News can bring your advertising message to an estimated 65,000 unique visitors each month.

There is a single banner at the top of each page at TGN and banner space can be purchased at a rate of $10 US per month for an unlimited number of impressions. These rates are only for that top banner space. The sidebar ad spaces are purchased exclusively each month.

You can run up to three banners in a campaign but those three banners will all share the same “pool” of impressions. You can also set different weights for each banner to modify the frequency that they appear.

Changing ads in our system is quite easy and we recommend that advertisers change their ads as often as they can to keep a fresh message and visuals in front of readers.

Currently an single factor ad is seen approximately 2,500 times in a month making the cost per impression a very affordable. TGN does not sell ad campaigns by the impression and so the amount of traffic the site generates only increases the times your ad is viewed and doesn’t incur additional costs or end your campaign early.

You can increase the frequency (commonly referred to as “weight”) of an ad by purchasing additional factors for an ad. Each factor costs an additional $10 US per month. So an ad with a weight of 1 will be $10/month, whereas an ad with a weight of 3 will be $30/month. Each factor increase the number of impressions that the ad generates each month.

Plan A
per month
  • Weight of 1


The probability that an ad will be seen is based on two factors: The amount of “weight” for the particular campaign and the overall “weight” in rotation at the time. As campaigns come and go, the overall weight load changes for the ad space. When setting up an account, we can tell you about how many times a certain ad weight will be seen. If you have any questions about probability of your ad being seen, make sure to ask.

We can display banners up to 728 x 90 in size and can display different sizes in the same space. So if you have banners you already run on another site we can easily accommodate them as long as they are no larger than 728 x 90. We can use Flash banners on the site.

If you are thinking of supplying a Flash based ad please check out this tutorial for the required code to allow us to track impressions and click through on your Flash banner.

Ad sizes should be kept to approximately 100K or less.

We can handle multiple concurrent campaigns as well as concurrent campaigns that run in general rotation on the site as well as targeted campaigns.

When you advertise on the site all campaign statistics are sent to you via email ever two weeks in a format that can be conveniently used in Excel.

Ad purchases of 6 months will be discounted at 10% of the total cost and purchases of 12 or more months will be discounted 15% of the total cost.

We use PayPal for invoicing and ad payment. We are able to provide links to Paypal subscriptions so that advertisers can pay for their ad buys on a monthly basis. These multi-month ad subscription purchases are not discounted.

For more information, please email [email protected] to setup your advertising account.

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