TGN Top 5 – Enrico’s Top 5 Gaming Resolutions for 2015

By Enrico Nardini
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Jan 22nd, 2015
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Associate Editor Enrico Nardini keeps his promise to share his personal gaming resolutions for 2015.


We looked at 5 CMON staff members gaming resolutions last week. This week as promised, I’m sharing my 5 gaming related New Year’s resolutions with you.

5. Work on That Rule Set – Most of my work time in our industry is focused on reporting on the work of others. I love it! It’s afforded me the opportunity to play so many different games and meet so many interesting designers, writers, artists, and players. I’ve also worked on a number of independent game projects performing tasks like copywriting, editing, social media, and playtesting. I’d like this to be the year I work on a game of my own. We’re experiencing a small press revolution in gaming, so I’m sure I share this ambition with some of our readers.

4. Finding Time to Paint and Play for Pleasure – Writing about games and documenting my hobby takes up a great deal time. I am not complaining. Though I work very hard, I also recognize that the work is often fun. The only real drawback is that much of my gaming time is focused on whatever the “new hotness” is. One thing I want to make sure I can do is return to old favorites, those games that I love, but are not currently newsworthy. Also, painting miniatures is one of my favorite ways to relax and unwind from a long day. Making time for that kind of recreation is important for a balanced life. Speaking of which…

A selection of my minis.

A selection of my minis.

3. Find Balance in My Gaming Life – This is a nice way to say that I have to acknowledge that I can’t play everything. I mentioned how seriously my game writing is to me. It’s the kind of work that drives you to want to spend every waking moment reading the latest RPG or joining 500 different groups to make sure you get that critical board game session in. To have a balanced life, you can’t game all the time. (Though I’m sure that I’m not the only one on here that would, if I could!) In a past life, I had a very physically active job. Juggling family, work, and play makes me considerably less active. This needs to change. (Yep. I found a way to fit the much maligned and cliched fitness resolution into this.)

2. Covering More Small Companies – I made this pledge in a previous article, but it is hard to keep when the biggest movers and shakers are moving and shaking. Much of my gaming for pleasure is occupied by small press games. I own an absurd number of miniature gaming rulebooks in PDF format for example. Having a voice on Tabletop Gaming News puts me in an ideal position to inform our readers about some of these lesser known games and miniatures. Ignoring the larger companies is, of course, not an option, but allowing for more of these up-and-coming companies to share spotlight of our features would better serve our readers and the industry.

ThunderChild Miniatures is a new company on my radar.

ThunderChild Miniatures is a new company on my radar.

1. Find More Ways to Include My Son in the Hobby – 3 years ago, my wife gave birth to the most important person in our lives. Watching him grow is a wondrous journey, and I am incredibly lucky to have him in my life. I’ve noticed that as he approaches his 4th year, he has taken an interest in “daddy’s books and toys.” He questions me constantly about what I’m doing and what each miniature, book, or set of dice are for. I’ve made a point of painting with my son – starting with a set of cheap plastic knights and moving on to a wooden model castle. My wife and I have also found a number of age appropriate board games that he enjoys playing with us. Gaming has been such a positive influence in my life; I can’t wait to see where it takes him.

So that’s my top 5 gaming resolutions for 2015. We’ll check back and see if I was able to keep any of them come January 2016. Until then, I wish you a happy, healthy, and game filled 2015.

Do you have gaming resolutions? Share them with us below!

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  • surprize

    Some good thoughts there.
    I like the idea of giving a bit more prominence to smaller games/companies. It’s an odd thing though that outside the usual suspects even relatively large games can be niche. What I mean is that coverage of games and communities are increasingly global, allowing us to TALK about our favourite games, but playing them is often a matter of geographical serendipity. Infinity for example is breaking into the big time in terms of miniature games, but still it is down to luck if you have another player near you. Practically what that means is it is still largely up to the individual fan to grow a smaller game in their neighbourhood by word of mouth. And so whilst more coverage for small games is great for them, and will likely see more geographical islands of popularity as new people take them up and champion them, there is probably a limit to how much online coverage can do for existing fans of games. I just find it fascinating that the TT gaming world is still so dependant on word of mouth and FLGS to actually get smaller games played!
    Good luck with your son, I think it’s great there are so many games now that can be played as a family that are non – adversarial. Don’t get me wrong competition is important, but it’s nice that board games aren’t JUST about beating everyone else anymore (monopoly, trivial pursuit, etc) think it would likely give kids a better experience of gaming at an early age.