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Feb 28th, 2016

The hectic bustle of Saturday has given way to the smooth calm of Sunday (at least for me). Yesterday I got in some Guild Ball, some Warmachine, and some Ascension. How about you folks?

I think all of us could stand for some bite-sized gaming stories just about now. So let’s get to it.

Today we have: Red Box Games Launch Warbands of the Cold North Kickstarter, Kings of War unofficial historical supplements updated for Kings of War 2nd edition, and New White Wolf Interview.

Red Box Games Launch Warbands of the Cold North Kickstarter

Red Box Games has launched their latest Kickstarter for Warbands of the Cold North.

The ambition should it fully find is to realise some of the top quality sculpting in plastic form (PVC).

Pledges start at $45 for 15 finely sculpted miniatures.

The campaign has already started and is due to run until Saturday March 12th 2016.

Kings of War unofficial historical supplements updated for Kings of War 2nd edition


Kings of War always lent itself to an exceptional historical gaming experience, and the latest 2nd edition rules are no exception! The Kings of War Historical Ancient Combat (KoWHAC) supplements are four unofficial PDF books to bring your Kings of War rules into the wars of ancient Greece and Persia, though the Roman era, raiding during the Viking age, and all the way to High Medieval wars. The books include new and updated special rules for historical flavor, army descriptions, and finally troop lists all designed to bring historical battles into the Kings of War rule set.

New White Wolf Interview

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We have our exclusive interview with White Wolf Lead Storyteller Martin Elricsson (with input from White Wolf CEO Tobias Sjögren too!) posted. Hot on the heels of his interview with which kind of made the White Wolf community somewhat loose their minds over his comments. We follow up with several of his comments of that interview, dig deeper into the plans of the new White Wolf and explore his past. This is our grand opening article for the new World of Darkness News! A site dedicate to all news as it relates to Vampire the Masquerade; table top, PC gaming and LARP/community events.

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