TGN site updates – how to change your Avatar, and alternate methods for posting

You may have noticed with the new theme the old uploaded avatars are no longer being used – instead we’ve converted to the WordPress standard of using  Hit the link, sign up for a free account with the same email address you used on TGN and you’ll be able to customize your Avatar on any site that supports Gravatar.

Also, in an effort to reduce friction, we’ve added the ability to post comments by signing in with your existing Facebook, Twitter or Google account.  The old login system also works fine, if you prefer to use that. The implementation is a little buggy, so we’re turning it off for now.

  • AccessDenied

    so i can no longer use my own self made avatar? i lik having different avatars on different sites, and i don’t need gravatar tracking me across the web. and these comments are wonky — it keeps bouncing to the bottom of the page where i can’t see what i’m typing in the comment box. and it keeps closing my keyboard. was this fully tested?

  • puster

    No “Gravatar” for me, too. I do not need an avatar that bad…

    Good point of disabling Facebook (etc), though. I dislike their tracking what I do outside of my Facebook account. Of course you have their tracking-icon on your side regardless of where you register, so I need to disable Javascript to keep them away.