TGN May 2011 gaming poll

Tabletop Gaming News is attempting to get an idea of how gamers are spending their time and money. To that end we have two polls.

This poll asks you what games you played in May 2011. You can select up to four options.

The other asks how your spent your gaming dollars during the month.

If you played one or more boardgames this month then please take a moment to fill out our boardgame poll.

Gaming Poll

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  • Osbad

    The only box I could tick this month was “TTG-Other”. I only enjoyed one single, solitary game last month, and it happened to be Mantic’s Dwarf Kings Hold. It’s a nice game, but I suspect I’ll be playing it more with my kids than with my normal gaming chums.

  • I’ve pretty much stopped playing other games due to lack of interest at my club.

    So Warmachine/Hordes for me and Munchkin and Small World got some love this last month.