TGN May 2011 boardgame poll

Boardgames are consistently a popular option with readers here at TGN and to help expand the coverage of our polls we are asking people who selected the Other – Boardgame option in our gaming poll to tell us what boardgames they played in May 2011. You can select up to four options.

If the game(s) you played are not listed in the poll options please post a comment and give us the name of the boardgame so we can add it for next month’s poll.


Boardgame Poll

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  • Cosworth

    Missing “Defenders of the Realm”, “Space Alert” & “Mansions of Madness”

    • Zac

      Mansions of Madness is there but not the other two. I’ll add them

  • Talarius

    Also played:
    Fighting Formations: Grossdeutschland Motorized Infantry Division

    and the L5R ccg.