TGN looking for a few good reporters

Tabletop Gaming News is looking to add to the family. I can’t be at every convention and even at the ones I do go to, I can always use a few extra people to help with convention coverage (if GenCon last year taught me anything, it was that). So what I need is a team… a news team… that’s full of action…
An Action News Team, if you will…

What I’m looking for are dedicated, reliable gamers who are going to conventions across the world. TGN is looking to be THE place for all things gaming and upping our convention coverage is a major step towards that. So if you feel you can handle it, head over to CoolMiniOrNot and sign up to be a Legionnaire. Why a Legionnaire? Because as part of the TGN Action News Team we’ll pay you in Legion points. What are those good for? Oh… you know… just everything that CoolMiniOrNot carries. But we’re going to make you earn those points!

If you think you have what it takes, go and sign up for a forum account and send a PM to me: Polar_Bear. We’ll get you going from there.

  • puster

    TGN is looking to be THE place for all things gaming

    I sometimes wonder how “all things gaming” is selected, when eg. the Tudor Kickstarter of TAG gets no mention at all here, while everybody else and his updage gets an entry. Historical gaming certainly could need some help here at TGN.

    That said, the idea to recruit gamers sounds sound, especially when CMON backs this up with credits.

    BTW: Take a look at the TAG KS some time before it ends…

  • Part of that Puster, is relying on members here to submit news to the link at the top. If someone at TGN/CMON doesn’t know about a news item, they can’t really post about it.

  • cybogoblin

    Makes me wish there were some proper conventions down this way.

    Also, every news team needs a Brick.

  • Henrix

    It would be very interesting if you could get convention reports from all over the world.

    I think they are quite different in different countries.
    I know for certain that the ones here in Scandinavia look very little like what I see in the US, but then I basically only see stuff from conventions much larger than we can have here (our biggest is ~2000 paying visitors), or very much smaller gatherings.

    (I won’t have time to report from our next, what with being busy running games.)

  • I agree with Henrix, it would be fun with more international coverage (I would love more EU coverage) when it comes to conventions as some of them (at least here in Sweden) are quite different from the US scene.

  • A couple notes:

    1. This doesn’t just have to be US coverage. I do want to see some more overseas reporting from conventions there. Don’t feel that just because you’re not in the Lower 48, you can’t join up. You certainly can.

    2. About the “not reporting on certain things” bit: It is correct that most of our news we get is submitted from you, the gamers. I have some time to search, but not infinite amount of time. Plus… it’s just me. I don’t have a staff of people just scouring the internet for news… technically. I mean, they’re not in-office, just looking for news. There’s you, the readers. If you think something’s being missed and you wonder, “why aren’t they reporting on that?” then hit the “submit news” button up top and submit the article. Chances are, we’ll run it.

    • Speaking of # 2 there PB, what are the guidelines to accepting a news item and running. What changes those chances of running it you mentioned, things we want to avoid when submitting news?

      • Basically, we don’t run things for 3rd party sellers, things for CCGs/LCGs or painting and modeling tutorials/guides. That’s really about it. It’s pretty rare that I get a news submission that I go, “nope, we don’t post that.”

        • grimbergen

          Can you explain more why CCGs/LCGs are not accepted? I never understood that for BGG (well at least they accept LCGs). I mean they are in all respects tabletop games… and what makes them any less reasonable than CMGs like Heroclix?


          • Mostly that we could flood the page with news for all the CCGs/LCGs out there (Magic, L5R, all the ones made by FFG, etc…) and there are other sites dedicated to them. Hence why we try and keep it to minis games, rpgs, board games and the occasional single-deck game (Munchkin, deck-builders and such, since they’re more like board games than ccgs)

  • Soulfinger

    I guess this is as good a place as any to say that, personally, I would like to see the forum revamped/rebooted/whatever to encourage some lively discussion — maybe some prizes for quality posts/threads. I’d love to see people posting their projects here, battle reports, game reviews, and what-not. It seems like threads die pretty fast, so a pep rally TGN Talker would be a good addition to the team.

    Also, I assume that the reporters are responsible for covering the convention costs, lodging, meals, and so forth? I was spoiled by my brief experience with GW’s old outrider program — product, hotel room, food, and they paid the bar tab.

    • cybogoblin

      Dear gods, you were an outrider?

      Maybe that explains things 😉

      • Soulfinger

        Just once . . . one wonderful time. I wish I had done it more, but we had children, one of whom was medically fragile and by the time she was stable, it was all over. I have a friend who did it for years though. There are not enough sticks in the world to shake at all of the minis they gave him, nor is there a story that doesn’t end with being hungover in the morning from the afterparty footed by GW.

        • Well, hotel and travel is beyond our current means, Legionnaires can get their con badge paid for. And we, too, have volunteer parties at most events we go to.
          It’s much the same as Privateer Press’ Press Ganger program. But instead of just PP product, you can spend the points on anything that CMON carries.

          Also, we are looking to integrate the forums more into the overall-TGN experience. Not to tip the hand too early, but we’re looking into updating the site look and format a bit. It’ll still be free, and free for companies to post news, but we want to make it more interactive and easier to navigate. I don’t currently have anything like a timetable for the updates, but they are in the works.