• MrHobbitino

    Would someone Please ask Cool Mini or Not “What the hell is going on with Confrontation?” They’ve had it for years and it would be nice if they would give us some kind of update on where it stands.

    • jedijon

      I guess the silence speaks loud enough for me. At any rate, beautiful metal figures compatible with what’s already inmy collection, tickling my interest every month…isn’t going to happen. So despite bearing the name–it won’t be the confrontation I loved…

      I suppose it would be cathartic to get a real answer on why as a business they have found no way to make money on their investment. Haven’t they lost rights to this by now due to virtue of producing no product? I’ll speculate that conf is now public domain. Go on Legondarian, Chinese recasters, et al and sell those sculpts!

      • thetang22

        It’s kinda unfortunate, but with the lack of any news Confrontation-related and the general reputation of CMON going south with lots of veteran fans of the industry, more and more people are becoming tolerant of Confrontation recasters and devs of new content, because they feel those people are the only ones doing something for the hobby.

        I almost get the sense that CMON bought rights to the miniatures, and then decided to just sit on them in order to not have more competition with their other properties (like Wrath of Kings).

    • KelRiever

      Okay, as a Confrontation fan, what is obvious is most likely.

      Confrontation died when Rackham went bankrupt. For years people tried to explain how bankruptcy wasn’t the end of the company because they wanted to believe. But just like any bankrupt company, it was over. Over and dead.

      Confrontation is a game now played by those of us who like it so much it doesn’t matter if there is a company supporting it anymore. Figures are brought from the old like or recast on eBay or at other websites.

      Legacy was a glimmer of hope, then if you followed the news, it was clear it was going to be another hamfisted attempt at ‘dumbed down rules for popularity’ and if anything, it seemed more like a second take at plastic ragnarok than the Confrontation that most fans loved.

      And then it probably became clear to CMoN that what people wanted was not what they wanted for the game. So why produce it?

      Someone can argue against that, but look at what happened with Confrontation Legacy. The figures produced were snatched up mostly by fans of metal confrontation, and once they had them and there was no future in sight for the game they loved, those purchases went dead. There have been no rules, no updates that matter, and no more enthusiasm from those who want their old confronation back for a dumbed down version. Not to mention the most Confrontation like game, Wrath of Kings, hasn’t exactly set the world on fire.

      Dead is dead. You don’t need a living company to enjoy the game, though, despite the ridiculous belief by some that you would. You need good friends, and the ability to find what you want on the internet. Which you can, especially if you open up to recasters. I’m not saying you should, but I’m saying hey…Confrontation is the fans now. Not a company.

  • entil_zar

    Another question that should be asked at a five minute range is when will european RelicKnight backers finally receive the goods they paid two years ago!!!

    “Soon”, “when they arrive” and “oh look, a squirrel” are no sufficient answers

    • KelRiever

      That right there is some BS. I didn’t buy in but I have some sympathy for those people. These are the risks of kickstarter, though, and why I’ve funded only one KS run by someone I personally know.

  • Soulfinger

    Get the phone number for that girl in the USAoploy booth! I’d like to set her up with my nephew. He is going to have an awesome scar on his face from the boating accident he was just in, so mucho macho!