TGN GenCon video Day 3

By Polar_Bear
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Aug 18th, 2013

And here’s our Day 3 video.
Headed back to Atlanta tomorrow after the show closes up.

It’s been the best GenCon that I think I’ve ever been to. Thanks to everyone that’s helped make it so.

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  • AccessDenied

    Why does the CMON closing screen have such a higher volume than anything else in the video?

  • The Beast Rampant

    Fantasy Flight got the lion’s share of that one.

    • Anton did have a lot to say. He’s a good guy and one of the busiest people at the show. We’d wanted to talk to him on Thursday, but it just didn’t work out that day or Friday. So I’m super-thankful for him taking time out to talk to us when he did on Saturday.

  • The Beast Rampant

    I’m not complaining. I was quite interested in what he had to say about the new BattleLore. He did a great job. I was just hoping to see more out of OtL’s Endless.

    Hope you folks have a safe trip back!

    • The TGN Crew was too busy running around getting interviews to grab a demo this show, but MacroWargamer posted a video with Matt giving a rundown of the rules and some shots of the initial miniatures.

      I believe Beasts of War did a full video demo with Tom at some point during the show, but I don’t know if its been posted yet.

      • Loving the trolls! The style reminds me of John Bauers illustrations for “Bland Tomtar och Troll”, a fairy tale I think every Swedish kid is familiar with. Very nostalgic.

        • That was part of the plan. 🙂 The humans, elves and what not will have a very Anime style to their designs; but the monsters are meant to be more a mix of John Bauer and Jim Henson’s Creature Shop in style.