TGN February 2011 purchasing poll

Tabletop Gaming News is attempting to get an idea of how gamers are spending their time and money. To that end we have two polls. This poll asks you how your spent your gaming dollars in February 2011. The other asks what games you played during the month.

You can select up to four options. Remember that you can select a game even if you didn’t play it. We’re interested solely in purchasing, our other poll covers the games you actually played.

Also note that the intent of the poll is to track what you purchased the product for not what it was intended for. So if you bought a GW Warhammer miniature to use in Songs of Blades and Heroes then please don’t mark it as a Warhammer purchase.

Purchasing Poll

[poll id=”38″]
  • Picked up the rules for No More Room in Hell.

  • Mechanical.Horizon

    Again, to be fair you guys should really separate Warmachine and Hordes into separate choices since they are two separate games.

    It sort of “handicaps” Privateer Press games in a poll.

    • Zac

      We had this debate already and they are combined due to popular opinion.

  • Finally bought my Brit fleet for Dystopian Wars, bought more MERC stuff and picked up the Eden Convoy just cuz I liked the models for Postapoc gaming.

  • Zac

    I did nothing but buy 40K Ork minis last month. Lootas, Burnas, Nobz, Dreads, Killa Kans and Grots.

  • I’m on a budget at the moment so I’m not buying stuff until I get more painted. And low and behold it’s working! Who’d’ve’thunk’it!? Only got a couple more Bloodtrackers to fill out the unit for my Circle!

  • maroonldr

    This is my first month ever where I have to limit myself to only 4 choices in the purchase poll. Yay to getting out of debt just in time for Cold Wars!!!!!!!!!!

  • scrivs

    Purchased Fire & Fury Regimentals, Munchkins, and bought some paints to work on the Han Chinese.

  • Osbad

    My “Other – tabletop game” vote was for the Doctor Who Miniatures Game.

  • mrbushtroll

    come again
    just bought a couple hundred D&D minis
    and it don’t count

    what about star wars tooooooo

  • Nyterayne

    Yeah, it is dead, but I voted Other – CMG as I got some D&D minis