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Mar 11th, 2011

Boardgames are consistently a popular option with readers here at TGN and to help expand the coverage of our polls we are asking people who selected the Other – Boardgame option in our gaming poll to tell us what boardgames they played in February 2011. You can select up to four options.

This is the first month we have run this poll and so the number of games is small. If you had to select any other the Other options in this poll then please take a second and post a comment telling us what games you want to add to this poll.


Boardgame Poll

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  • Talarius

    Played 5 games of Earth Reborn, which is a post-apocalyptic miniatures boardgame, most similar to Tannhauser.

    Played 4 games of Magic the Gathering (first time in years, btw) using freebie 30-card decks. This is actually a great way to play MtG. I have no interest in making additional purchases but the freebie decks are a lot of fun.

    Played 2 games of Hive, which is a Euro boardgame.

    The one game that wasn’t an “Other” selection was Summoner Wars. Fun game.

  • Played Earth Reborn and Claustrophobia several times.

  • brave face

    Age of Conan

  • brave face

    Tried Age of Conan.

  • Brett1972

    You didn’t have an option for”Other – Wargames,” but I played a game of Paths of Glory.

  • Zematus

    We’ve been playing a lot of:
    – Shadows Over Camelot (with Merlin expansion)
    – Isla Dorado
    – Last Night On Earth

  • xredmenacex

    Played Road Kill Rally.

  • Toqtamish

    I played a zombie game a friend brought over that was made by the games that used to make Hell Dorado.

  • mrbushtroll

    Axis and allies??? risk….
    killer bunnies

    how about buckrogers…..lionheart

    yes some old classics….but how do ya corrupt the new gen
    and of course D&D with multiple units in skirmishs
    like lionheart….but 4 tables board