TGN Feature: Mars Attacks from Mantic Games


Mars Attack

Only in Mars Attacks can you take command of a bunch of Martians to chase down and slaughter humans, avoid flying cars hurled by giant robots, engage in heroic battles with a knight in shining armour and oh, set fire to cows! What more could you ask for from a game?!

TGN Feature

Mars Attacks: The Miniatures Games is the crazy tabletop game of Martian Mayhem from Mantic Games. The simple rules and random event cards together with the coloured, ready to play plastic miniatures, add up to a wacky, incredibly fun game, which is both immersive and cinematic.

It is all inspired by Topp’s Mars Attacks Invasion cards, a recently revamped line based on the 1960s collectible cards, and the acclaimed IDW comic series. Whether you remember the first run, or have recently encountered it, Mantic Games have gone out of their way to ensure that the game lovingly reflects the reference material, making it an ideal gift for fans, or a great introduction for those that are new to the IP.

US Soldiers

Prepare your tabletop for invasion

At the heart of Mars Attacks are the Martians themselves. Vicious and vile, they come ready to play in turquoise plastic, though you can paint them as Mantic have, supplied with detachable transparent helmets to give them their iconic domes.

The Martians are led by the infamous General Tor, an ambitious commander with a point to prove. He demands the head of the leader of the human resistance, though only to cement his place as the great Martian General to have ever lived. Play as this maniacal genius and take over the world… or suffer the consequences of losing to the human race!

Will you put down the rebellion once and for all, or will you be sent back to Martian High Command with your tail between your legs?

Martian Grunts

Welcome to Greenville USA

The events of the game take place in the small town of Greenville, USA, just after the world has been invaded by the Martians.

You and your opponent take control of one of the two factions available and complete a number of story-driven missions. Will you lead humanity’s resistance and prevent the Martian commander General Tor from discovering the secret communication network on Earth or will you command the Martians to thwart mankind and conquer Earth for eternity?

From gathering intel, to simple and glorious carnage, each scenario pushes the story forward. But it’s you against the Martians (or you as the Martians) wreaking havoc in the ruined town of Greenville. And there are extra missions available – expansions that add flavour and interest to the world.

While Mars Attacks centres on the Martians themselves, the human race isn’t going down without a fight!

There are nine characterful civilian heroes available, each with a unique and immersive backstory, though not all of them are good. Some are on the run from the law, others are anti-social loners, and others are dignified, strong-willed survivors, all hell-bent on protecting the earth when the saucers start flying.

Coupled with a handful of US Marines to help you defend them, the human race is lovingly created, inspired from the comics and artwork. From small town heroes to rebels, you’ve got the chance to play someone truly memorable, and either kick the Martians off earth, or die trying.

And honestly, what’s more badass than a hero in plate mail, fighting off the invading hordes?

Civilian Slaughter

Begin your adventure

Whether you’re an experienced gamer or completely new to the genre, Mars Attacks: The Miniature games is an excellent addition or start to your gaming collection.

From coloured, ready to play plastic miniatures, to a simple comic-book sized rule and scenario book, Mars Attacks: The Miniatures Game contains everything you need to get gaming immediately.

There are 40 plastic miniatures and a whole load of quick-assembly ruined scenery pieces that you can use to bring the devastated warzone of Greenville to life. Your characters can use this as cover, giving you an immersive, 3D gaming environment with the same quality as the miniatures on the tabletop!

With event cards, heroics, injury and action tokens, dice, and more, there’s also a full colour gaming mat and 3D event counters like civilians, wrecked car, and even mutant bugs. There’s all most no end to the variety in the box.

Mars Attacks: The Miniatures Game is quite simply full of stuff. And Mantic shows no sign of slowing its support for the game down.

Attacks from Space

It’s out of this world fun

Whilst many of the civilians have been designed by Mantic themselves, the game features the classic Martians from the cards and Mantic have promised the introduction of Flying Saucers, Giant mutated bugs, and stompy robots in the future. They are a unique and strong counterpoint to the artwork-come-to-life pieces that Mantic Games have digitally mastered and created pieces from.

There will even be new types of figures based on the Science Division, a hardcore group of Martians that use experimental weaponry, and the Novas Vira human resistance group, who have secretly been preparing for the Martian invasion for years. It’s no surprise that the depth of the game is reflected in the diverse factions, each with unique mechanics and abilities to keep the game interesting.

Mars Attacks: The Miniatures Game blends simple board game ideas with tabletop mechanics and adds a whole load of fun and craziness to create a war game that is simple to play with friends and family.

Prepare your tabletop for invasion friends. Mars Attacks: The Miniatures Game is set to take the world by storm

  • 4tonmantis

    This article features the studio models, and not the warped, glorified green vs tan army men that people actually received. For a $100ish game the quality is just not there in the casting or materials and I am now glad I didn’t go further in on Dungeon Saga.

    • blackfang

      $75 retail with 40 miniatures and a load of injection molded terrain. It’s completely comparable with its immediate competition.

      • 4tonmantis

        From a cost standpoint, the terrain is the redeeming factor. It’s funny that during the KS the buy in was ~$100.. but the retail is $75.. I guess the $25 or so dollars was for the stretch goals.
        Personally, I think it was over-hyped and will be watching clearance bins for the game before I buy the full release.

        • blackfang

          The Kickstarter pricing was sadly a bit convoluted. For the $100 you got the base box and $50 worth of expansions of your choice (you could get another two starters’ worth of terrain, for example, or the Saucer and Truck).

          The minis are made of board game plastic, with all that that implies. Mars Attacks might have the misfortune of being in this gray area between wargames and board games where wargamers are turned off by poor models and board gamers are turned off by the logistics required (terrain, painting, army lists…)

          • 4tonmantis

            Yeah, this is pretty much spot on. They over-hyped it a lot too and were claiming it was going to be somewhere between a board game and a tabletop wargame. That is what got me.. especially since they were saying that to us Deadzone backers. When you look at the studio Mars Attacks models compared to what people ended up with… the two are worlds apart. During the Dungeon Saga kickstarter I talked with Mantic via messages and told them how discouraging it was to see such a difference in the studio and production run minis from Mars Attacks and they told me they understood and had heard that quite a bit so were using a harder plastic for DS that was closer to the old Heroquest stuff. Likewise they told me that they would make resin figures available for people who wanted higher quality figures (which they did).

  • BaconSlayer

    This game had so much promise at the beginning, but even during the campaign I had a hunch that things would not end up well. SUPER-glad I didn’t get stuck with this one.

  • blkdymnd

    Mines on preorder, and still hadn’t shipped that i know of, even though a lot of LGS I’ve seen have received the game

  • Mantic needs to find out where the Mega Con (MYTH) guys get their minis done. Those minis, for the price, are phenomenal.

  • manitoujoe

    I dunno. I just bought it at my LGS, we opened and played it. It was really fun. The minis have nice detail and frankly, if warped, could be fixed with hot/cold water.

    I think people should see it first before passing judgement. We loved it!!

    • 4tonmantis

      I’ve seen it and even without the warping, the detail is washed out and super soft. The game itself might be fun, but the miniatures are defintely more on the side of the fence of bucket o’ green vs tan army men like I said.

      • blkdymnd

        I don’t know, the details look pretty decent for the type of plastic and that the game is a bit more beer and pretzels style anyway

        • 4tonmantis

          I’m sorry but that doesn’t look like a $75 game to me. I got the DND board games for half that and they look twice as good. Also, you should note that those photos are the BEST from the box. That’s literally as good as it gets and it does get worse. Maybe the rules are a load of fun.. again.. I get that.. but I’ll wait for the bargain bin to find out.

          • Soulfinger

            (this post has been edited)

          • manitoujoe

            Yeah, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Mine have pretty incredible details.

            (this post has been edited)

          • 4tonmantis

            I think that Mantic gets a pass from a lot of people because they are the greener grass from disgruntled GW refugees. They shovel out quite a bit of sub-par product.. of which I own more than I wish I did. Apologists prevent them from ever having to pony up to this so they continue to plop down soft featured plastic dudesmen and the fanbois grin and ask for more and pay what is almost GW prices now for something nowhere near as good. No, I’m not a GW fan either.. frankly I’ve been buying from Reaper, Heresy, Mad Robot, Dreamforge, and Hasslefree more than the others.

            (this post has been edited)

          • manitoujoe

            I disagree with you.

            (this post has been edited)

          • 4tonmantis

            (This post has been edited)

          • Soulfinger

            Winner: 4ton for knowing what “apologist” means.

          • blkdymnd

            It might just be that with the low quality stuff they’ve always put out, my acceptable standards are already low with their product 🙂


    Been looking forward to Mars Attack for a while!

  • odinsgrandson

    I thought this looked cool, but I could never understand why the Martians are as tall as the humans.

    In the film, aren’t they way short?

    • blkdymnd

      This is based off the comics, they were taller in those