TGN Exclusive: Two new concept art pieces for Bushido

GCT Studios are a bunch of upstanding chaps. They really are. They’ve been so kind as to give us a couple pieces of new Bushido artwork to show off before anyone else has seen them. So without further do, I bring you the Boss on the Jumo and the Animal Handler:

My eternal thanks and gratitude to GCT again for these awesome previews. Can’t wait to see what these models look like when they come out.

  • CrazyFish

    Nice concepts. Question is, which faction?

    • Pretty sure they’re Silver Moon.

      • CrazyFish

        After listening to the World’s End podcast, yeah it’s definitely Silver Moon.

        • cybogoblin

          Yep, just listened to that episode yesterday and I remember mention of the boss being carried around.

          I’m interested in seeing how the rest of the faction looks. Not enough yet to stop me getting the Temple, but you never know.

  • Soulfinger

    Man, that guy has a big cock.

    Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

    • Markheim

      I don’t get it. Resist what? You were simply stating a fact. He does indeed have a monster cock.

  • Legion

    Master Blaster, yeah!

  • Henrix

    Looks like they can be a fun faction. Great potential for weird characters with interesting abilities.

    But I’ll have to look up more tutorials on painting tattoos. And practice on some other minis. (Hmm, I have a slew of Mantic ghouls with lots of bare skin…)

    • Yeah. I’m horrendous at painting light skin to begin with. Doing tattoos is definitely beyond my means.