TGN Exclusive: Torn Armor previews two new Behemoth Assault units

Torn Armor is a new skirmish game coming from the Torn World setting. They’ve given us some photos they’d like to share of two Behemoth Assault units they’re going to be coming out with. Stay tuned for their Kickstarter event starting March 3rd.

But now for the pictures (it’s what you all really want to see, anyway)…

From the preview:

The Torn Armor team is gearing up for our Kickstarter going live 3/3 and we wanted to share something very special: the announcement of two very ‘cuddly’ new units.

Rhinoman details: Faction: Maychian. Unit: Kerrosus Assault Behemoth
Specifications: 100mm base, 120mm tall to the ‘eyes’ on the gaming board
Yes, those are five Mu you see on him: two drivers, two manning Hwacha siege weaponry and one hanging on with his tail while using a sling.

Elephant details: Faction: Sisk. Unit: Sunnahara Rayja War Elephant
Specifications: 100mm base, 100mm tall on the gaming board
Three bowmen, two spearmen, and one driver.

Both units will be unlocked when we pass the $100k mark and will be available as add-ons for $40 a piece. Delivery is estimated to be November 2013, alongside the release of the Torn Armor boardgame.
These are two evenly matched units. The Sisk have a slight edge on range, but the Maychian Hwacha can pack quite the punch at close range. Both behemoths are – of course – terrifying in melee.
Kickstarter Only: Both of these units will be available post kickstarter through retail outlets and the Torn World web-store, but ONE of them will be released as a kickstarter only limited release. Which one will be down to the Torn Armor pledgers to decide.
When the kickstarter begins, a campaign map will be revealed; the Maychians control half, the Sisk control the other. Through competitions and challenges issued throughout the kickstarter, we will be inviting backers to seize control of areas on the map.
Whichever side has control of the map when the kickstarter ends on 4/4 unlocks the limited edition version of their Behemoth.

  • Shades

    Oh, my. I thought this was a Kickstarter I could safely ignore, until now. A giant rhinoid carrying mice slingers and repeating crossbows falls into the category of “I didn’t know I needed it until I saw it.”

  • cama

    I hate kickstarter.

    I like the elephant.

    Hate is strong.

  • papasmrf667

    mousean howdah on a rhino?! what?!

    • cama

      Definitely not right. EVERYONE knows that Hephalumps are afeared of mices!

  • AlyssaFaden

    @Shades: lol, I’m glad we’re tempting you over to the darkside here, my friend! I am honestly really happy with these two pieces and cannot wait to put them on the gameboard. Of course, I GM Pathfinder as well … so my poor players 😉

    @cama: I hear you. Kickstarters aren’t for everyone. The great news is that Torn Armor (and the expansions) will be available through retail outlets later this year/early next, so you can always get your elephant that way! Now … if I may tempt you a moment with a couple of carrots here … the Kickstarter will have some limited edition miniatures that will NOT be released outside of the KS. One of these Behemoth Assault units will be a limited edition – you guys during the kickstarter will decide which and that one will get a unit card that will not be published elsewhere. Lastly, the Kickstarter is going to offer everything below MSRP, so it’s honestly netting out at one hell of a bargain for some really kickass stuff.

    Of course, if you really don’t want to Kickstart this thing that is totally cool, but I’d love to get your help in spreading the word … that honestly helps the KS succeed, and that gets the elephant on the shop shelves. It’s a win-win =D

    @Papsmrf667: Ah yes, welcome to Torn. The entire northern hemisphere is transplanted material from an inter-world collision on a meta-physical level. This traded land … and creatures. The Rhino is a Kerrosus Behemoth, the Mice are call Mu. You should chekc out our FB page artwork … we have some really interesting visual concepts going on over there.

    @cama: Hey! waves Hephalumps afraid of mices? maybe … maybe … let’s throw them both on the battlefield and see what happens …

  • cama

    @ Alyssa! Great to know they will be available after the KS. I WILL be buying that Hephalump – how about some Woozles? I’m so confuzled… 😉

    GET BEHIND ME SATAN! Below retail? Special edition Mouse? Oh, I would so hate to have to buy into a KS – will you sign the bottom of the mini for me? That’s the only way this will work! Let me know. We can talk off board! You might even convince me to paint one for you! 🙂

    Seriously, these are some great original models.

  • @cama: Seriously, I’d sign every one of every minis you buy if you backed this 🙂 Maybe this can be the crowdfunding project to make you feel ‘okay’ about the prospect. Maybe I can entice you in. Maybe you only back Torn World Kickstarters and hate the rest. I’m okay with these plans. =D

    ~ Alyssa

    • cama


      I will attempt to contact you off board in the next couple of days. 🙂

  • blkdymnd

    Sculpts (well, 3d concepts) are very hit and miss for me so far. I do like the behemoths, the rhino one in particular. Don’t like that its skirmish, those are a dime a dozen now, there’s very few good fantasy setting unit battle games out there. I’m not sold, by any means, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

  • blkdymnd

    Just saw that it was unit based skirmish (so Warmachine like as far as composition style). Just backed Godslayer, which is comparable, so again I’ll watch, but may have to pass

    • @blkdymnd: hey man, seriously just thanks for checking it out. Fantasy squad-based board games aren’t for everyone, I get that. I like to think that the game-play is a little more akin to DUST, the hex-boards add a little twist, the 30-60 minute gameplay is nice and furious, and the 3-8 miniatures in a unit adds a little something-something. Plus the magical item add ons. And the magical spells. But it’s not for everyone, and that’s totally cool, right? Our differences in tastes are what make this hobby of ours utterly awesome and very broad! Whatever your tastes, I hope you have fun, because that is all that matters!

      Just in case you have any interest, don’t forget to check out our gameplay video:

      • blkdymnd

        Weirdly enough, I was just checking that out, and it is very DUST like (which is a good thing, because that’s been my game of choice for the last three years now. That may lean me a bit your way. Thanks for the reply, looking forward to seeing this get underway.

        Like Dust, are you looking at a conversion to take it ‘off the grid’ as well?

  • I guess I’d have to answer that in two parts.

    One is of course that we’re pretty much focused on the Kickstarter and getting this thing launched. We have an eye on the future, and we have a plan for the future, but with only a few days to go our focus right now is pretty much on March.

    That said it would be disingenuous of me to leave it there, because we’ve thought about and planned for the future a great deal and I’d personally love to see an ‘off the grid’ conversion in the future. In fact, I’ve got potentially planned off-the-grid, larger scale, and a world-based strategic board game, and also potentially tying them all together so you could play the strategic game, instigate a conflict, resolve on the board, and on from there.

  • blkdymnd

    Cool, I think you’ve hooked me, even pre-kickstarter, especially after watching the video and recognizing you from the Dust Facebook page, you’ve been a supporter of my current favorite and so it feels good to support someone’s work that enjoys the same things I enjoy. Best of luck!

  • Outstanding! (and, yes, I’m a big DUST fan … I personally own nearly all of the Axis, Russian and Allies units … they’re just too cuddly).

    Talking of which … this is why we’re using the SAME production company for Torn Armor =D Yup, same high quality, same insanely awesome packaging and components =D

  • Nosaj Verush

    Alyssa, I have watched all your videos and I must say posting them was smart. At this point, I feel like I will be supporting a gaming friend rather than a faceless company. Looking forward to the KS.

  • Nosaj Verush, you rock man. Not because you’re going to back it – for that you will always have my thanks – but you get why I posted the videos. Honestly man, and I mean this, I came to terms with the fact that I’m a huge gamer, computer, chess, film nerd, geek, dork a longtime ago … and I am AOKAY with that. It gives me a perspective on our hobbies, interests and passions that is profoundly one of “we are cool, our hobbies are cool, and every one that has a hobby like this is cool.” So even though I have never met you, I know that you and I could sit down at a gaming table and have some fun. Not many people can say that, right? It’s an exclusive privilege for us gaming geeks alone.

    And that’s why I did the videos. Not some form of trite way to say “hey look, I’m one of the cool kids!” but a simple statement of fact: we’re all gamers, we’re all in this together, I’ll make it happen from a business point of view, I just need your help on the final stretch 🙂

  • Nosaj Verush

    I get you sister! Game on!

  • cama

    OK, where’s the link for the Hephalump?

  • Hey cama – there are images above, but let me link you to the rotating video … everyone loves a rotating video:

    • cama

      That’s cool. First off, that Hephalump has one fine looking caboose.
      Secondly, I kept waiting for it to turn into a delicious bag of Orville Redenbacher popcorn! It was just like watching my microwave at home.

      And don’t tell anyone, but you might get my very first (and only!!!) kickstarter dollars. So don’t spend them all in one place. 🙂

      • I will not say a word … shusssssh … mum’s the word.

        • cama

          Wink, wink!

  • We’re live! Choose your side:

    Miniatures in the core boxed set (plus skirmish rules, scenario book, battleboard posters, unit cards, spell cards, equipment cards, and 25 dice!)
    39 miniatures:
    x1 Light Golem,
    x1 Skirmish Golem,
    x1 Battlepriest, x1 Sisk Hero,
    x7 Javelin,
    x7 Hoplite,
    x1 Skirmish Elemental,
    x1 Light Elemental,
    x8 Vanaran,
    x9 Mu,
    x1 Serpentfolk Mage, X1 Felis Hero

    All of our miniatures are available to view in a 3D rotating format: