TGN Chat: What new games are you playing?

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May 18th, 2011

TGN Chat

So what new game(s), if any, have you started started playing this year? It can either be a totally new game or a game that you are returning to after a considerable absence.

  • I just picked up Infinity and recently started Brushfire.
    QWIk was another one I’ve picked up lately and now I want more 15mm! Mighty Armies looks very good.

  • Myself and about half a dozen members of our Games Club have just picked up Smog 1888

    • How is it? I’m quite curious as the minis look great. Not that this is the right place for that… ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Zac

    A few additions:

    40K: I haven’t played it for years and I picked it up because I really just want to be able to have fun killing things in the 40K universe.

    Strange Aeons: I did have a game or two of this in Vancouver previously but since moving to Calgary I have been playing it every week. Fun game and even more fun is the upcoming Von Unsprechlichen Kulten game which allows you to play even bigger games with more bad guys.

    Malifaux: I picked up some figs and the rules for this last year but never started playing. I finsihed a few models from the Zorida starter and now I have some Guild figures to use as well. Looking forward to trying this out with the new rules.

  • Tomorrow’s War- Been looking for something 15mm and I’m building two armies so my group and I can play.

    Hell Dorado– Since the game came stateside, buddies and I have been playing regular 300 point games. Fun game and different than the usual.

    Speaking of Strange Aeons, I really want to get into the game and try it out.

  • Robert

    I joined a Blood Bowl league in January after years of just playing a few one-off games. A new job with better hours helped too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m planning on picking up a Malifaux crew and the Leviathans boxed set at GenCon this year and getting in to those games back at my local club, which I’ve been absent from for about eight years.

  • abbysdad

    Ack. The old saw about game designers/writers never getting to play is true! The recent AE demos I’ve been doing help somewhat. Other than that, I picked up MERCS the other day and I’ve been playing a lot of Pulp City lately.

    • This is very true. The only playing I’ve gotten to do in the last few months has been demos for Brushfire. I did finally get a proper game in with some of our fans at a con a few weeks back, warned them I wasn’t going to play nicely, and all had a good time.

      • In a similar vein, the only gaming/hobby stuff I seem to have managed for months is review related.

        Really want to try Freebooter’s Fate though.

    • How true. Working on sculpting and and casting and generaly running the business as well as designing my first game. Playing has evaporated. Moving back to Napolionics for gaming: No painting (I have a full French Corps). Just turn up and play every second Friday with a great group of friends.
      At least it’s something.

  • Ken

    Dystopian Wars This game has brought a dedicated group to our FLGS every week for a campaign. Good times, and I cannot wait for the tanks to come out.

    MERCS I am really curious to play this. The production quality on the book, cards, and miniatures is excellent. I got it just before Dystopian Wars took all of my attention, and haven’t gotten it to the table yet.

    Wrath of Ashardalon I know it’s a boardgame, but it has minis and it’s great fun.

    • Zac

      If I can find some people to play it then I will be getting into Dystopian Wars as well.

  • pbeccas

    DYSTOPIAN WARS My first deviation from historical wargames. I really like the models and the rule mechanics. Plus the rules are popular in my area so getting games is easy.

    HAIL CAESAR I’m a Black Powder fanboy. My WAB ancient figures were gathering dust. What’s not to like about these rules?

    FORCE ON FORCE Easy to play. I’m gaming in 15mm so costs are low. Great value for money with the eye-candy filled rulebook.

  • cybogoblin

    I made a New Years Gaming Resolution to not pick up any new games until GenCon, but when they comes I’m looking at the following:

    Malifaux: There are a couple of people playing locally, and I really like the look of C. Hoffman (painting metal is much easier than painting flesh).

    Dystopian Wars: Not sure if anyone’s playing it locally yet, but there are some playing Uncharted Seas, so they might be open.

    40k: Turns out my brothers have been playing small games (the 200pt ones from Battle Missions) on the weekends, so I might join them at some point. Might need to get some models together first, though.

    • Zac

      I just saw C. Hoffman today. Amazing set of figures.

      • cybogoblin

        I was sold on the concept alone. Kinda like Steampunk Iron Man. Kinda.

        The models do look great, too, and it lets me use the Peacemaker and not have to suck.

  • Roebeast45

    I’m getting into the new Judge Dredd Miniatures game from Mongoose. I’m really hoping it has a good amount of support and new minis. And it’s an excuse to build Mega City One.

  • Dystopean Wars: Picked up the rules and a starter pack of Prussian ships a few weeks ago.

    Dust Tactics: Loving the models!

    Force on Force: Got a hankering for some modern action and this looks just the ticket.

  • Darsc Zacal

    I’ve bought the Dwarf Kings Hold game by Mantic. I haven’t played any games yet, but reading through it and watching a few demos has me looking forward to doing so.

  • Osbad

    My most recent purchase is Dwarf Kings Hold, but I have also got into Kings of War and have now built up a sizeable Undead host (link to log). I have played quite a bit of Blitzkrieg COmmander too. I have also got a good way into painting up models for Strange Aeons which I purchased earlier last year, although and actual game is still a ways off as I want to plan some scenarios and that takes time I haven’t got right now. This year I also got to play a few games of Malifaux with the rules and faction I got for my birthday last year. Similarly with Hordes I have had a couple of games of MkII with models that I hadnt done anything with pending the release of the new ruleset. I also experienced my first Napoleonic battle with Foundry’s Napoleon rules and a borrowed 15mm army. That was more fun than I imagined it would be and has spurred me on to get back into my 28mm Perry/Victrix plastics which had been started a couple of years back. I plan to try out Black Powder with them as well as Napoleon once I have got enough painted to be worth it. (Could be a while!!)

    Looking to the future, I have got Dystopian Wars rules, and will be getting models for my birthday in a couple of months. I have also got Hail Ceasar on order. Goodness knows when I will get the Late Saxons painted up I want to use with it!

    • Osbad

      I should add that my group’s “go-to” game when we aren’t in the mood for trying something new and can’t decide on something else seems to be Uncharted Seas It has stood us in good stead for a couple of years now and its popularity seems to be as strong as ever. I’ve got two fleets and would have started a third if Dystopian Wars hadn’t come along.

  • Beermonkey

    My new game of choice is Heavy Gear Blitz. My game crew got really into this one. We’ve been looking for a smaller scale sci-fi something for a while. With the new Field Manual rules the game is fast fun and really supports combined arms operations. Plus the minis are first rate, the owners are involved and take feedback from the players. Plus big stompy robots! What’s to hate about this game? We’ve played big games and little games and it’s always fun.

    Other than that not much new right now. With work, school, family and writing and rules development for Pulp City my plate is full.

    • n815e

      The amazingly high price of the models turned me off.

  • Shades

    There are at least four folks in my area that wish to play Freebooter’s Fate. We’re a little spread out over Northern Virginia, but we’re trying to make it happen within the next month. I’m painting up my goblin pirate crew. If you’re interested, you can see the WIP here on the WAMP forum.

    • maroonldr

      Where in NoVA do you play? I’ve been going to the Game Parlor (both) for years.

      • Shades

        I live in Alexandria, and I’m a little home-bound with two dogs with small bladders, so it’s almost impossible for me to play lengthy games at either Game Parlor. I do visit there about once every 2 or 3 months for shopping sprees.

        We more commonly play Warhammer Fantasy at my place, or we play Malifaux and other games at Victory Comics in Falls Church.

        I’m organizing the Freebooter’s Fate folks via Meetup (link) and WAMP (link).

  • Riquende

    This year we went back to Confrontation, playing a few DoW games, but haven’t managed to get a campaign going. Over the last fortnight we’ve started playing Cutlass! Very interesting mechanics.

    And not quite this year but at the very end of last year we restarted Uncharted Seas after a lengthy absence. There was talk of starting Dystopian Wars, but we’ve all got large US fleets and don’t feel like spending heavily on a similar system.

  • Nemesis

    Too many to be able to play them as often as I’d like :

    Song of Blade and Heroes (2 games)
    AdEs (Age des Escarmouches) : the french fan made sequel and evolution of Confrontation 3-3.5 (2 games) – there is also a spanish edition.
    Mercs : ready to play – I’m just waiting for the rest of my potential gaming group to be ready for a game
    Wings of War WWII : 2 agmes
    I should soon start playing Blood Bowl, Scrumbrawl and Skulldred

    Not to mention several Boargames… :o))

  • tredhed

    I am thinning out my minis games. Looking at only doing the following.

    Song of Blades and Heroes
    World of Twilight

    My basic rule of thumb is if it isn’t muppety, I dont play it. Must have a faction that I can visualize as muppets. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I know …its a weird rule…..but I am very much a magpie gamer and it drives my buddies nuts, so I needed a rule to go by. Well….with Malifaux and World of Twilight that was easy enough. Everything in Twilight is kinda Dark Crystal/Labirynth-esque. Malifaux is the gremlins (and possibly the Hoffman constructs now). Song of Blades….well we are using the Song of Splintered Lands rulebook and I have an Otter warband building….close enough ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Gallahad

    Switched from Warhammer Fantasy to Armies of Arcana (best thing to happen to my hobby for years). I have been contemplating picking up Cutlass! but have been waiting for some reviews.

  • Talarius

    I’m limiting my list to just miniatures…

    Blood Bowl Not new for me, but far too long of a gap since I last played. Wish there was an active league in my area. ๐Ÿ™

    Earth Reborn This is a miniatures/boardgame hybrid, in the vein of Tannhauser or Space Hulk, but has a lot of depth to it. This is a truly great game, highly under-appreciated, imho.

    Songs of Our Ancestors Love those Quar. Have only dipped the toe in the water a couple times so far, but love the Quar, their world and the skirmish gameplay. (I’ve played a couple of other Ganesha Games previously, so was familiar with the core mechanics)

    Warlord (by Reaper) Another fun skirmish set of rules. I do own a fairly beefy collection of Warlord figures, but have also been playing with Confrontation (pp) figures or GW or whatever else is at hand. Definitely worth a spin if you get the chance.

    Looking forward to…

    Epic Armageddon & Warmaster. I’ve been assembling armies for both, have played both before (a LONG time ago in the case of Warmaster) and hope to play them again soon.


  • We play a lot of board games, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays which varies quite a lot.

    Epic Armageddon – Still one of my all time favorite mini games, play usually every other week or more.

    Warhammer – We do like the latest edition and I did take a break from the game in the last edition. Getting back to painting some of the armies that have been sitting around in cases for a while.

    Battles of Westeros – My favorite of the Battlelore/Memoir 44 type games.

    Memoir 44 – Playing a campaign on a bi-weekly bases.

    40K – once a month maybe, still like the game and have a number of armies that I still enjoy playing, mainly Tyranids, Eldar, Orks and soon the Necrons again.

    AT-43 – Although the company has completed folded still really like the system and minis.

    Earth Reborn – Very detailed scenario driven game with tons of options during play through action points and gear. Try and get it to the table frequently.

    • Talarius


      unless you live in Silicon Valley, you live too far away!

      • Talarius

        Calgary!? Bah! Too far! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Sorry, but if you’re ever in town?

  • 1voice2many

    Hell Dorado – now that it is coming out in English I’m able to convince a few people to play, and they have been the snowball at the top of the hill that has only gotten bigger each week.

    Nightfall – the best of the deck building games so far.

    Warma-ordes – After much cajolin’ I’ve given in to the peer pressure and picked up a “Circle O” force.

  • Nemesis

    I forgot Warlord from Reaper (1 game)

  • timlillig

    Song of Blades and Heroes we’ve been playing regularly for almost a year, but we should finally be starting a campaign soon.

    WarEngine and 5150 as we try to find the sci fi game that works best for us.

  • ImaginaryWars

    All things Games Workshop have been my forte for a long time now; apart from the more esoteric releases, I think I’ve played all their games (and I own /have owned about 75-80% of them). My miniatures-gaming involvement during 2007-2010 has been sporadic and limited to 40k and the Lord of the Rings SBG…plus some Warhammer 8th edition.

    With 2011, things have changed:

    War of the Ring Despite parts of the game’s inherent broken-ness, I love this game and am absolutely captivated by it! My schedule has allowed 2-3 games per month–a record for me!

    Strange Aeons I bought this last year (year and a half ago?) but only started playing it at the start of this year and am now trying to get a game in every week at the store I work at (I seem to have about a 50% success rate with that).

    That’s it for what I’ve been playing; however I am on the cusp of playing:

    Flames of War Years ago, a deep discount got me a British Infantry company box. Last month I roped four friends into getting involved in the game; now we’re all building furiously, hoping to start playing with our mid-war armies soonish.

    Firestorm Armada Despite my feeling that Battlefleet Gothic sufficiently scratched my itch for space-naval gaming, I bought a fleet after some friends bought the game and gave it glowing praise.

    Heavy Gear Blitz Not playing, building: I played the RPG waaaay back when it was first released in the nineties, and despite its manga-ness, it has always held a spot in my heart. This year I started building some terrain for the game, but with no foreseeable chance of having opponents, I think it will be a while until I get some games in and my efforts have stalled.
    (Side note: though I think the Blitz game is all-around awesome, I think the Arena game–idea and execution–is lameness incarnate: for me, Battletech’s Solaris VII was barely passable back in the eighties.)

    Lastly, I think Malifaux may just be on the horizon for me.

  • fist full of honey from Eureka minis here in australia… good fun game.. simple and lets my 7yo have a game with me

  • Lucas Blackwolf

    Song of Blades and Heroes – re-descovering how cool that game is; stat-up any mini you like and have it on the table in no time.

    Infinity – once you play a game, with such a level of involvment of both players no matter who’s turn, there is no going back.

    • I would like to try more of Infinity, great system, great minis as well.

  • New ventures this year: I’ve learned Hell Dorado and Alkemy. And, despite my reluctance to entering another scale, am looking at 15mm scifi options. GruntZ is leading that pack, so far…

  • tomogui

    Freebooter’s Fate: Tried it earlier this year after lusting after the figures. Turns out it’s a fantastic game too. The combat bluff mechanism is a hoot, and I like the way no single characters are invincible or superpowered. It means you have to play strategically rather than rely on clever list-building. Painting up my Goblin Pirates and Brotherhood of Assassins at the moment.

    Song of Blades and Heroes/Flying Lead I love the idea that you can play whatever figs you have. The system is light, but crunchy enough to reward strategic play. I’ve done a couple of generic “colony on alien planet” adventures using Imperial Guard and Starship Troopers figs, AT-43 containers, paper PDF terrain, etc. Great fun.

    Tried Malifaux once or twice too, which was fun enough, but I think I’ll stick to WarmaHordes for cerebral games where I need to memorize all the sneaky tricks of my opponent’s army to avoid assassination.

  • phoenixman

    HAIL CAESAR best new rules on the market IMHO

  • forestramsey

    Within the past year, I’ve started:

    Kings of War, Dust Tactics and Battles of Westeros. Kings of War and Uncharted Seas are our main minis games right now.

    I’d pick up Dystopian Wars if I had the spare money to start yet another game.

  • GS_topcow

    Heavy Gear Arena: Second try at playing DP9’s mech based game, figures are wonderful and gameply looks like great fun, still graspoing the mechanics beofre delving into the campaign.

    MERCS: Painting the awesome minis, havent tried the game yet.

  • Will B

    I started War of the Ring – played a few games in January leading up to a tournament but haven’t touched it since. I’ve also recently played a few games of 40k for the first time in a couple of years.

    Bought some figures for Freebooters Fate and Dystopian Wars but haven’t had a chance to play either one yet.

    My gaming time is still taken up primarily with Warmahordes.

  • Nemesis

    It would be interesting to summarize these answers and maybe point which “alternative” games are the most popular this year, get people advice and short reviews

    • Zac

      Might be an idea. What does everyone else think?

      • Ken

        I think this is great. I bet more than a few of these are post-GW gamers.

      • abbysdad

        Sounds like a plan. I’d like to read that too.

        • pbeccas

          What’s an alternative game? I consider GW Games alternative.

          • Nemesis

            Well, sorry, my english is far from perfect. The “alternative” adjective might be misunderstood.

            I meant : Existing outside traditional or established institutions or systems

          • Nemesis

            Beacause the subject of the chat doesn’t imply that GW games are not considered I would’nt mind to have a sum up including new or returning GW players.

  • Talarius

    Forgot to mention Brikwars. If you think GW’s stuff is pricey, getting into a Lego-based wargame will hurt even more. GREAT fun, though, so I had to mention it (this game is NOT for the competitive rules-lawyer, btw, it’s all about maximum destruction, humor and photography). Last time played was a year ago, sadly, but I’m prepping for games in the very near future now. Check it out at

  • Currently building armies/gangs for:


    Secrets of the Third Reich

    And I’m about to start:

    A VSF project and Cthulhu gaming.

  • Comari

    I started playing Warmachine about 6 weeks ago and I’m digging it!
    Both Malifaux and Dystopian Wars are in my sights but I would love to find a local group playing Firestorm Armada.

  • supervike

    Incursion, especially since my SNAFU pre-order will be in any day now.

    But mostly, I just line up my minis and make shooty noises.

  • MERCs has been my game as of late, but I just got enough Warlord plastic British and Junk Dog Soldiers to finally make my 28mm Secrets of the Third Reich Canadian detachment in full. The announcement that Gear Krieg WAW will have some 28mm WWII gears soon has got me excited as well!

  • Marauder

    I’ve been playing a lot of Starmada with GZG space ship figs. Soon I’ll also be playing WarEngine with Dust Tactics figs. I picked up the Dystopian Wars rules, but since Zac went and moved away nobody in my area is playing! ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • Zac

      See, I told you I was good for something ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Trent

      If I can help it we won’t be playing WarEngine. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m still searching for a 28mm sci-fi system to replace 40k for our space campaign.
      1. Build your own troops, like Starmada.
      2. Roll a single die per miniature to resolve actions, like 40k (as opposed to Xd6 like Warmachine).
      3. Not prone to rock-scissors-paper in troop & army design. If army A is mostly infantry with light weapons and Army B is mostly heavily armoured marines then army A should have some other advantage provided to them to give them a fighting chance…perhaps special equipment awarded at the start of battle.

      • Nemesis

        Maybe FUBAR (but you’ll have to throw several dice for heavy weapons) or Forge of War from Gawd’elp us games :
        Just discovered these and may give them a try as soon as possible.

  • chaoshead87

    I have been playing some BLOODBOWL recently.

    I am getting out of 40k, after playing faithfully for roughly twenty-four years, and am looking for a replacement.

    I think I may have found it in INFINITY. I have downloaded the rules, quickly scanned through them and like what I see so far. I hope to have a game very soon.

    I also still play alot of D&D MINIS. Our group loves this game and quite a few of us have alot of minis for it. Plus the minis serve double duty for D&D games.

  • GorilaMaguila

    We usually play Infinity (faster and luck-oriented games) and Helldorado (chess-like games). I also have some Ron and Bones miniatures and some Anima models. Now Iยดm looking some Eden-Taban models.

  • deedoublejay

    Waiting for my first Malifaux starter boxes to come in so I can introduce it to some friends.

  • The only new minis game for me this year is Martian Empires. it was modified a bit for use for 28mm and the setting changed to Venus for a campaign.

    I’m really pleased with the rules, which are a bit like warmaster, and the project was an excuse for me to start in on (and ok I’ll admit: expand on) my Quar miniatures.

  • Endre Fodstad

    I usually play WM/H, and have finished a Firestorm Armada fleet, but I have also bought into Dystopian Wars.