TGN at GenCon

By Polar_Bear
In Events
Aug 14th, 2014

Hey kids,

I’m here at the Mecca of gaming, GenCon. Expect video interviews, photos, updates, and all that fun kind of stuff while at the show. Regular news posts may be a bit abbreviated, but you’ll still get those, too, when I get a chance to catch up with them.

It’s going to be another whirlwind of an adventure.

Prepare yourself for GenCon 2014!!!

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  • The Beast Rampant

    I’m looking forward to it- I really enjoyed your coverage last year.

  • Balaan Wrath

    If you take requests I would love to see some Star Wars: Armada info. =]

    • Marauder


  • Soulfinger

    Make sure to interview some people in awkward places for me, while breathing heavily and invading their personal space.

  • tuco

    I’ve heard that Mayfair Games is going to debut Cones of Dunsmere. If you could get confirmation of that, I’m sure a lot of Parks and Recreation fans would appreciate it.

  • jedijon

    Scan in the exhibitor map so we can see who is there, then give us a summary of “what’s new”.

    As a reporter, your first job is to make this make sense–give it some context

    It wouldn’t hurt to be egalitarian in your approach. I’ll unpack my double entendre: don’t showcase CMON and TTGN sponsors, and also although you bear the name miniatures don’t shy entirely away from electronics-boardgame-rpg news please!

    • I cover everyone, regardless of whether they’re a TGN ad-buyer or not. That doesn’t even come into my train of thought when I look around for what to take pictures of or who to talk to for an interview.

      To be fair, I don’t even keep mental track of the ad-buyers. Sure, I know the 6 in the towers, but that’s only because they have long-term contracts and I see their ads more than anyone else. But if you had to ask me to run down a list of who else buys space, I’d have no idea. That’s what the ad server is for.

      • Also, to give a summer of everything that’s “new” at GenCon would take more resources than I have available with just myself and my intrepid cameraman. I obviously try and get photos of the new stuff I see, and when we approach people for interviews, we prompt them with “What’s the cool, new stuff you have here at GenCon?” for how they should respond in their spots. 🙂

        • jedijon

          Sure, because a summary of everything still counts as a summary…sheesh. You donna have time to write…hmm, guess I donna have to to a read either…

          • Soulfinger

            That’s like saying ‘you don’t have time to build a car?’ then ‘I don’t have time to drive one.’ Apart from the disproportionate investments of time and effort, only one of those things generates worth for someone other than the individual.

  • Soulfinger

    Also, do an unboxing video of you unpacking your luggage. Then you can do some Blair Witch style nightvision recaps and interviews in your bedroom while a witch stalks you. Let’s see some of the wild room parties that you are getting invited into, unless of course they are like the orgy in Always Sunny.