TGN April 2011 boardgame poll

Boardgames are consistently a popular option with readers here at TGN and to help expand the coverage of our polls we are asking people who selected the Other – Boardgame option in our gaming poll to tell us what boardgames they played in April 2011. You can select up to four options.

If the game(s) you played are not listed in the poll options please post a comment and give us the name of the boardgame so we can add it for next month’s poll.


Boardgame Poll

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  • Waxer

    Merchants & Marauders, Stronghold

    • oldsalt

      Catan. prob should be on the list

      • Zac

        Settlers of of Catan is already on the list

        • oldsalt

          whoops…. I always forget Catan’s real name is “Settlers of Catan”

          My bad

    • Bloodbowl probably should be in there. That’s the only game I played this month.

      • I apologize, it’s in the other list, got slightly confused there.

        • Zac

          It is in the regular game section because I view it more of a tabletop game than a boardgame

          • So why is Bloodbowl a minis game, but Incursion a board game? Not trying to flame, just curious on the distinction.

          • Zac

            Incursion can be played without miniatures and comes with cardboard counters for all the units.

            Blood Bowl requires miniatures to play.

  • Xenon_Wulf

    Other – Card Game. That’d be Warhammer: Invasion and the Call of Cthulhu LCG.

    As for actual boardgames, I’d say older Asmodee games.

  • Wrath of Ashardalon for me, best buy in a long time.


  • Shades


  • Ken

    Actually got to play OGRE last month. A classic.
    BTW who is the other Silent War player? I love that game.