Terrakami Games lauch low cost scenery range

Terrakami brings you scenery for less greenery.
Well, it sounded cool in my head anyway (which is actually killing me right now, so that might be part of it).


From the launch:

Terrakami Games is showing their new Low-Cost range, allowing you to bury your miniatures in cover. Sci-fi cargo boxes and containers for scenery or objective markers to fight for.

Cargo Boxes 30mm —- 8 units— 7.50 euros.
Cargo Boxes 25mm — 12 units— 9.50 euros
Cargo Boxes 40x20mm — 10 units— 9.50 euros

Low Cost Container M (100mm long) — 2 units — 5.80 euros
Low Cost Container L (150mm long) — 2 units — 7.80 euros

  • Justacomment

    Awesome another laser cut mdf terrain company… we have so few.

  • surprize

    In such a crowded marketplace you need something unique and I’m not sure these guys have found it.

    Their range so far is really derivative, rectangular shipping crates & boxes. This new sub range I’m not sure has a market – its just really basic with none of the joints hidden, so isn’t going to look great once painted up.

    I think the key issue is unlike Warsnel and Warmill these guys haven’t yet shown they have a flair for design and architecture. Whereas some manufacturers are really pushing the medium of laser-cut MDF (or card see the awesome lasercut card APC announced today). So far their stuff is just boxy, 90deg angles. Not really grabbing me I’m sorry to say.

  • 4tonmantis

    Eh, I rather like the framed boxes. They look like something that maybe needs more reinforcing like volatile shipments. There’s a few that really are old hat but the other thing is.. the preview window in the home page takes you to PrestaShop and asks you to set up a store.

  • mathieu

    They are a lot cheaper than the ones I’ve used thus far though. Smaller, too, and far less detailed, but that also means not having to spend half an hour to an hour carefully assembling just one container, and you probably need a couple of dozens on top of buildings/vehicles/… to make a decent Infinity table (e.g.).

    I for one welcome the move. I hope other manufacturers come up with more affordable alternatives to their (very) overpriced products.