Terragnosis release Ruination

Ruination coverTerragnosis have released their Ruination fantasy skirmish rules.

From their announcement:
Oh No! Not another Fantasy Skirmish Game?

Yes, Ruination the fantasy game is finally here. Whilst you’re there, check out our small (but growing) range of fantasy figures, ideal for creating your first Ruination force. Also on the website are details of the first two factions. These powerful groups, often foes, sometimes allies, bring very powerful but very different weaponry to the battlefield. You can download these first two faction supplements from the Terragnosis website – absolutely free.

If you like a bleak and brooding setting for your fantasy games, with punishing and brutal game-play, Ruination could be the game for you. And remember – keep checking the Terragnosis website for new scenarios, new factions, new creatures and new characters.