TerraClips: unboxing videos

By tgn_admin
In Terrain
Jun 24th, 2011

WorldWorkGames have posted two YouTube videos featuring their new Malifuax terrain sets and Terraclip connectors.

From their website:

As part of our continued media run-up to the official release of TerraClips in August, we thought you might appreciate a couple official unboxing videos. Video tutorials for actual TerraClips construction are in the works!

  • cannondaddy

    I would really like to play with those. Looks like so much fun to build.

  • Repeter

    It’s like Legos mixed with my minis games. These two companies are deservedly going to rake in the cash on these awesome toys. Pulling the original release and making us wait for an actual good product was smart and ballsy, imo. I just hope they make enough.

  • Space Ghost

    I intend to buy a pack; if the quality holds up to the video, I’ll be following up with more. I think these are potentially great for wargaming terrain, I’m eager to support the range in hopes they continue to expand. A sci-fi version is just what Infinity needs.


  • I just want non-trusses options. It makes pre measuring in certain games possible with the 1 Inch squares.

  • Non gridded. Stupid autocorrect.

  • count_zero99uk

    You could just buy World Works Games terrain to print and make yourself, then you could switch the grid off. I know this isnt an option for everyone, just thought id point that out.

    I think this is a great product and will most likely be picking some up shortly.


  • TomasT

    It all looks very nice. But why always fantasy? When does the modern buildings come so we can play Zombie Apocalypse – Urban stylee!

    Also a request for Necromunda, now that we already have Mordheim…

    • LastDinosaur

      It’s made in cooperation with Wyrd miniatures for Malifaux which is why.. xD

      That said EricJ himself mentioned on the Wyrd forums that if the initial releases sell well they have plans ready for Terraclips sets that wouldn’t fit the Malifaux universe..

      Since Malifaux is such a mix of genres that pretty much leaves us with modern day or sci-fi..

  • KelRiever

    Well, its really nice for a paper terrain set. But I just can’t get into paper terrain ever. Particularly after someone spends the time to paint a nice miniature. At least not for competitive miniature games.

  • I’ll be honest Kel, the worldworks stuff is nice enough set up you can hardly tell its paper (particularly the Streets of Rage stuff).

    And frankly; it’s a lot nicer than badly painted resin terrain any day. 🙂

  • scarletsquig

    Agreed, in terms of getting something good-looking out of the box, on to the table and covering the entire board with terrain as quickly as possible, this can’t be beat.

    I’d be highly interested in ruins if they ever end up making them, I would love an instant Mordheim board that I could just clip together, rearrange and flatpack whenever I want to.

    3D dungeons and space corridors would be another couple of really easy choices.

    Also, I keep seeing this being called “paper terrain”. It’s really not… it’s pretty thick card, looks like it could hold up to some heavy gaming use.

    Not sure about using the streets and sewers for a full multi-layer environment, but I’ll definitely be picking up a box of the buildings to use as good functional scatter terrain that I don’t have to put effort into.

  • Kane

    It’s a bit misleading to call it paper terrain when the video says it’s 1.7mm card stock – that should hold up better than paper 🙂