Tercio Creativo previews Irene Vioque

By TGN Ross
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Feb 13th, 2012

Terico Creativo previews their new model Irene Vioque, which will be available for release next week.

From their preview:

Irene Vioque is the first Personality of the Old Regime, will be available next week and has been painted by Emuse.

  • KelRiever

    Very nice.

  • Nightbee

    This entire line is just stunning.

  • Orca

    This looks shopped, as always. I don´t buy more on this company…

  • Orca

    Anyway great photoshop job 😉

    • Sergus

      Yeah, cutting the background surely is hard XD

  • Nicolay

    These “Photoshopped” comments really are the best compliments for Emuse, lol!

    • Sergus

      Totally agree ;]

      • +1

        What the heck! +100! 😀

  • Orca

    Bad scale(28mm?), bad copies and photoshopped pictures:


    • Sergus

      Mmm, interesting… this looks like something personal, but let’s continue:

      Yeah, they’re not 28 mm. That’s true. But, wait, they’re released as 35 mm. so… No, this isn’t a problem at all. Unless you got some of them and didn’t read about the scale. XD

      If you have read that article, you should know that copy was the first miniature of Tercio Creativo, and casted by Zenit. The cast is much better now. And even that one is much better casted than others which are released, in the present, by big old companies. XD

      And “Photoshopped” pictures… that’s true. The first images were cleaned and cut, for fitting into the cards. And the new ones, painted by Emuse, are only cut (because he’s a great photographer too). Is that “Photoshopped”? Oh, my god, in that case 99% of the companies out there are “Photoshopping”. XD

  • Blitz R

    Seriously, if the actual model is half a nice as the photo suggests…..sweet, where do I sign up.