Ten Copper posts article about GW’s policies regarding Australian sales

Ten Copper has posted up an article talking about the moves Games Workshop has made in regards to Australian retailers in the recent past, as well as what they’re working on for the near future.

Ten Copper


From the post:

Australia is one of the last global territories where online retailers are still able to sell Games Workshop products. But now, without telling anyone, the wargaming giant has moved to shut them out.

  • estrus

    I think if a company tries so hard to NOT have you as a customer, why bother?

    • Soulfinger

      The one good thing to be said about their online retail policies is that they do favor the traditional brick and mortar store. It is a sad state of affairs for a lot of small businesses that they are being undercut not just by competing retailers online but also by the manufacturers of the very same products that they are selling. That said, the pricing issues in Australia are ludicrous. It is cheaper for a retailer there to buy stock 20-30% off from a North American third-party seller than to purchase directly from GW. [insert anti-GW rhetoric here]

      • grimbergen

        Favoring the B&M storefront is a relative term… in that, you get the bare minimum privilege of actually stocking/selling GW products.

        I’ve heard from a number of FLGS owners that I frequent the same complaints listed in this article that GW really doesn’t put any effort into cultivating good long lasting partnerships with their retailers — high upfront costs with little choice in product selections, no other incentives, etc. It’s like they also just want to fleece the retailers as much as the consumer.

        • Soulfinger

          What you’re saying is true. I was mostly attempting some of that ‘positivity’ I hear so much about. I have some warm feelings about GW because they treated me to a hotel room and an open bar, but that was a very different GW than it is today. These online policies would have been something good for the B&M retailer if they were paired with the retail service policies of yesteryear when retailers got free event exclusives, a great replacement policy on lost or damaged, and very friendly and knowledgeable reps to work with. Now, I expect you get posters.

      • winter

        [insert where?]

        • Soulfinger

          [In the brackets. They represent my stretched anus.]