Teen Titans and Arrow Sets Available For DC Deck-Building Game

By Polar_Bear
In Card Games
Jul 22nd, 2015

I love deck-building games. I’m also a big fan of superheroes. So of course, I’m excited to see the Teen Titans and Arrow sets available now for the DC Deck-Building Game from Cryptozoic Entertainment. The two sets alter the game in very different ways, as one is a new “base game” set and the other is a smaller add-on.

The Teen Titans set adds 212 new cards to the lexicon. There’s also 7 new heroes to pick from when going after those evil villains. An interesting new mechanic of power cards that stay in play from turn to turn adds a new layer of depth and strategy to gameplay.

As for the Arrow TV-cross-over set, it is meant to augment one of your other “big sets.” Here you get 22 game cards and 5 new heroes. Even if you’ve not watched the show (which, I have to say, I’ve not), these cards will change up how you play the game in new and interesting ways, and could be used as an introduction to the show.


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