TB Line announce Anticamente

TB Line have announced the Anticamente Hexagonal Ancients wargaming rules and terrain range.


From their announcement:

Sometimes a change does you good.

Have you spent days making marvellous scenery like houses, woods and fences only to find yourself being forced to remove them from the battlefield ten minutes into the game to make the miniatures fit?

Are you tired of seeing cornfields or hedges that can take the weight of an elephant?

Are you fed up playing on battlefields where the rivers are higher than the surrounding countryside or where the hills are made of coloured card so as to prevent your miniatures slipping off them?

Do discussions about line-of-sight, range and movement annoy you?

Try Anticamente.

Anticamente is a three-dimensional hexagon-based wargame for the Ancient period that will let you put all of these problems behind you. Anticamente allows you to play on the kitchen table with great “massed-effect” and at a very reasonable price thanks to the use of 10mm miniatures, and since the average length of a game of Anticamente is around 90 minutes so you can easy play a couple of times in an evening.

Anticamente is available in English or Italian for 12€ or free download from our web site ( http://www.tridentebologna.it).
We also offer a wide range of miniatures and material to allow you to produce scenery and your wargames table – and the range is growing fast too.