Tavern Tales, a new free RPG, is Live

Tavern Tales is a new fantasy RPG game that you and your group can download for free from their website.

Tavern Tales


From the website:

These are the core principles of Tavern Tales:

Stay simple, intuitive, and tactical. There’s a fine line between too complicated and too simple, and Tavern Tales strives for that balance. The rules are fairly easy to pick up, but they also allow for depth of strategy.

Emphasize customization. Tavern Tales gives players ultimate freedom in building their characters. You’ll never be stuck with a single play style because you picked a certain class or race. Play whatever character you want, however you want!

Make choices matter. Dinky bonuses are boring. Tavern Tales avoids tiny bonuses so that every decision you make has a dramatic, exciting impact on the game.

Prioritize drama over numbers. Everything in Tavern Tales was designed top-down, which means that the idea comes first and the mechanics come second. This ensures that the action in Tavern Tales is iconic and cinematic.

Enable well-rounded characters. Combat is just one aspect of a roleplaying game—there’s also exploration and interaction. Your character in Tavern Tales will have interesting options in all three of these categories.

Grow. Tavern Tales will never stop growing! The game will feature frequent updates with new themes, magic items, monsters, and content!

Remain free to play. You’ll never need to spend a penny on Tavern Tales! The website is donation-based, so it’s entirely up to you whether or not you want to contribute to the growth of Tavern Tales. There will eventually be a Tavern Tales Kickstarter to raise money for artwork, site improvements (forums and user submission systems), and other neat content!