Tall Tale Studios launches EverWrought RPG Kickstarter campaign

Tall Tale Studios has launched a Kickstarter campaign for EverWrought, their new RPG setting.


From the campaign:

A tabletop role playing adventure with everything you need in just one box: minis, maps, and more.

EverWrought is a campaign setting (compatible with Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Dungeon World and an original storyteller system for those without a current RPG system) that will include everything you need in one box to add to your tabletop RPG games. All of the books, maps, and minis you need!

  • Daniel36

    Very interesting premise… I don’t back Kickstarters, but as far as interesting premises go, this is definitely one.

  • For a minute there I thought it was telltale games. That would have been interesting.

  • talltalestudios

    Thanks Daniel36. We are trying a “everything you need in one box” approach for our Kickstarter.

    As for Tell Tale Games, we love their name and work. I think they are busy swimming in money from Walking Dead. Great game…

  • Daniel36

    Heya Talltale,
    Kudos for replying! And the way you have set this up, it’s very much something that every RPG company out there is going to see and they will all say “Why didn’t we think of that?”

    I like how you make it for different systems, and the everything you need approach is a stroke of genius. Really cool! Good luck with everything.