Talking with Asmodee About the Effects of Counterfeit Games

Roolex. Versachee. Sorny. Magnetbox. The world of counterfeiting might seem funny at the outset, but it’s a real issue in the world. And as the gaming industry has expanded, the chance for scammers to make some quick money on cheap, knock-off versions of popular titles is certainly there. ICv2 recently sat down with execs at Asmodee, one of the biggest gaming companies out there, and asked them about what effects counterfeiting has had on them, and on the industry, in general.

From the interview:

Earlier this fall, we visited the Roseville, Minnesota headquarters of game giant Asmodee North America and conducted a series of interviews with Asmodee North America CEO Christian Petersen and Asmodee CMO Steve Horvath. In this interview on the exploding problem of counterfeiting in the games business, we talked about the size of the problem, the impacts, and the dangers.


  • odinsgrandson

    Interesting read.

    I know I’ve seen some counterfeiting with older miniatures (old Forge World USA stuff, for example), or even some resin recasts of current GW stuff (some of it started out as plastic).

    I would have expected full board games to be too complex for scammers- too many different kinds of parts and materials to reproduce like this.

  • I’ve seen the odd GW recast every now and then, but boardgames??? New one to me. Depending on the game, it seems it would be too much effort to get something decent together.