Talk Wargaming reviews new Malifaux 2.0 kits

By Polar_Bear
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Nov 2nd, 2013

Talk Wargaming has posted up a review of a couple of Wyrd Miniatures’ new Malifaux 2.0 kits.


From the review:

That’s right, today we’re going to take a look at some of the Malifaux 2.0 releases; The Guild’s Judgement, The Mother of Monsters and The University of Transmortis.

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  • A pretty good review with really good parts pictures. The one thing lacking is pictures of what the actual figures look like since you can’t really tell from the plastic frames of bits and bobs.

  • mathieu

    I smiled at how all the “quality” issues raised by the reviewer end up having nothing to do with the quality of the product, but rather be problems of design.

    Lovely kits.

  • Splat

    There is one thing that the reviewer would mention, as well as customers, stores and everyone who ever picks up one of these boxes to look at…

    What are they ?

    Sure if you play Malifaux you know it’s a starter box with miniatures and cards.
    But it doesn’t say beans about what is actually in the box as far as it’s relationship to the game.

    A simple ‘includes x figures and game cards’ statement would be helpful.
    Pointing out it’s a starter crew of X points would be good.
    Telling the consumer it’s plastic models and gaming cards would be good.
    Actually showing the product as opposed to flat white picture of computer renders would be nice too.

    Reviewing the packaging would be a useful thing and maybe show Wyrd they need to pick up their game a bit on that end of things…

    If you want to assume everyone knows what’s in the box – that’s great. But don’t expect a prospective player to have a clue without a little bit of explanation on the package.