Tale of Painters reviews the new relaunched White Dwarf

By Polar_Bear
In Games Workshop
Sep 23rd, 2012

Tale of Painters gives us their take on the new reboot of White Dwarf.

From them to you:

The crew at hobby blog “Tale of Painters” share their thoughts about October’s issue of Games Workshop’s completely relaunched hobby magazine in an in-depth review.

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  • Myrthe

    Yes, the price went up. Did anyone really expect it NOT to ?…

    But the page count has also gone up. And, from the review, a the wasted sales tear sheet pages are gone, thankfully.

    Seems like a nice reboot to what used to be a good magazine years ago. I’ll give it a another chance and I hope they maintain the positive momentum.

  • ater daeus

    There are more pages but not more content. The font is bigger and there are huge chunks of white blank-ness every where. The standard bearer article has a huge picture of Jervis’ face, his name below that in huge font and again on the other page, giant JERVIS JOHNSON down the side of the page.

    More pages, less content. Only GW.

  • Bellygrub

    The slightly cheaper digital version is pretty awesome though IMO. (Inc apple rants)

  • metalsifter

    I like the new paper, but it’s just not what i expected. More pages but less content since there are so many “open” areas, spreading out the pics.

    Content-wise it hasn’t changes much, and the higher price puts me off.

    I’ll still have to pass on WD.

  • 1voice2many

    Saw it in the store today. Sealed in a bag so you can’t check it out before buying it, higher price, and the gloss embossing on the cover was misaligned with the logo and text on the cover. If the only thing I can tell about the magazine is that the price has gone up and the quality control standards have gone down, do they really think I’d shell out $10 for it? I’m not $10 worth of curious.

    • blkdymnd

      I believe you’ll find they did charge you $5 for noticing their mistakes though

      • 1voice2many

        Dammitt! And I thought the cash register monkey forgot to give me my change. Fleeced again.

    • Not sure what’s up with that – on my copy the gloss is perfectly lined up and really the magazine is pretty gorgeous. Very nice paper quality, nice thickness.

      Design wise it’s very nice inside, but yes there’s a lot more open space (which does somehow make it feel more premium).

      Weirdly though, it doesn’t feel like more content, nor less ads.

      Also, now that it has gone digital I think I will likely switch to that and abandon paper copies completely. I tend to accumulate piles of them that I dont go back to read but never seem willing to toss out. This is a nice compromise and I do most of my reading on ipad anyway.

  • Finally got my hands on this today, and I will be writing up a formal review when I finish reading it, but having spent some time with it today, I’m sadly underwhelmed. There have been improvements for sure, and in many ways the mag is “better” (if you’re looking for “hot miniature action” it’s in there), but the main criticism I see leveled against the mag is still both relevant and present: it feels like I’m paying for a catalog. Was there other content? Yes. Enough to justify a purchase? I hate to say this as I do like the game and buy the product, but no. At least not for me. Most of the “content” presented in this issue is available free to anyone with a computer, internet connection, and browser. But hey… this is just one man’s not-completely-formulated opinion. I’d love to hear others.


    PS. I actually really liked the new battle report format. I felt like I could follow the action more easily which is certainly one improvement.

  • Oh, and I don’t want to be the guys who comments around someone’s post (I hate when that happens), so I’d like to add that I thought Tale of Painters did a nice, thorough analysis of this issue. It was interesting to have a graphic designer bring insight to the layout. I can’t say I agree with the final verdict, but that is where the opinion comes in.


  • Osbad

    While his personal opinion is interesting and all, particularly as it comes with pretty pictures of the magazine, I tend to prefer the meta-review threads on Warseer for a wider variety of opinions: Link to latest one.

    Just sayin’.

    • Myrthe

      Ugh … after reading additional mixed reviews I think I’ll just save my money after all. Especially if they’re dedicating so many pages to crappy new chaos toys … er, models !!

  • Daniel36

    Something apparently nobody notices is that they are actively seeking out your opinion. Go e-mail them and tell them what you like, dislike and would like to see. No sense moping about it here if you can e-mail them.

    And I am reading nothing about the cool features that are new. I am happy there is now an Army of the Month feature, I quite liked the “Rivals” article and there is still plenty to be had. Also, as much as the ads are still in, at least they aren’t as BUY THIS GWAARGH as they used to be.

    Not saying it’s the magazine to end all magazines, but it is a whole lot better than the older ones.

  • Mananarepublic

    I love the new design (including the addition of negative space) have the digital issue (to check for inspiration for kinetic7 and eagerly awaiting my subscription copy in the mail.

    Improved, yes. Perfect, no..