Tale of Painters review Warhammer: Visions and White Dwarf Weekly

Tale of Painters makes a habit of reviewing issues of White Dwarf. Well, the new format is no exception.


From the review:

Tale of Painters took a good luck at the two new publications that are set to replace Games Workhop’s venerable monthly White Dwarf magazine and share their thoughts.

  • keltheos

    Bought Visions (since it’s bagged) to give it a chance. Reaction: will never buy it again unless I know the table of contents ahead of time and there’s something in there I’m interested in. I can find this sort of thing online (as the guys say) and the paucity of text (3 paragraphs maybe per page and those three are 1 in English 1 in French 1 in German means even less text). Great idea, horrible execution.

    Weekly will simply depend on what’s in it. I had no need for Dwarf releases or anything to do with ‘nids so other than a quick ‘how to paint gold’ toot which was nice, there was nothing that had my wallet begging me to let loose with any $$.

    Such a shame the magazine is what it is today. Of the two I’d say Weekly is a ‘better investment’ for gamers…when the issue pertains to their army/list. Visions is all but worthless unless you really like books full of GW models. The battle report was especially atrocious.