Tale of Painters review December’s issue of White Dwarf

By Polar_Bear
In Games Workshop
Nov 26th, 2012

Tale of Painters gives you a look inside the latest issue of White Dwarf.

From the review:

The crew at Tale of Painters take a closer look at this month’s issue of White Dwarf. Will it be interesting for those that aren’t interested in the new Hobbit game?

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  • Soulfinger

    Oooh, I hope it is a giant sized issue with an exotic Traveler scenario, the further adventures of Thrud the Barbarian, and a free D&D poster! Agh, nevermind, that was issue #68. If they put out a retro edition of reprints dating back to the first issue, I would subscribe in a flash.

    • cama

      I LOL at that.

  • cama

    Thank god I don’t need to buy this one now.
    Not like I intended to, anyway.

  • Killraven

    “This issue is something special. Not because it’s the first issue with a significant amount of Lord of the Rings coverage in a long time, ”

    Gotta love the irony, considering the amount of hate flowing the last several years regarding how much LOTR content is in the magazine.

  • Daniel36

    “I’m not a big fan of the new battle reports, I’d prefer something with a bit more narrative, something with a little back story instead of just focussing on trying out new models.”

    Hmm… Can’t agree there. If anything, the new style battle reports focus far more on theme and far less on killy-killy lists than they used to. Of course they are going to use new models, can’t fault them for that. But at least they are trying. The first new style battle report had Space Marines in them, but not Ultramarines or Dark Angels as you might expect, but White Scars. And obviously they will use new Hobbit models, hard to use old ones. But the scenario is not 100 points versus 100 points pitched battle, it’s a real scenario. Narrative enough for me anyways! I gave the mag a 5 myself on another forum. I will still remain cautiously optimistic for the future of WD myself.

  • KelRiever

    Do so many people single issue order White Dwarf online that we need issue reviews?

    If I was curious, I would just go down to the LGS and flip through a copy. Oh yeah, I think White Dwarf comes sealed in plastic now….of course every LGS around here slices open one so you can do exactly that…because wrapping your magazine in plastic so people can’t flip through it reeks of dumb.

    Anyway, really, I’m surprised that anyone bothers to put a review of a magazine issue online.

    • grimbergen

      Yeah…like writing a review for an Ikea catalog.