Take Over The Galaxy In Star Wars Risk

It’s usually the subsidiaries of Hasbro that we talk about here on TGN, as opposed to the releases from the company, itself, but I figure this is one you’ll want to know about. Hasbro is releasing a new version of Risk, with a distinctly Star Wars twist to it. This isn’t like the prequel Star Wars Risk (that I actually have at home), but focuses more on the events of The Return of the Jedi.

The fight takes place across three theaters, as befits the events in the movie. You have the space battle outside the 2nd Death Star, the fight taking place on the Forest Moon of Endor, and, of course, the lightsaber duel between Luke and Vader. Where will you place each of your pieces during these attacks? How will you allocate your resources?

The box comes with

* 3 Game Boards representing the three places the attacks are happening
* 20 X-wing Minis
* 16 Y-Wing minis
* 15 B-Wing minis
* 56 TIE Fighter minis
* 6 Rebel Fleet Markers
* 1 Millennium Falcon token
* 1 Executor token
* 4 Hit tokens
* 9 Stormtrooper tokens
* 1 Rebel Strike Strike Team tokens,
* 30 Empire order cards
* 30 Rebel order cards
* 5 dice


  • Drew Olds

    That sounds a lot unlike Risk. I was expecting it to look a lot like the copy of Star Wars WAR that I have (fyi, WAR is a Brazilian version of Risk- pretty much exactly the same, really).

    But this seems like it could be its own game. I kind of wish it weren’t Risk, because then I’d probably expect the mechanics to have a little more depth to them.

    • Yeah. When I was looking over the page and typing up the post, my thought was also, “this doesn’t seem very Risk-like.” But I’m not the guy in charge of naming games as Hasbro (though, by god, I wish I was. O,o ).

      • Drew Olds

        There’s a risk brand that must pull sales (although I’d figure on Star Wars being a strong enough brand to pull it off).

        • Ghool

          We just got in Star Wars Battleship, and Star Wars Loopin’ Chewie in my place of employment.
          The Star Wars marketing machine knows no bounds.

    • Boomer Adama

      The reviews/comments on BGG seem to indicate this draws a lot from Queen’s Gambit (which I guess shares many of Risk’s mechanics to begin with), and is a spiritual successor to that game which is now too expensive to produce like battlelore 1st ed. Well, that and the fact it’s eps 1…