CMON Previews Tank Xeno For Zombicide: Invader

For those that’ve played Zombicide, you know that there’s 4 classifications of zombies: walkers, runners, fatties, and the abomination. In Zombicide: Invader, there’s those same 4 classifications, but they’ve been renamed. walkers are workers. And the fatties have become the tanks. In this preview, we get a look at what those tanks will look like in the upcoming new setting for the franchise.
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CMON Previews Worker Xenos From Zombicide: Invader

Zombicide: Invader takes players far from the Earth. A mining colony on a backwater planet is being infested by Xenos that have been altered by a foreign fungus, turning them into merciless killing machines. The main type of Xeno you’ll see are the Workers. They may be weak, but they have strength of numbers. And we get a look at what they’ll look like in this preview.
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CMON And Guillotine Games Announce Zombicide: Invader

Zombies! In! Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!
Ok, so they’re not really zombies. They’re aliens. Aliens that have been infected with some form of horrific disease that are causing them to go berserk and attack anyone and anything close by. The citizens and soldiers on the mining out posts on planet PK-L7 (put there to mine for a new energy source) will have to fight against these waves of creatures in Zombicide: Invader, the latest installment of the cooperative survival horror game from CMON and Guillotine Games. It’ll be hitting Kickstarter on April 10th.
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