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Funforge has launched their Kickstarter campaign for ZNA, their new zombie survival board game. This cooperative board game is set in Boston in the year 2025. The city has been overrun by a mysterious fog that horribly mutates all that come into contact with it. The players must make their way through the rubble, trying to complete the scenario (there are a bunch of different ones) while fighting off horrible monstrosities and doing their best not to let the fog contaminate them as well.

The game also has an option app that can help streamline play as well as bring in new scenarios and effects for the game.

They've already made their funding goal, and they've posted all their stretch goals, so you can see which ones are coming up as they continue to go along for the next 27 days.


From the campaign: Discuss
FunForge has some more details up about ZNA, their upcoming cooperative survival horror board game, including the launch date for their Kickstarter. Expect to go live on December 17th.

The game takes place in Boston in the year 2025. A mysterious fog has rolled over the city, transforming and warping all it touches. This fog is an ever-changing part of the game, moving and effecting things as the players progress along. However, the players can fight back by finding special chemicals when defeating enemies. These chemicals can be used to heal themselves, or alter the fog in certain areas, or even control enemies.

FunForge has posted up their announcement about ZNA - Patient Zero, their new board game project coming to Kickstarter.
Note: the page through the link is in French.


From the website:

The action takes place in Boston in 2025.

The city has been hit by a storm of dark fog that residents simply call later "the Fog" . This fog destroys everything in its path, plunging the world he left behind in the chaos. It is unclear the exact extent of the damage. Fog semblance settle permanently on the areas it touches, making them so dangerous, almost impassable and infested with mutants are all lethal threats.

The vast majority of the population seems to be infected with Fog and those who were not killed are infected to the point of turning into violent creatures, ruthless, equipped with superhuman abilities and are constantly chasing the survivors .

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