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Zinge Industries

Hey there again, dear TGN Readers.
We've got another batch of News Snippets for you.
By the way, we've fixed the issue with galleries. So photos will be showing up where they should be (hopefully, anyway, unless something else goes wacky between writing this and when you read it).

-Zinge Industries Previews Heat-Bendible I Beams
-New Mutant Monsters from Zinge Industries
-Vampire Hunters previews Svetlana render
-Shieldwolf's 4th army has appeared for the upcoming Kickstarter
-Alien Dungeon releases Land Ironclad for All Quiet on the Martian Front
-'Branch Face' free scenario for USEME from
-Spellcrow previews Halfing with Sling green

Curious Constructs and Zinge Industries has their Steampunk Infantry Kickstarter campaign coming to an end tomorrow. They've made quite a bit over their goal, so be sure to check out the extras.


From the campaign:

Zinge Industries and Curious Constructs Kickstarter Campaign to fund a brand new selection of 28mm steampunk inspired Infantry Support Weapons and Platforms is coming to an end this weekend.

Thanks to our fantastic backers we have a total of eleven new weapons funded to mount upon the static heavy weapons platform including the Heavy Caliber Machine Gun, Cannon, Rocket Launcher, Mortar, Barrage Balloon Anchor, Multi-Mortar, Searchlight, Multiple Missile Launcher, Doomsday Rocket, Flac Cannon and Flame Cannon as well as several other options!

Of course we're not done, with three alternate Self Propelled Platform Stretch Goals as yet unfulfilled, a tracked, wheeled and walking version!

It's not too late to get on board for some fantastic new miniatures!

Curious Constructs and Zinge Industries have teamed up to bring you their new 28mm Infantry Support Weapon Kickstarter campaign.
They've already passed their goal, so it's stretches for the next 34 days.

Infantry Support Weapons


From the campaign:

The 28mm Heavy Calibre Machine Gun and Static Weapons Platform have been designed by Kit Burrows of Zinge Industries. He is a highly regarded 3D designer with an extensive portfolio of work.

We also have a range of three further new weapons, the Rocket Launcher, Cannon and Mortar designed which we will reveal in more detail on the way to achieving our funding target.

Curious Constructs and Zinge Industries are showing off some previews of the artillery pieces they'll be bringing to Kickstarter soon.

Zinge Artillery


From the preview:

Time to lift the lid!

Zinge Industries and Curious Constructs are Kickstarting a gun platform and a range of 4 heavy support weapons.

If the project goes well we have a great set of stretch goals lined up and maybe even a few freebies.

The guns are compatible with the original Curious Constructs Kickstarter carriage and vice versa for the guns on the platform.

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*These images are “works in progress” and subject to change

Zinge Industries is having a 12 Days of Christmas event over on their website.


From the announcement:

Zinge Industries are releasing a new product everyday leading up to Christmas.
They are counting down after it was pointed out that the 12 days of Christmas come after the 25th - Doh!
Already released are: Servo Arm Backpack, Scifi bits Sprue, Fantasy Bits Sprue and Mad Scientist Sprue.