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Welcome to Wednesday you wonderful ... umm... something-gaming-related-that-begins-with-W! The first half of the week is over. It's all downhill from here to a hopefully gaming-filled weekend. I've got my plans set, heading over to a friend's house for his birthday party where there will be plenty of gaming to be had. I don't know of anyone else more into gaming than Joe-Nathan, so it should be a blast.

Anyway, that's as may-be. At the moment, we've once more collected the bite-sized stories together we've found over the past couple days and present them to you now on a silver platter we like to call "Snippets."

In this batch we have: New Outer Space Play Mats from Gale Force 9, New Woodland Mat from Pwork Wargames, Atlantis Miniatures Previews Upcoming Orc and Goblin Range of Minis, 31cm tall Idol of Cthulhu preorder + New WIP of the Dragon Queen by Kabuki Models, Khurasan releases 15mm uparmoured HMMWVs, Amera Plastic Mouldings New 1/48 Fighter Blast Pen, Gaddis Gaming Launches Gaming Tabletop Kickstarter, Dwarves Veterans 10 miniatures set from Scibor, New Heroic Maps - Terrain: Lunar, YanDrassi range released at, ModCube Customizable Token/Dice On Kickstarter, Siren Miniatures new releases - its girls time, Okumarts Games Launches Steampunk Print and Play Miniature Line, Sebitar Workshop running 15mm Wizard's Tower Indiegogo Campaign, and New Southgate Terrain Piece from Thomarillion.

Ziterdes has a trio of new terrain tiles (designed by Thomarillion) available over in their webshop. They've got a shoreline, a shoreline with a river, and an urban street. The tiles are 23.5" square. So they'd pretty easy to turn into a tourney table using several of them (or a single one for smaller-table-size games like Bushido). They come pre-colored, as well.


From the release: Discuss
Zertides released a massive new Dwarven Fortress terrain piece over in their webshop.


From the release:

What an unbelivable piece of work ...

The gate (resin) is working like a paddle, so can be removed.

Delivery form: Fortress = pre-painted | gate = unpaitend

This model is made of Structure Hardfoam. It is:

lightweight and durable
easy to paint
use a file or sandpaper for fine edges
cut with a knife or fretsaw
form in hot water

Size: 50 x 59 x 26 cm
19,6 x 23,3 x 10,2 inch