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Z-Man Games

We all love our games (I'm pretty sure that's why you're perusing the site), but we sometimes want just a little -more- from them. The base box is nice, but just a touch extra could make it amazing. Thankfully, that's where Z-Man Games comes in with their mini-expansions. They're just a couple extra cards or pieces that you can add to your games to expand them out. They have new mini-expansions for Cacao, First Class, NMBR 9, Stone Age, and The Voyages of Marco Polo.

We've been seeing this little mousie for quite some time. He seems to be the poster-mammal for Aftermath, the new adventure book game coming soon from Plaid Hat Games. Well, now we know a bit more about him. Hisname's Meziah and he's sort of the de-facto leader of the group. See what all he's capable of in this preview.

I mean, I might've called it Marco Polo II: Marco Harder, but that's me. Z-Man Games hasn't hired me to name their new releases (and we can see why). Anyway, the actual name of the game is Marco Polo II: In the Service of the Khan, and it's a new stand-alone expansion for The Voyages of Marco Polo. Pre-orders are being taken now.

Humanity is in danger. Barbarians, diseases, floods, and Cthulhu are all coming to get us. They must be stopped! And that's what you'll be doing in the Pandemic Survivor Series. Z-Man Games has posted up this year's events and games for you to check out. Can you keep humanity safe?

Do you look around at civilization and go, "pfft, I could do better"? Well, now's your chance to prove it in Hadara. Will you focus on war? Religion? Philosophy? The Arts? Probably a bit of all of the above in some form. In this article, Z-Man Games takes a dive into Hadara and shows of just how building your own civilization works.

Over the seas, let's go men. We're shoving right off, we're shoving right off again.

A new expansion for Terra Mystica is coming to you soon from Z-Man Games. They're hitting the high seas to do some extremely lucrative trading with Merchants of the Seas. Expand your influence with overseas territories as you look to build your new empire of trade.

When there's a crisis, every moment matters. Time is not on your side, and there's always more to get done than there are people to do it. You need the best people in the right place. In this preview for Pandemic: Rapid Response, the new real-time game coming soon from Z-Man, we get a look at the different specilists that will be looking to save humanity from the different strains of pathogens looking to do us all in.

The smash hit board game Pandemic has had a successful cooperative tourney scene for 5 years now. Z-Man Games has posted up a little bit about how they got there, along with some interesting information about future Pandemic games and where they'll fall into the tourney scene, plus a little peek at games coming with the Pandemic System designation.

The world is under attack. But it's not from an alien invasion or rogue human forces. It's pathogens (wash your damn hands!). You've gotta go and stop them from spreading, but that's not easy.

You've probably played Pandemic at some point (I know I have, multiple times). If you enjoy the game, but maybe aren't thrilled with some of the fiddly bits, you can now let a computer do that for you, as the game is now available on Switch and Xbox One. And no more trying to sneak one fewer cube out there onto the board. :P

It's a park filled with dinosaurs. What could go wrong? Nothing, of course, as you fill up your zoo in Mesozooic from Z-Man Games. They're going to be adding to the fun as well with the upcoming Jurassic Mini Expansion.

In an emergency, every second matters. What happens now can have a big effect on what happens later. And that's what you'll be balancing in Pandemic: Rapid Response, the new game in the beloved Pandemic line from Z-Man Games. You can go pick up your copies now. Don't waste a second!

I'd had several Choose Your Own Adventure books when I was a kid. I really enjoyed them and I'm happy to see them making a resurgence now. Z-Man Games is coming out with a new one soon called War With the Evil Power Master! While such books are only enhanced by being surprised by every page turn, Z-Man is still showing off a little bit of what you can expect in this new edition to the genre.

Well, we're a little over a week into July. That means that Gen Con is less than a month away. Gamers are rejoicing. Game companies are preparing. And everyone's anxious. Of course, as thousands and thousands of gamers will be headed to Indy, companies are showing off what they'll have their. In this instance, it's Z-Man Games.

Pandemic is a beloved board game that has had numerous popular spin-offs as Z-Man Games likes to bring you new opportunities to explore the Pandemic world in new ways. Pandemic: Rapid Response will be the next in the family. But while previous Pandemic games let you calmly stop and think about what to do for your next move, that amount of time is rarely available during a disaster. As such, Pandemic: Rapid Response will be a real-time board game, where split-second decisions are what keep you from losing.

Z-Man is bringing all the button-mashing action of fighting video games to your tabletops. They're coming out with Super Punch Fighter, a new card game where you take on the role of fighters duking it out for ultimate victory. In this preview, we get a look at how the game's general fundamentals work like pushing buttons and playing combos.

Sometimes, the rest of the gaming crowd doesn't show up. Or you're the first one to get there. Or you're just not feeling super-social and you want to do some solo gaming. If you're a fan of Noctiluca and you want to get some one-on-none gaming done, you can try out the solo rules that Z-Man Games has posted.

Man, looking over all the elements that go into this book, it's a lot more involved than simply turning to page 32 if you want to go left down the hallway. Z-Man Games has announced a new Choose Your Own Adventure book called War With the Evil Power Master! And if you can't tell from the title, it's supposed to be a bit scholcky and play on old, nostaligic sci-fi tropes.

There's a new version of Love Letter coming soon from Z-Man Games. The game has been around for a little bit now, and fans love it. They want more. And Z-Man Games is giving you more with the game now seating up to six players.

When you buy online, you can usually get your thing for a little cheaper than usual, and possibly a little earlier. But paying for shipping is never fun. But for those that pre-order Noctiluca from Z-Man Games, you can get free shipping from them. Woo!

We only have so many resources at our dispsoal. Nobody has control of everything. So, we must decide how to best put to use the resources that we have. That's a skill that's at the forefront of Aerion, a new game coming from Z-Man Games. In this preview, they talk with designer Shadi Torbey and look at just how resource management is the heart of the game.

There's a whole world beneath the waves that we land-dwellers can only glimpse briefly. Entire ecosystems of strange creatures, beautiful and mesmerizing live everywhere. In Noctiluca, players look to bring a bit of the deep up onto the land by capturing the glowing life in jars. In this preview, we get a look at just how that will work.

The space race is on. Everyone wants to be the first to make it up there and go exploring. Get your gear together and build your rocket in Lift Off, a new retro-themed board game coming from Z-Man Games. They've posted up a new preview for you to check out.

Love is in the air everywhere that you go. Many of you exchanged love notes yesterday with your significant other(s). Soon, Z-Man Games will be doing that as well with a new edition of the classic, Love Letter.

Rome wasn't built in a day. But playing a game of The Great City of Rome won't take nearly that long. It's the new game coming from Z-Man where players look to construct what will become one of the most important cities in all of Western Civilization. In this preview, we get a look at some of the mechanics and how players will get their edifices places onto the table.

Welcome to the dawn of civilization. Grab your rudimentary spear and other primitive gear. Advanced technology is just thataway. We'll be headed there shortly. In Hadara, a new board game coming from Z-Man Games, players will be in charge of their own civilization at the dawn of time. They will then see that civilization grow and develop through the ages. What facets will you focus on as you continue through time?