Malifaux demo at Dark Sphere in London

Dark Sphere in London will be holding demos of Wyrd Minaiture’s Malifaux game.

From their announcement:

Dark Sphere hosts demo nights for Wyrd Miniatures’ steampunk-horror skirmish game, Malifaux.

The demo nights take place on the first Tuesday of every month from 18:30 to 21:00 at Dark Sphere (57 York Road, Waterloo, London, SE1 7NJ). The next one will be on Tuesday 5th July.

If you’re new to the game, cannot find an opponent in your area, want to chat about this great system, or even if you just want to try a new crew; come down and give it a go.

Malifaux Alternative and Avatar wallpapers

Wyrd Miniatures have posted new Malifaux themed wallpapers showing alternative and Avatar versions of Sonia Criid and Seamus.

From their announcement:

Twisting Fates, the next installment of Malifaux, is coming. This book continues the story of life in Malifaux and introduces a new game character option, Avatars. You can find Twisting Fates as a pre-release at Gen Con and generally available at your local gaming store in September.

We know you don’t want to wait that long, so we’re bringing a bit of the Malifaux Breach to your desktop. This week, you can download desktop backgrounds for Sonnia and Seamus, in their alternative or Avatar forms. And there might be more next week

TerraClips video: buildings construction part 1

WorldWorkGames have posted a new TerraClips video showing construction techniques for the Buildings of Malifaux terrain set.

From their announcement:

We’ve got a new TerraClips video for you, this time showcasing proper construction techniques with Buildings of Malifaux. The techniques used within are universal to all TerraClips settings, so its worth a watch.

Stay tuned for part 2 where we’ll cover modular roofing. You can also expect additional videos using various products, which detail larger format builds, multi-level construction strategies and how to design layouts that shine.

TerraClips: unboxing videos

WorldWorkGames have posted two YouTube videos featuring their new Malifuax terrain sets and Terraclip connectors.

From their website:

As part of our continued media run-up to the official release of TerraClips in August, we thought you might appreciate a couple official unboxing videos. Video tutorials for actual TerraClips construction are in the works!

Wyrd Gencon Painting Contest

Wyrd Miniatures will be providing prizes for a painting contest at GenCon 2011.

From their announcement:

wanted let everyone know that we’ve got some great prizes (as well as cash awards) for those of you who are lucky enough to attend and enter into the Gencon Painting Contest this year. MHE is hosting it as usual, with Wyrd providing a manufacturer prize.

There will be two Categories
– Single Figure
– Crew or Diorama

1st Place each category – $200 and LE Figure
2nd Place each category – $100 and LE Figure
3rd Place each category – LE Figure

Really looking forward to seeing the entries this year!

Streets of Malifaux preview

Wyrd Miniatures have posted previews of assembled samples of the Streets of Malifaux Terraclips terrain sets.

Streets of Malifaux

From their website:

You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging with just the TerraClips Sewers preview did you? Of course not. Below you can see that our friends at World Works Games have been busy playing with Streets and Buildings as well (and you can even see how they’ve been build on top of the sewers as well).

You can also see how easily it is to do multi-layered layouts and access lower levels by simply lifting off the levels stacked above. I think I’ve talked enough, the photos do it so much more justice.

(and yes, for you sharp eyed individuals, those are Malifaux tokens designed to match the terrain which are included with each set. In addition, there are these pop-outs with the same graphics as each set which fit into our bases, so your minis can be based on the same graphics.)

Puppet Wars Events at GenCon 2011

Wyrd Miniatures have posted details of their Puppets Wars for GenCon 2011.

From their announcement:

We added a few Puppet Wars demos to our Gen Con schedule. There’s not many slots, but don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of demo time at our booth in the exhibit hall.

And for those of you feeling adventurous, we’re going to have 3 Puppet Wars tournaments. Our tournaments on the weekend a game is released are a lot of fun because everyone is learning the game.

Puppet Wars Tournament
one on Friday at 4pm, one on Saturday at 8pm
3-round tournament where you play 1 opponent

Puppet Wars Multi-Player Tournament
Friday at 8pm
4 round tournament where the rounds get progressively more interesting (maybe a little more difficult, definitely more fun) as the games progress from 2-players to 4-players

There will be prizes for the top players who manage to stitch up their dolls best for the most fun you can legally have with puppets.

Sewers of Malifaux preview

WorldWorkGames have posted photos of an assembled sample of Sewers of Malifaux terrain.

Sewers of Malifaux

From their website:

As part of our weekly media build up to the release of TerraClips, we thought you’d enjoy a special sneak peek at Sewers of Malifaux on the table. Nothing like filling your gaming table with a sprawling, multi-level sewer network in a couple hours…I mean, this is what its all about.

Stay tuned later next week as we unveil more TerraClips goodness from Streets & Buildings of Malifaux.

Malifaux July and August 2011 releases

Wyrd Miniatures have posted details of their Malifaux releases for July and August 2011.


  • WYR4039 – Collodi – Clamshell – $10.50
  • WYR4040 – Marrionetts (4 pack) – Clamshell – $16.50
  • WYR4041 – Wicked Dolls (3 pack) – Clamshell – $16.50
  • WYR3034 – Snow Storm (small box) – $35
  • WYR2038 – Night Terrors (2 pack) – $15
  • WYR1038 – Guild Hounds (2 pack) – $14
  • WYR3035 – Mobile Toolkit – $8.50
  • WYR2039 – Dead Rider (small box) – $30


  • WYR0030 – Orphanage Bases 30mm – Clamshell – $13.50
  • WYR0031 – Orphanage Bases 40mm – Clamshell – $13.50
  • WYR0032 – Orphanage Bases 50mm – Clamshell – $10.50
  • WYR0033 – Orphanage Accessories – Clamshell – $13.50
  • WYR3037 – Malifaux Raptor (2 pack) – Clamshell – $14.00
  • WYR5056 – Pigapult (small box) – $35.00
  • WYR5057 – Young Lacroix (3 pack) – Clamshell – $18.00
  • WYRTC101 – Terraclips – Streets of Malifaux – $49.00
  • WYRTC102 – Terraclips – Buildings of Malifaux – $49.00
  • WYRTC103 – Terraclips – Sewers of Malifaux – $49.00
  • WYRTC104 – Terraclips – Combo Pack – $18.00

Malifaux resin bases delayed

Wyrd Miniatures is reporting that there is a delay in the release of their planned Malifaux resin bases.

From their website:

Just a heads up, had some malicious gremlins get into our resin bases and we’re having to dig back in with some new equipment as they weren’t quite up to the standard we at Wyrd are happy to put out.

In the mean time, the bases have been released as metal base inserts as our normal line of these have been in the past as we move forward to working out the kink in producing these in the quantities, and quality, that are sufficient for our needs.

Win a set of Puppet War miniatures

Wyrd Miniatures is offering a chance to win a full set of Puppet War miniatures just for tweeting.

From their website:

Yep, that’s right, you can get P-wars for free (the starter box and all 5 wave 1 expansions), and you can get it before anyone else as well! We’ll ship it to you the moment it’s in our hands, which should be at least several weeks before it’ll hit shelves.

How? Easy! Tweet about the Puppet invasion! and include #puppetwars in your tweet.

Make sure it’s something fun, as boring tweets won’t get your entered, sorry. (nothing like: I’m tweeting about #puppetwars to enter their stinking contest)

You may enter once a week (defined Monday-Sunday GMT), every week until the drawing when I will randomly pick one qualified entry.

I will also pick my 5 favorite tweets to get a special prize (so make me laugh!)

That’s all there is to it! Already a few days gone this week, so go enter!

Malifaux June 2011 releases

Wyrd Miniatures have posted details and photos of their Malifaux releases for June 2011.

From their website:

  • WYR0026 – Morgue 30mm bases – Clamshell – $13.50
  • WYR0027 – Morgue 40mm bases – Clamshell – $13.50
  • WYR0028 – Morgue 50mm bases – Clamshell – $10.50
  • WYR0029 – Morgue Accessories – Clamshell – $13.50
  • WYR2037 – Guild Autopsies (3 pack) – Clamshell – $18
  • WYR4038 – Collodi Box Set – $37
  • WYR5054 – Male Desperate Merc – Clamshell – $9
  • WYR5055 – Female Desperate Merc – Clamshell – $9

This set of releases also marks a bit of a change for us for these particular basing inserts as we’ve moved these bases over to resin, the full base and insert together so its ready right out of the package without glue and having to purchase additional round black bases. Let us know what you think.

Malifaux Rules Manual PDF updated

Wyrd Miniatures have posted an updated Malifaux Rules Manual PDF.

From their website:

I am pleased to provide a new version of the Malifaux Rules Manual PDF. This version has been flattened, and the resolution of the images has been reduced. While this means that it is no longer searchable and not quite as pretty, it should provide much quicker load times on most machines, as well as being much more usable for mobile devices. We hope the combination of both files should fill your Malifaux PDF needs.

Special thanks to PlasticBoy for assisting on this (he’s also responsible for adding all those nice bookmarks)

Malifaux Rules Manual PDF and Gaining Ground document

Wyrd Miniatures have released several new Malifaux PDF documents with tournament rules and rules updates.

From their announcement:

We told you about the important rules updates that occurred with the Rules Manual, and many of you have seen this book at your LGS and used it to play even more Malifaux games. To go along with these updates, we want to ensure that all Malifaux players have access to the official rules so that you can avoid disputes in your gaming groups and just have more fun. So we’re providing a PDF download of the Rules Manual. Some core items have been removed. To get all the information, you’ll still need to buy the book. But if you’re just looking for all the information, updates, errata, and FAQ in one file, this PDF will help.

Gaming with your friends isn’t enough? You’re ready for some full-fledged Scraps and Brawls, maybe even with prizes? We thought we’d provide that for you also. Gaining Ground 2011 is a PDF with all the information you need to take the rules and have a tournament. So grab your deck and Cheat Fate.

Wyrd release update

Wyrd Miniatures have posted an update on their release schedule.

From their announcement:

It’s been a while since we gave you an update on the company. First, we want to thank everyone for your ongoing support and enthusiasm of the Malifaux line and interest in the upcoming Puppet Wars.

March 2011 saw Wyrd Miniatures move for the second time in sixteen months to accommodate our growth. We’re finally settling into our larger office and warehouse facility. Unfortunately, the move doesn’t come without its own issues – not everything goes as smoothly as one hopes and maintaining all the working parts, as well as business as usual, is impossible. The biggest issue we faced was completing the move and re-starting our packing and shipping.

Due to these complications and numerous requests by customers, retailers, and distributors for releases earlier in each month, we are moving our releases back by one month in order to accommodate this request as well as acclimate properly after the move. This will enable distributors to plan on receipt of Wyrd product during the first week of every month and allow retailers to more accurately determine when Wyrd products will arrive on shelves. So March releases, which would have been sent to distributors between the 25th and 28th, will in fact be sent to distributors on April 1st and will become April releases. This adjustment results in a difference of only three to five days, but now the schedule will accurately reflect the month that product is being released in.

Moving forward, we plan to continue delivering Malifaux to all of you and continue bringing you the necessary information on upcoming releases. We’re actively working on all of this, and we hope that you’ll be as excited about them as we are.

Eric Johns of Wyrd Miniatures interviewed

Twilight Emporium have posted an interview with Eric Johns of Wyrd Miniatures.

From their announcement:

Twilight Emporium was lucky enough to interview Eric Johns of Wyrd Miniatures. Eric shares his vision for the the direction the company is going as well as some exclusive imagery from a new game.