Wyrd posts up May Malifaux releases

Wyrd Miniatures has posted up a bunch of releases they’ve got coming out this month. Check ’em out.

From them to you:

Hope you all enjoy

WYR1051 Pale Rider $35.00
WYR2048 Simulacrum #29 (Avatar McMourning) $35.00
WYR2058 Alternate McMourning $10.50
WYR3054 Union Miner (x3) $20.00
WYR4047 Iggy $9.50
WYR3055 Effigy Doll – Arcanist (Arcane) $10.00
WYR4052 Effigy Doll – Neverborn (Mysterious) $10.00
WYR5070 Effigy Doll – Outcast (Hodgepodge) $10.00

Clash for a Cure coming in October

Clash for a Cure is coming again in October. Play games for a cause.

From the release:

Rich Courtney here in an attempt to spread the word. Clash for a Cure 2012 is in full swing and we are looking at making this Clash an even better one than 2011! Clash for a Cure 2011 was an event I thought up a few years ago and just took a while for it to actually take place. We set it at 42 players (thinking that was probably beyond our reach!) and let it go…well the event sold out almost 3 weeks prior to the actual event (5 weeks after registration started)! And after the chaos of organizing an event I took a couple of months off from even thinking about it and even contemplated letting it go slowly into the night. I have received a lot of email asking when the next one would be, so I guess it was time to get busy. Continue reading

Wyrd has new “Easter Bunny Goblin”

Wyrd Miniatures shows off their own take on the Easter Bunny with their new Egg Hauler. Also there’s a war-hen. Seriously.
It’s hard to decide if he’s disturbing or cute. What do you think?

From their website:

Now available to order in the online store. The little green things will start shipping from Monday April 2nd.

You will have until the end of April to get hold of one of these speshul gremlins.
WYR5074 – Egg Hauler – $15
WYR5073 – War Rooster – $22

Wyrd Miniatures April releases

Wyrd Miniatures has posted up their April releases.

From their site:

WYR4049 – Lilith, Avatar of Nature’s Malevolence – $35.00
WYR4048 – Lilith Alternate – $10.50
WYR4051 – Tuco – $10.00

WYR2043 – Nicodem, Avatar of Decay – $45.00
WYR2042 – Nicodem Alternate – $10.50
WYR2056 – Bête Noire Alternate – $13.50
WYR2055 – Jaakuna Ubume – $18.00
WYR2057 – Carrion Effigy – $10.00

WYR1050 – Brutal Effigy – $10.00

Wyrd Miniatures announces Iron Painter 2012

Wyrd Miniatures has announced their Iron Painter contest for 2012.

From their contest:

Ladies, gentlemen and anyone in between, Iron Painter is back. We’ve got a new banner, new MC, new judges, new themes, but that same old fun and iron.

Do you have the endurance and iron to keep up?
Do you want to have fun in the most challenging painting contest on the net?
Do you want a chance at over $1,000 in cash and prizes?

Wyrd has been very generous with the purse and I’ve set the prizes up as follows:
Please note a Do Not Finish (DNF) in any round will eliminate your eligibility for prizes, except Gift of Gab.
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Wyrd Miniatures March Releases

Wyrd Miniatures previews their March releases:

From their post:

Here’s March’s collection of scurvy dogs for your perusal. Before you ask, YES, The Swamp Mother does come with a sculpted base with cute ickle submerged gupplings on it… Ahhhhhhhhh.

WYR1041 – Alternate Perdita – $10.50
WYR1042 – Avatar Perdita – $45.00
WYR5062 – Avatar Viktorias – $28.00
WYR5069 – Alternate Viktorias – $20.00
WYR1049 – Latigo Pistoleros – $18.00
WYR2054 – Dead Doxies – $16.50
WYR3052 – Swamp Mother – $35.00
WYR3053 – Gupps – $18.00
WYR0038 – Driftwood Docks 30mm – $13.50
WYR0039 – Driftwood Docks 40mm – $13.50
WYR0040 – Driftwood Docks 50mm – $10.50
WYR0041 – Driftwood Docks Accessories – $13.50

Wyrd Miniatures Malifaux February Releases

Wyrd Miniatures have posted their February Releases for Malifaux.

From their release:

February Releases

WYR1048 – Witchling Hander – $10.00
WYR2053 – Rafkin – $10.00
WYR3044 – Alternative Marcus – $10.50
WYR3045 – Avatar Marcus (Small Box) – $30.00
WYR3048 – Avatar Kirai (Small Box) – $30.00
WYR0034 – Ghost Town 30mm – $13.50
WYR0035 – Ghost Town 40mm – $13.50
WYR0036 – Ghost Town 50mm – $10.50
WYR0036 – Ghost Town Accessories – $13.50

Wyrd Miniatures Announces Terraclips Back in Stock

Wyrd Miniatures Announces Terraclips are Back in Stock available to retail stores and distributors:

From their announcement:

A great start to the new year, Terraclips are back in stock! Pre-orders have been sent on their way to distributors and your favorite local gaming stores should have them on hand shortly.

Wyrd Miniatures January Releases

Wyrd Miniatures previews their January Malifaux releases and pricing:

From their announcement:

WYR3050 – Angelica – $10.00
WYR3051 – Alternative Arachnid Swarm – $9.00
WYR4044 – Alternative Zoraida – $10.50
WYR4045 – Avatar Zoraida (Small Box) – $35.00
WYR5059 – Alternative Som’er Teeth Jones – $10.00
WYR5060 – Avatar Som’er & Peaches (Small Box) – $50.00
WYR5068 – Ten Thunders Brothers (3 Pack) – $20.00

Wyrd Miniatures Posts Details of Their Black Friday Sale

Wyrd Miniatures

From their announcement:

Black Friday Sale: Clearin’ the Warehouse!
We just refurbished the warehouse with new shelving and racks to get better organized and while putting the warehouse back together, we’ve amassed a few items that we don’t have for general sale and instead of taking up space and dust on the shelves, we’re going to go ahead and give you folks a chance to pick up a few things that have become hard to find while allowing us to clear it off the shelves for good.

The sale will be for one day only, November 25th, and you’ll be able to pick up in extremely limited quantities the Gremlinette Hog Whisperer ($20), Nightmare Edition Lord Chompy ($100) and a five pack of the Puppet Wars Teddy with all five color cards ($40).

Wyrd Miniatures Announces December Releases

Wyrd Miniatures Announces December Releases:

From their announcement:


WYR1074 – Exorcist – Clamshell – $10.00
WYR3042 – Alternative Ramos – Clamshell – $10.50
WYR3043 – Avatar Ramos – Small Box – $28.00
WYR3046 – Alternative Rasputina – Clamshell – $10.50
WYR3047 – Avatar Rasputina – Small Box – $30.00
WYR5066 – McTavish – Clamshell – $18.00
WYR5067 – Sue – Clamshell – $10.00

Wyrd Miniatures Upcoming Releases

Wyrd Miniatures announce their November, December, and January releases:

From their announcement:

WYR1044 – Alternative Justice – $10.50
WYR1045 – Avatar Justice (Small Box) – $35.00
WYR2047 – Molly – $10.50
WYR2049 – Crooligans (3 Pack) – $18.00
WYR2050 – Rogue Necromancy – $14.00
WYR2051 – Alternative Flesh Construct – $10.50
WYR2052 – Drowned (3 Pack) – $18.00
WYR3030 – Kaeris – $10.50
WYR3031 – Gunsmith – Male – $9.00
WYR3039 – Gunsmith – Female – $9.00
WYR3049 – Fire Gamin (3 Pack) – $18.00
WYR4042 – Alternative Pandora – $10.50
WYR4043 – Avatar Pandora (Small Box) – $40.00
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Wyrd Miniatures has posted Rotten Harvest Painting Contest

Wyrd Miniatures has posted up the rules for their painting contest.

From their website:

With the Halloween and Harvest season right around the corner, it is once again time to kick things off with, to date, our most popular contest, The Rotten Harvest!

Round about the paint pot go. On the palette throw
royal blue and blood red. Thirty-seven Days of Dread;
Double, double toil and trouble; ?Fire burn, and paint pot bubble.
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October Malifaux releases

Wyrd Miniatures have posted details of their October 2011 releases for Maifaux.

  • WYR2040 Resurrectionists: Necrotic Machine $12.00
  • WYR2041 Resurrectionists: Molly Box Set $36.00
  • WYR2044 Resurrectionists: Seamus Alternative $10.50
  • WYR2045 Resurrectionists: Seamus Avatar of Dread $35.00
  • WYR3030 Arcanists: Kaeris $10.50
  • WYR3031 Arcanists: Gunsmith, Male $9.00
  • WYR3036 Arcanists: Mechanical Rider (small box) $30.00
  • WYR3039 Arcanists: Gunsmith, Female $9.00

Malifaux November 2011 releases

Details of Wyrd Miniatures’ Malifaux releases for November 2011 have been released. All prices are in US$.


  • Molly Squidpiddge $10.50
  • Crooligans (3 pack) $18.00
  • Rogue Necromancy $14.00
  • Flesh Construct II $10.50
  • The Drowned (3 pack) $18.00
  • McTavish $18.00


  • Ramos (alternative) $10.50


  • Pandora (alternative) $10.50
  • Pandora, Avatar of Insanity (box) $40.00

September 2011 Malifaux and Puppet Wars releases

ACD Distributors have posted details of the September 2011 releases for Malifaux and Puppet Wars.

  • Malifaux Twisting Fates $35.00
  • Guild: Sonnia Criid – Alternative $10.50
  • Guild: Sonnia Criid Avatar/Conflagration $40.00
  • Arcanists: Kaeris Box Set $40.00
  • Arcanists: Soulstone Miner $15.00
  • Arcanists: Large Steampunk Arachnid $15.00

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Malifaux Terraclips sold out

E-figures.com is reporting a manufacturer sell out of the Malifaux Terraclips terrain sets from Wyrd Miniatures.

From their website:

Wyrd Miniatures has informed us that they have sold out of the first print run of the Terraclips Terrain. They have started the reprint process and, barring unforeseen shipping delays, we will see them in time for Christmas. As of right now, we still have them in stock to meet your needs.

Wyrd GenCon items available through Friday

Wyrd Miniatures is keeping their GenCon 2011 Malifaux and Puppet Wars releases online until Friday.

From their website:

Because of the issues that arose due to the incredible level traffic on our web store over Gen Con, we have decided to keep all the Gen Con special items available until this Friday, August 12th. We want to ensure that no one misses the opportunity to order due to the traffic, but more importantly, we are going through each order to ensure that no mistakes slip through, no one misses out due to technical issues. Nathan is spending the entire week reviewing every issue that may have cropped up.

Items that will remain on the Web Store include:

  • Nightmare Teddy
  • Dead Justice Box Set
  • 7 Avatars
  • 9 Alternate Masters