Micro Art Studio Announces Alven Yard Faction For Wolsung

The world of Wolsung isn’t some lawless “every mechanic for themselves” sort of place. There’s law and order. The bobbies of Alven Yard are there to keep the peace, even if it takes swinging their trusty truncheons into some ne’erdowell’s head. They’re the new faction coming to the miniatures game, and Micro Art Studio is giving you a look at how they work.
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New Releases Available For Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish Game

Steam. It’s one of the most important resources on the planet for human civilization. Just think of all the things its done for us (and continues to do, considering anything that runs on nuclear power technically runs on steam). It’s even created some great miniatures games! Well, it’s been the basis for miniatures games, anyway. Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish Game from Micro Art Studios is one of those, and they’ve got some new releases available.
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New Wolsung Releases Available From Micro Art Studio

We seem to be in a year of new editions. Nothing wrong with that, mind you. We recently got a new edition of the Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish Game from Micro Art Studio. Now they’ve got a new batch of figures available over in their webshop to go along with it.
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Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish Game Second Edition Available Now

It’s nearly impossible to hit perfection the first time you do something. Sure, it sometimes happens, but for the vast majority of the time, you get pretty close, but you still need to work at it. Well, the folks over at Micro Art Studio didn’t quite feel they hit perfection with their first version of Wolsung, the Steampunk skirmish game, and so they’ve revised it and come out with another.
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Friday Snippets

It’s time once again for Friday. Now, normally, the week after a “short week” (such as last week) feels like they take forever. At least, to me they do. That’s why if given my druthers, I’d have a Monday off rather than a Friday. You get a long weekend and then a short week, as opposed to a short week, long weekend, then a regular week. But that’s me. Anyway, I’m happy to say that this week feels like it’s just flown by. Here we are already ready for a weekend. And baking fruitcake will be my reward.

But before we can get there, we have some business to attend to, such as a group of bite-sized stories we’ve collected over the past couple days. What sort of stories?

Ones like these: New Releases Available for Wolsung SSG from Micro Art Studio, Khurasan pre-release deal for 15mm late Cold War armour, Shark Day Miniature Available From Wonderlands Project, Krampus for Kaiju Kaos: The Miniatures Game Released, New releases for By Fire and Sword, Coming Soon – The Prometheans from Nexus Miniatures, Kromlech Legionary Thunder Gun with under-barrel Plasma Gun Now Available, Slavic Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter by Deraj Studios has Launched, WH40k: Tactical Objectives App Release Date Announced, Post Captain Squadron Action Scenarios Posted, Bombshell Babes 2 on Preorder from Bombshell Miniatures, and Alexander Nevsky ready for Forgestarter campaign.

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Midweek Snippets

The week continues on. How many of you are still working on Thanksgiving leftovers? Tonight will be the last of the sliced turkey and sweet potatoes for me. I do, however, still have many servings of soup left. Most of it went into the freezer for later. It’s all good, but I’m reaching my limit on wanting to have it again for a while.

However, this weekend I’m going to be making fruitcake. ๐Ÿ˜€

For other tasty bites, we’ve got our midweek snippets.

Today’s stories include: Major 1p40k/KT Update, Rogue Planet | House Rules and Scenario Generator added, Horcmany Eve – A Flintloque Adventure from a Time before Blackpowder, FREE Interactive Solo Adventure PDF – The Cave & the Treasure, Eternity Dice Regular and Charms Edition on Kickstarter, RONE Card Game Approaches Funding Goal, Massive Awesome Unveil The Biomancer For Shattered Earth, Tail Feathers Downloadable Scenarios Now Available, Viera Sci-Fi Mini Now Available From RN Estudio, New Wolsung SSG releases, and Nexus Miniatures Posts Progress Update.

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TGN Sunday Snippets

Here we are again. Some shorter stories for Sunday surfing.

Today we’ve got: new Commands and Colors storage options from Sally 4th, Club Fantasci Interviews Ed Teixeira of THW Game Designs about Heroes of the Colosseum, new Abscessus release from Hitech Miniatures, a new Wolsung preview, new 15mm Trench Terrain available from Tabletop-Art, some fluff about Clan Ika from Ninja All-Stars, New Kurganovas Shock Troops models from Raging Heroes’ TGG range, Free Sci-Fi Ashcan for Brink of Battle gets a face lift, Kabuki Models – Legio Praetoriana Updates, and some new releases from Mierce Miniatures.

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Wolsung SSG expansion book beta 0.1 released

Micro Art Studio has the beta rules for their Wolsung SSG expansion book up online for you to check out.


From the post:

Wolsung SSG expansion book beta 0.1 released

This is pre-print beta version of the Wolsung SSG expansion book.
If you find anything that needs correcting please email us at
wolsung @ microartstudio.com

New Wolsung shipping info

Micro Art Studio is showing off a new paint job on some of their Wolsung minis, but more importantly they’re letting us know how things are going with their Kickstarter shipping.


From the update:

” a large batch of minis is here. Most of the HDF terrain is already cut. Additional models are being sent to Griffin as we speak. All the text to the new Rulebook is prepared. We’re working on layout and graphics.
It is very probable that we won’t be able to send some items to US and Australia early enough to reach you before the end of December. As we want to give you some Xmas presents we decided to set a deadline for the large shipment around the end of November. This package will contain all the HDF terrain, new rulebook and all the models we have available up to the date. This will go as one package to US/Australia and will then be distributed. If there is anything missing [most probably these will be just miniatures] it will be sent directly to you as soon as we have them. So all in all – most supporters from these regions will receive 2 packages from us. When it comes to European supporters – the packages will be sent directly as we wrote earlier.”

Wolsung Forum ready, new Sculpts, Graphics, more details about Essen Spiel pickups

Micro Art Studio has updated their Wolsung post-Kickstarter progress with new forums, some sculpts, and more.


From the post:

First of all we are happy to announce that we managed to transfer our old forum to the new one. Some of the topics did not transfer but it should be no problem. We also solved the “captcha” problem that occurred on the beginning.
If you register and write first post don’t be surprised if your new topic will be not visible. We need to check the first message manually and accept it first ๐Ÿ™‚ (addtional spam filter ๐Ÿ˜‰

New Wolsung previews posted

Micro Art Studio has some new renders, sculpts, sketches, and even a new painted mini they’re showing off for Wolsung.


From the post:

Today we want to show you new stuff we prepared during last week ๐Ÿ™‚

First of all we were working on new masters ready to molding phase. Don’t worry about the color of the material ๐Ÿ˜‰
Secondly we have almost ready two new sculpts.
Thirdly our Vito Vendetta liven up ๐Ÿ˜‰
And our graphic also colored some new sketches.

New Wolsung SSG Previews posted

Micro Art Studios has posted up some new Wolsung SSG previews, including art and minis.


From them to you:

We have revealed new pictures of our upcoming Wolsung SSG stuff.
We have prepared already a lot of Scylla miniatures.
We are showing new resin Automobile 2, Advertising Column
New Ghoul sculpt and some new graphics.

Micro Art Studios previews Wolsung SSG Playing Cards

Micro Art Studio announced they’ll be coming out with new Wolsung playing cards. Here’s how they’ll look.

Wolsung Cards


From the preview:

At the moment they are available for our KS supporters but later on this year they will be available via our on-line store and distributors.

Some updated renders for Wolsung posted by Micro Art Studio

Micro Art Studio posted up new renders for the Chef, Kitchen Boy, and Mechanic Assistant.


From the update:

We have shared two new sculpts for our Wolsung SSG game.
Revised version of The Cook and kitchen Boy and new Mechanic Assistant

We want to infrom that you still can take part in our special Kickstarter pricing.

New Wolsung SSG sculpts / experimental rules

Micro Art Studios has made a pretty big update to their Kickstarter campaign, showing off new model stats, some preview sculpts, and letting people in on backing the project off of Kickstarter.


From the campaign:

Hi today we have published a new Wolsung update.

First of all you will find there new experimental rules ๐Ÿ™‚

New updated character cards ๐Ÿ™‚ New sculpts and some new coloured graphic.
and maybe the most important thing ๐Ÿ™‚

Because many of guys asked if it’s possible to take part in KS after it was over and also we received a lot of complaints from Poles that were not able to take part in the kickstarter campaign (we don’t have official Amazon here) we added options to JOIN our pledge manager. It will be possible up to 5th of September..

New updates to Wolsung Kickstarter

Micro Art Studio has posted some more updates to their Wolsung SSG Kickstarter. They’ve added new previews of both models and art as well as a new pledge level.


From the campaign:

We present you Arthur Baskerville. At the start he will be an Unaffiliated Hero that may be used as a member of any faction. Later he will be added to the Alven Yard list as soon as we start working on their rules

New Unlocks and new Scylla Gangster miniature for Wolsung

Micro Art Studio has four days left for their Kickstarter. They’ve made it through more stretch goals as well as posting up a preview of a new ogre gangster.


From the campaign:

We unlocked two new free points and Giant Golem. The Giant Golem miniature will include special single player and cooperative rules. Thanks to that you will have opportunity to save your city from the huge metal beast that went out of control ๐Ÿ˜€

Additionally we prepared specially for you new Ogre Gangster to the Scylla. If we reach 80000 the new miniature will replace the Ogre Gangster 1 in second Scylla starter set.

Additionally we are made a quick summary of all freebies unlocked up to date.

Final week for Wolsung on Kickstarter

Micro Art Studio is under a week left in their Wolsung SSG Kickstarter campaign. They’ve made it through a lot of stretch goals, and recently through a few more. Check out the campaign for new art, WIPs and finished model photos.



From them to you:

New Tokens, Markers and Templates and a look on our terrain and
miniatures in action ๐Ÿ™‚

New Stretch goal posted for Wolsung SSG

Micro Art Studio posted up a new stretch goal for their Wolsung SSG Kickstarter campaign.

Cal and Aponne


From the update:

Many of you have asked what about the Unaffiliated? Today we have added the option to take this minis for points.
We also added new Stretch Goal and update the graphics of the clubs sheets. There are some new mini previews ๐Ÿ˜‰

Micro Art Studio posts add-on menu for Wolsung

Micro Art Studio has posted the add-on menu for their Wolsung Kickstarter where you can get a battle mat or the various terrain pieces.

Battle Mat


From the campaign:

We have added terrain and Battle Mat as Add-ons. We also clarified and posted in the FAQ section how the shipping costs works.

“The maximum shipping charge for a combined pledge/add-on set is $60. If summed shipping charges from all your pledges/add-on exceed this amount you pay only a maximum of $60 for the P&P.”

p.s. Harbor pledge includes one Ware Piles set, we missed that in the pledge description and we cannot edit it now.

Micro Art Studio launches Wolsung Kickstarter

Micro Art Studio has gotten their Wolsung Kickstarter campaign underway. They’ve already passed 2x funded, so go check out the stretch goals and extras.



From the campaign:

We have prepared a new Stretch Goal for our Backers on kickstarter. It’s
a great opportunity to get all cards to all your old Wolsung minis.
Every pledge above supporter qualifies for this one.

Micro Art Studio previews a terrain pledge level for Wolsung SSG

Micro Art Studio is showing off one of the upcoming pledge levels for the Wolsung SSG Kickstarter that focuses on the terrain sets that will be available.



From the post:

First of all this weekend you can expect the start of our kickstarter

By the way we wanted to share with you a small preview of one of our terrain pledges.
Pledge Downtown 230$
2x XIX Century Block of Flats
3x XIX Century Walkway
2x XIX Century Walls
1 x Ware Piles Set

The HDF board is not included, it’s just for photo purposes. I’m sure that you will ask why It’s to heavy! This boards are extremely heavy and the shipping costs would be tremendous

But we will be offering our awesome gaming mats as an add-on for 38 $ ( Gaming mats are made out of a materiel similar to that of a mousepad. No major wrinkles if loosely folded not rolled and it levels itself once spread.)

The area covered in the picture is 100x100cm

Wolsung Battle Mat preview

Micro Art Studio has posted up some photos showing off the new Wolsung SSG battle mats they’re working on.


From the preview:

We showed some pictures of upcoming battle mats for Wolsung SSG. The mats will be available in the biggest terrain pledges and as ad-ons in the upcoming Wolsung SSG kickstarter campaign.

First Wolsung SSG – The Scylla – Cousin 2 painted

Micro Art Studio has another Wolsung SSG preview up. this time it’s the painted-up Cousin 2.



From the preview:

Today we are showing first picture of Cousin 2 from The Scylla – club

The mini will be available through our kickstarter campaign which starts in the second half of June.

New Wolsung SSG terrain – XIX Century Warehouse?

Micro Art Studio gives you more terrain options for your tabletop with the release of their new XIX Century Warehouse.



From the release:

Today Micro Art Studio have released new HDF terrain for Wolsung SSG –
XIX Century Warehouse

Length of the building 26 cm / 10,2 inches
Width of the building 20 cm / 7,9 inches
Overall height 18 cm / 7 inches