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WizKids' Organized Play events let players get some cool prizes, including minis they wouldn't be able to get elsewhere. They're currently showing off their Green Arrow and the Justice Society OP kit for HeroClix, including, of course, Green Arrow and some of his friends. Have yourselves a look.

Gamers, by and large, want to be the first ones to get the new stuff when it's released. They want the latest figures as early as they can. Well, if you're a HeroClix player, you'll want to know about WizKids' pre-release events for the upcoming Justice League Unlimited set for HeroClix.

Many of you have probably picked up some of the Wardlings figures from WizKids to add to your games of Dungeons & Dragons. These pint-sized adventurers and their animal companions can be a weclome addition to any adventuring party. But, if you've been wanting to run a whole game based on these young adventurers, you're soon to be in luck. Renegade Game Studios is creating a Campaign Guide for them. It'll be hitting store shelves in May.

He say you blade runner.

You know, the problem with making robots that look, sound, act, move, and think exactly like humans is that it can be difficult to tell who is a robot (or replicant, as they're known) and who is a person. This might not be so much an issue if being a replicant on Earth weren't a crime. Several replicants have gotten loose and its up to you and the other Blade Runners to find them. Or, maybe, YOU'RE the replicant! That's what you'll have to figure out in Blade Runner 2049: Nexus Protocol, a new social deduction game coming from WizKids.

Seems like it's been a while since we've seen some Dice Masters news, yet here we are. WizKids has a new set coming out for the dice-collecting game. This time around, they're headed to the squared circle and entering the ring with WWE Dice Masters. Want to get a whole set of dice and everything you need to get playing right away? There's a Campaign Box coming out that will get you just that.

I call dibs on Macho Man! OOOOOOOOH YEEEEEEEAH!!

Many of us here in North America take a bit for granted that we can usually get the "new hotness" games pretty easily. But that's not always the case all around the world. Well, if you're in Europe and you've been having trouble getting WizKids games, you might be in luck. WizKids has new distribution partners over there and so their products should be more available to you.

Many of you have probably created and thrived with your own civilization in Clash of Cultures. You've built up from nothing to create mighty empires and crush those around you. Well, if you're looking to play the game on even a more grand scale, you'll want to check out the Monumental Edition that WizKids will soon be releasing. Pre-orders are being taken now.

It's been rainy here in Atlanta for a couple days now. It's been a perfect time to watch Coraline, one of my personal favorite movies. It's supposed to rain again today, and while watching the movie, I could also slap Coraline: Beware the Other Mother down on the table. The new board game based on the movie (which was based on the book) is now available.

Want to get into the gaming industry? Well, WizKids is looking to add to their team. They're wanting to hire an Operations and Sales Assistant. You'll be doing things like coordinating with the factory and distributors, manage mass retailer accounts, and much more. If this highly-technical and detail-oriented thing seems up your alley, you can apply now.

WizKids' OP kits for HeroClix are known for containing some great figures. The one they're showing off now revolves around some of the most well-known superheroes in the form of Batman and the Martian Manhunter. Together, they're taking on the mind-controlling Despero. Who will come out on top?

Captain America and the Avengers is the next HeroClix set that will be hitting store shelves. Want to get your hands on these new figures a little earlier than the release date? WizKids has you covered. They've posted up their pre-release tourney info. Find out where they'll be held near you and go grab some of the world's greatest super heroes and their dastardly foes.

Flotilla is what happens when you have the setting for Water World, but different circumstances that brought it on... sort of. The world has been flooded and the only place left to live is a bunch of floating wreckage that has been lashed together. That's the Flotilla, and that's where you find yourselves in WizKids' Flotilla game as you look for resources and try and get ahead in this post-apocalyptic world. The game is available now.

Weekends are fun. I had a good time on Saturday. Game was a random mish-mash of things. But that's what you get when you let our group just loose in a city with time to kill. Anyway, as it is the start of the week, we need to make sure your gaming tables look good. Quick one for you today, but no less important.

We have: WizKids Announces WarLock Terrain

I've got D&D coming up this weekend. I'm certainly excited about it. You never know just what you're going to get into, who you might fight against. That's why having a diverse set of minis is good to have on-hand. WizKids is helping expand your collection with Icons of the Realms: Volo’s and Mordenkainen’s Foes, their latest set of figures. You can pick them up at your local gaming store now.

Ettins. They're a mythical creature known primarily for having two heads, each with their own personality, but a shared goal in mind. Now, you can take on some aspects of the Ettin with, well, Ettin, a new card game of teamwork against other Ettins coming soon from WizKids. Draft your warriors and fight over three ages. In the end, only one Ettin will be the ruler.

You went to Camelot. You participated in the tourney held there. Perhaps you even triumphed! But that's not the only tournament in the land. Avalon has its own, and you've decided to go participate there as well. That's the story behind Tournament at Avalon, a stand-alone, but 100% compatable, sequel to Tournament at Camelot. WizKids will be bringing you this new trick-taking adventure soon.

Many of you out there have tabletop game collections. Some of you might even have stamp collections. In Stampede, you can get a little bit of both. It's a new card game coming from WizKids where players are looking to make the best collection of animal stamps that they can.

Games will always be growing and evolving. Even if something's playtested a bunch, when it gets out into player's hands, there might be things that they find that don't work as intended. That's where updates come in. That's what we've got here from WizKids. They've taken a look at HeroClix Skirmish and have posted an update to the rules.

Let's get ready to- not finish that phrase because of copywrite. Anyway, if you're wanting to bring the hardcore, top-turbuckle flying, suplex, bodyslam, Baby Face Half Nelson action to your tabletops, you can do so with the new WWE HeroClix set, available now. Ridiculously huge belt for the winner sold separately.

When everything is super-powered, then everything works well together. At least, that's the idea behind O.P. Arena, the new party card game that's available now from WizKids. There's T-Rexes, there's Unicorns, there's the Grim Reaper, and more, all on these crazy cards. Battle out for supremacy.

Merlin is hosting a grand competition. He's called together wizards from all over, looking to test their skills in a special hunt. There's a bunch of mystical creatures out in the hunting grounds, and it's up to the wizards to corral them. That's the story behind Merlin's Beast Hunt, the new dice game available from WizKids now.

When I'm playing D&D, I like to have miniatures out on the table that as accurately as possible represent what our party is fighting. That can sometimes get difficult. But thankfully, there's always new figure sets coming out. In this case, it's Volo’s & Mordenkainen’s Foes. Sounds like it should have plenty of evildoers for our party to take on.

The next wave of Wardling figures is now available from WizKids. This time around, it's the evil foes that the Wardlings must go out and defeat. There's new Orcs of different forms, as well as a dragon, a gryphon, and more. Head out and see what you'll be facing now.

No, the dials aren't going to be clear now on HeroClix figures. However, since the dials are printed on the back of the hero's stat cards, WizKids is going to be changing their game rules so that one player can look at another player's stat card whenever they want. Now, many games have such open information already. Now, it's just coming to the HeroClix world.

Paizo's filling up your trick or treat bags early this month. You can head over to your LGS and get yourself new releases for Pathfinder, Pathfinder Battles, and Starfinder now. Need some new terrain? They've got it. New character options for your Pathfinder character? You bet. New Starfinder adventure? Sure, why not? Some new minis to represent your fiends and foes? Check.