Terrain Snippets Corner

It’s been a very busy week. What with 2 days of travel and then yesterday being the start of Gen Con. As such, I didn’t get a chance to type up yesterday’s Terrain Corner. So, as I’ve got a couple minutes here back at the room (phone’s gotta charge, because without a charged phone, that means no photos. No photos means sad TGN viewers. Charge, phone! Charge!), I wanted to give you both your Terrain Corner as well as your Friday Snippets all in one.

So, in this installment we have: New 32mm and 40mm Ruins of Sanctuary Base Sets From Tabletop-Art, Worldographer: Hexographer 2 Kickstarter now live, Warsenal GenCon New Release – Taugak Redoubt, Modular City Terrain Tiles Available From Crossover Miniatures, Lifeless Land: Pwork Wargames Sci-Fi Mat Now Available, New Ruined Graveyard Walls available from Skull Forge Scenics, Kromlech New Release: Legionary Sentry Guns, Brigade Models Release 15mm Scenic Items, and Final Days For Willy Miniatures Dwarf Fantasy Sports Team On Kickstarter.

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Willy Miniatures Running Dwarven Fantasy Sports Team Kickstarter

You know, as we make our way through July, the American Football season really isn’t that far away. I know my LGS always used to run a fantasy sports league during the season. And with the game being re-issued, you might want to get yourself a new team as well. Willy Miniatures is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for a new Dwarf team.
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Friday Snippets

Friday has once again blessed us with its presence. Let us bask in its warm glow of warming glowing… or something.
Suffice to say that the weekend is almost here. What sort of plans do you have coming up? Gaming? Cooking? Or just boring, old “yard work” and the like?

For the moment, we’ve got our batch of bite-sized stories.

Today’s include: Darkmook Paper Miniatures begin back catalogue upgrade, Fey A new line of 54mm miniatures, Retained Command Charlie released at The Ion Age, The Roots of Magic- an upcoming fantasy skirmish wargame, Willy Miniatures Necromantic – Undead Fantasy Football Team Coming Soon, Thinker Tinker Maker: Game Inserts & CCG Boxes On Kickstarter, Rebel Minis Releases 28mm Earth Force Security “Hounds”, Hitech Miniatures Releases Mystic Sergius, New Female Viking Unit from Brother Vinni, Alternative Armies releases four classic Goblin packs, Fantasy Treasure Chest by Fantasy Coin Coming Soon, Kromlech New Release – Chaos Legionary Jump Pack, and Madzzle Jigsaw Puzzle Game Up On Kickstarter.

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Friday Snippets

Welcome back to Friday, beautiful TGN reader.

Do you have any gaming lined up for this weekend?
I… don’t…
I’m going to be cooking. If you want to talk about that, I’ll meet you down in the comments section. 😛

As for now, we’ve got some bite-sized stories for you.

In this batch we have: HADES Banshee VTOL now available for Pre-Order from ClearHorizon Miniatures, Kromlech New Release – Legionary Shields, Willy Miniatures Undead & Necromantic Team video advance, New 28mm Napoleonic Ottomans from Matchlock Minis, Sabresquadron Has Gone To Print, Dragon Head Coins Series #2 on Kickstarter, New Bases from WarGamma, and a couple new installments of The Fiver.

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Willy-miniatures Chaos Dwarf Fantasy Football Team on Indiegogo

Hut! Hut! Omaha! … Hike! *bones crunching* Willy Miniatures is running a new Indiegogo campaign for another fantasy football team. This time it’s Chaos Dwarves. I only wish that I could get my beard to grow in those rolls like that. The Chaos Dwarf team is a little more tricksy than your standard Dwarf team. You’ve got blockers, of course, but also a Minotaur, Bull Centaurs, and Hobgoblins.
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Willy Miniatures Amazon team on Indiegogo

Willy Miniatures launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund a new Amazon fantasy football team. And it’s funded! Go check out the stretch goals.



From the launch:

New team of Willy-miniatures, this time Amazing Amazons arrive to stay in the most violent grounds.
Sculpted by ªRU-MOR.

Willy Miniatures previews 3D render for Indiegogo exclusive

Willy Miniatures is showing off the Indiegogo mini for their Vampire Team. They’re over their goal with still 27 days to go.

Female Thrall


From the update:

Hi Fang-Funders,
yes, there is a exclusive miniature for this WM Vampire Team to thank you for your help.
a Female Thrall, the eleventh servant
She can be purchased only in this campaign through exchanging one of your WillyCoin in the afterward campaign process. So any level8 or higher perk funder can get her. She is limited to one Female Thrall per team.

Willy Miniatures at the 5yd line

Willy Miniatures has already made it to 96% funded for their Vampire Team over on Indiegogo. There’s still plenty of time on the clock, but the sooner they pass their goal, the sooner they get to stretch goals.


From the campaign:

Willy miniatures is launching a Indiegogo campaign with an awesome Vampire Team. 10 differet thralls and 6 vampires from the same scultor/designer than its Chaos team campaign.
Best Vampiric team ever

Bleh. Bleh. I vant to suck your blooood! Bleh. Bleh.

Willy Miniatures launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund a new Vampire Fantasy Football team. They’re already more than 50% funded with 60 days to go in the campaign.


From the campaign:

We had an amazing experience with our late campaign, shorten the time to cast former team in a incredible way. In addition, all our former campaigns founders are 100% satisfied with our service due to the fact that we care about communication with our customers, quick shipping, quality of our miniatures and best price possible. So we could go on producing some miniatures at a time, but with your help we can speed up the whole process again. Using Indiegogo as a platform to rise funds helps us a lot since we can finance new miniatures, obtain feedback from our customers and it gives us confidence to keep working on.