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West Wind Productions

West Wind Productions has unlocked the Italians over in their War & Empire Kickstarter campaign.


From the campaign:

Hi everyone, as I mentioned earlier we have done a deal with Little Big Men Studios to secure a selection of Shield transfers designed to fit our War & Empire shields. Transfers really take all the hard work out of painting those pesky shield designs. The codes should be up on the Pledge Manager soon.

West Wind Productions is showing off some new gangs for Empire of the Dead that will be available next year.


From the preview:

Due out in the New Year, the Bedlam Brotherhood a new faction for Empire of the Dead.

West Wind Productions has already made it over their funding goal for their Forged in Battle War & Empire Kickstarter campaign. So it's on to stretch goals for the next 19 days.


From the update:

Our War&Empire Kickstarter is now funded and we are well on our way to the first Stretch Goal the Persians! Thanks to all for backing us and please help spread the word.

West Wind Productions has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new line of 15mm historical miniatures. Go and check out War & Empire.


From the campaign:

We want to put into production a large range of 15mm Ancients miniatures covering the Macedonian & Punic Wars and to fund the molding and pre-production costs we are coming to Kickstarter.

With over 150 moulds to produce we are looking to raise £20,000 to cover this initial cost. Plus the cost of developing and printing the War & Empire rule book.

If we raise more capital we can press on and achieve more.

West Wind Productions has released their models that were funded by their Empire of the Dead: Requiem Kickstarter over in their webshop. If you missed out on their campaign, you can now pick them up.


From the announcement:

West Wind have now completed the shipping of their Empire of the Dead Requiem Kickstarter. Phase one of the Requiem is now available to buy from the West Wind online store. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

West Wind Productions is having a Summer Sale (gee, everyone's trying to get rid of their Summer. Everyone's got it on sale) over on their website.

From the sales sheet:


Browse our Summer Sale and grab yourself some bargains now

West Wind Productions posted up a preview group shot of some of the Requiem models they've been working on.

From the preview:

Hi Everyone,

A quick update on where we are with the project………..

Sculpting is progressing well, the Requiem list of miniatures are nearly all done. I’m also making very good headway with the stretch goal minis and add-ons. Check out the fabulous collection so far, painted by Ruben.

Gaming Club Network has teamed up with West Wind Productions and is running a special promotion.

From the announcement:

Some fantastic news for April, we have a brand new free club promotion from Westwind Productions!

Not only do we have the Warlord Games club packs, (Warlord Games told me this week that they had sent out around 30 starter sets to clubs in the last few weeks!), we had the Mantic Games promotion start a couple of months ago, (lots of GCN clubs are now playing Dreadball by all accounts), and now we have the Westwind production 'Empire of the Dead' free club promotions which goes live on April 1st!

How good is that, there is now plenty of opportunity for your club to try other games that might not have appealed to you before for various reasons. See the March newsletter for more information, the advert will also be in the April printing of the 2013 GCN Club Guide, which will be out in a couple of weeks time.

The March newsletter is out, not sure if you have seen it yet, its packed full of news and information

West Wind Productions added their new Steam Exoskeleton to their Empire of the Dead Kickstarter campaign.

From the update:

This is a white metal kit, the driver can be modeled with a variety of heads, we supply a strip of 5 different heads with the kit allowing you to adapt it to your faction.
The Steam Exo-skeleton is a £20 Pledge on our Kickstarter ( RRP will be £25)

West Wind Productions keeps the enemy worried with the release of their 75mm French Gun for Forged in Battle.

From the release:

New, from Forged in Battle. Add this Early War gun to your French armies. Help drive back the dreaded Bosch!

West Wind Productions has more carriages that they're adding to their Empire of the Dead Kickstarter. Here's the Black Mariah.

From the update:

The Black Mariah clatters into town, you can use this superb model to transport our Bobbies or secure that nefarious prisoner.

Black Mariah RRP £25, or just £20 POST FREE on our EotD Kickstarter.

Resin & White metal kit not supplied painted.

West Wind Productions makes Axis tank drivers quake in fear with the release of their new 57mm Anti-Tank Gun.

From the release:

Bolster your US infantry with this 57mm A/T gun.

West Wind Productions expands their Forged in Battle range with their new 76mm Anti-tank gun.

From the announcement:

New 76mm American A/T gun. Take on Tiger tanks with this new 15mm A/T gun.

West Wind Productions gives us a preview of their upcoming Gentleman's Coach for Empire of the Dead with an update over on their Kickstarter page.

From the preview:

This is a quick look at our NEW Gentleman’s Coach for Empire of the Dead (or of course any other Victorian games). Shown without the driver as I haven’t finished him yet, but rest assured he will be decked out in a Top hat and full coachman’s finery.

West Wind Productions keeps breaking through stretch goals and adding more to their Empire of the Dead campaign over on Kickstarter.

From the update:

Deathlocke Bones & the Bad Doctor

This is the concept art work for our next Stretch Goal over on Kickstarter.

When crime is afoot not even death can save the perpetrator from the undead investigator, Deathlocke Bones and his faithful partner the infamous Bad Doctor. Just don’t let him eat the evidence!

This set of 28mm Kickstarter, Limited Edition Miniatures will be added FREE to all Requiem Pledge levels when we hit the next Stretch Goal.

Take the time to check out our fantastic Empire of the Dead Requiem Kickstarter. We have tons of new Steampunk Miniatures planned, you can see them on the main page.

West Wind Productions put up a little video showing off some greens they're working on for Empire of the Dead's coaches and carriages.

From the preview:

First glimpse of the work in progress on our Victorian Machines, Coaches and Carriages for Empire of the Dead; our ingenious 28mm Steampunk, Victoriana, Gothic Horror Game. This is the second phase of brand new miniatures and models to populate your Steampunk, Victorian Gothic universe.

Our model maker, Andrew Rawling, is currently fine tuning these plastic masters to ensure they are spot on before we put them through the resin casting process

West Wind Productions has released some new Tiger tanks for their Forged In Battle line.
I feel like adding a line here about, "Ze Germans" and Tommy, but... well, I guess I sort of just did, didn't I?

From the release:

Tigers in Normandy pack, featuring the late version Tiger Ie and the Tiger II with a Porsche turret. Resin and Pewter kit.

West Wind Productions has been doing rather well with their Empire of the Dead: Requiem Kickstarter campaign, breaking through several stretch goals. Here's an update on the goings-on.

From the update:

West Wind are on to their fourth Stretch Goal which adds Red the half wolf servant of the Goddess to all backers pledging at a Requiem level. That’s our fourth Kickstarter only Limited Edition Miniature.

Our Requiem Miniatures release for Empire of the Dead continues to build a head of steam (thanks to our Infernium powered boiler).

With over 80 NEW models up for grabs we think it has a little of everything a Victorian gamer could want. It’s even got a Time Machine! So you could always pop back in time for a chat with H.G. (disclaimer, improper use of time machine may result in a paradox this is the sole responsibility of your great-great-great- grandfather).

Here’s a look at the New Bobbies and Detectives, loads more to come!

And a list of the vehicles you can expect from us very soon 28mm Resin and White metal kits.

Victorian Machines
Hansom Cab
Vampire carriage
London Omnibus
Black Mariah (Police carriage)
Hackney Cab
Time Machine
Steam Velocipede
Steam powered Gyrocopter
Steam powered Exo-skeleton

Empire of the Dead from West Wind Productions has made it through another stretch goal on Kickstarter. They've passed 40k GBP and are headed ever higher.

From the update:

When Gretel became separated from her brother Hansel in the dark foreboding forest, she came across an oddly symmetrical pool surrounded by a grove of ancient Oak trees. The mist of weariness descended upon her and she fell into a deep sleep. She dreamt of the Moon..............

Red is a blessed aspect of the Moon Goddess, one of the three guardians of nature known as the Sisters of the Moon. By day she remains Gretel but by night she succumbs to the song of blood and takes the form of a half-wolf.

Empire of the Dead will be getting their Requiem book, as the Kickstarter was funded pretty quickly. They're basically unlocking something a day. Here's a picture of the latest, the Vampire Bride.

From the update:

Empire of the Dead-Requiem Kickstarter has been funded, actually it was funded within 2 hours of launch so a big thank you to everyone who has supported us so far.

Since yesterday we have had a lot of feedback from people regarding our KS. There have been a lot of positive comments and we thank you very much!

It seems that by the time people in the USA and Canada got onto their computers and heard about our KS, all the Early Bird Specials had gone! We didn't take into account the time zone difference, thinking also that the Early Bird's would last a long time, at least a couple of days, and everyone would have an equal chance to Pledge, but this was not the case.

Therefore, to be fair to people in the USA and Canada, we have added another 100 of each Early Bird Specials to the Pledge Levels. These are going to run from tonight until they are all gone. We will not be adding any more Early Birds, absolutely not, after this.

West Wind Productions has launched their Kickstarter for their Empire of the Dead expansion, Requiem. They've already made their funding goal, so it's stretch goals for 39 more days.

From the campaign:

’Requiem’’ is the second part of our tabletop skirmish game Empire of the Dead.

If we manage to reach our goals we will be able to expand on the original game by adding over 70 new charismatic models. We also want to start a new range of ingenious Steampunk Machines and Victorian Carriages to populate the streets of our darkly Gothic Victorian Empire.

West Wind Productions calls the brute squad (I'm on the brute squad) with their Siberian Brute Squad for Secrets of the Third Reich.

From the release:

The NEW Siberian Brutes for Secrets of the Third Reich are stomping around on the West Wind website. Armed with brutal heavy pistols and wielding sledgehammers these heavily armoured Brutes will add steel to your Soviet army

West Wind Productions has shipped their Suslik Mining Suits. So they'll be with you soon!

From the release:

The Soviet Mining suit for Secrets of the Third Reich is now shipping to customers and stores.

West Wind Productions has a new armored car for January's release for Forged In Battle.

From the release:

New this month from Forged in Battle 15mm WWII the 8 rad armoured car.

West Wind Productions is having themselves a sale going on over in their webshop.

Grab a bargain this January with our Sale. You can save 30% on our 28mm WWII range. Or if you love the Dark Ages, you can save 20% on our Arthurian Range.