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New Orleans is a rather rocking city... just about literally. Everywhere you go on its broad streets, you can find performers plying their trade, looking to make a couple bucks. But who will walk away with a guitar case full of money and who will go home empty handed? That's for you to decide in Big Easy Busking, a new area control board game that's up on Kickstarter now.

Have you ever had a dream so deep, profound, and important to you that you changed your behaviors because of it? Maybe it seemed like a prophetic vision of the future. Maybe it just seemed like a good idea. Well, in Dreams of Tomorrow, those dreams you're having aren't just your subconscious keeping itself occupied while you sleep, they're portents of things to come. And, thankfully, you have time to fix a broken future. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

In which I totally mess up the date for when this was supposed to post and then go back and fix it. :P
Look, these things happen sometime!
Anyway, here's the regular grouping of review articles I know you all so desperately desire.

This week we have: Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes, Rush in the Forest: Three Little Pigs, Torres, Exoudus Fleet, Steepseers, Super Hack Override, This War of Mine, Assembly, Noria, Get Off My Land, and Monster Card BLVD.

The galaxy is vast and full of wonder... and resources! Best to not sit around and wait, or those resources will be gobbled up by some rival alien race. Expanding out into the stars, claiming areas for you, and placing workers to best make use of those resources is what you'll be doing in Stellar Leap, a new area control/worker placement game that's up on Kickstarter now.
Hey there everyone,
We've made it to Saturday, so that once again means it's time for a Review Roundup. A bit lighter this week than usual. I'm sure that's due to Gen Con last weekend. I expect, though, that the next couple weeks will be pretty full of new reviews. I know several reviewers were getting copies of the new CMON games, at least.

Also: We're looking into what's up with the TGN Blogs page. We'll let you know when we find out anything.

Anyway, as for today, we've got: Battle of the Bands, Get Adler, Super Hack Override, Beneath Nexus, Legends of Andor New Heroes Expansion, Warmachine Cephalyx Mind Slaver & Drudges, Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition, Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu, Tyrants of the Underdark, Animals On Board, Farmageddon: Farm Fresh Edition, and Stellar Conflict.