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Watchtower Games

Saturday night's alright for fighting... your enemies on the tabletops around the world!
Hopefully you're doing that, anyway.
I've got various whatnots I'm working on at home, one of which is spring cleaning. Joy of joys. But hey, it means next weekend I can have a game day here and not worry about people thinking that an actual bear lives in this place.

Anyway, until then, we've got our regular series of collecting up all the reviews we found over the past week and presenting them to you.

This week's reviews/previews include: Cog 'O' Two Paint and Hobby Station, D&D Miniatures: Elemental Evil Booster, Fallen by Watchtower Games, Five Points: Gangs Of New York By Mayfair Games, Sandcastles Kickstarter, Lost Cities Card Game, Dungeon Dwellers, War of Kings, Super Fantasy Rumble, Black & White, Animal Upon Animal, Tide of Iron, Legion of Honor, and Star Wars Armada.

Watchtower Games launched their Fallen Kickstarter campaign.

From the campaign:

Fallen is a two-player card and dice game with fast and challenging game play, gorgeous art, and plenty of re-playability all wrapped up in an ever-changing story.

One player chooses a Hero to delve deep within a dungeon, seeking the ultimate evil that waits below. Play as Seroth the Pit Fighter and fight to win at any cost, Merace the Sorceress and cast devastating spells, or Ranek the Thief striking from the shadows.

The second player takes on the role of the Dungeon Lord, summoning vile creatures and ancient spells to defeat the Hero. Play as the Archivist of Souls weaving dark spells that plague the hero, the Forge Master, part wizard and part machine, filling the dungeon corridors with horribly augmented monstrosities, or as Krogarn the Ogre king sending your primal horde and spirit magic to hunt down the adventurer.

Watchtower Games posted up a new Designer's Diary video for their Fallen fantasy card game.

From the video:

Fallen's Designer Diary #4 shows the power of Light and Darkness with the Shadow Track. Control the Shadow Track and gain stronger powers and use them more frequently. Let the Shadow Track fall into your opponent's domain, and struggle against the rising challenges of the dungeon.

Lead Designer Tom Green presents the fourth designer diary video giving an closer look at the mechanics of the Shadow Track

Watchtower Games posted up a video showing off the concepts and mechanics inside their Fallen dungeon card and dice game.

From the video:

Watch the epic video showing off the dungeon, adventure game Fallen. As the Hero, explore a dangerous labyrinth filled with deadly traps and cursed magic, or summon monstrous creatures as the Dungeon Lord.

With treasures, creatures, power cards, skills, story cards, omens, critical cards, and custom dice, Fallen offers endless adventure.

Watchtower Games gives you more looks into the design of Fallen with their latest Design Diary entry.

From the update:

Fallen's Designer Diary #3 wades deep into battle to see how Challenges are resolved. We'll show how the custom dice are used as well as Power cards, Fortune dice, Ultimate abilities, and Equipment cards.

The Challenges in Fallen cover a wide range of dangers a adventurer may encounter in a dungeon such as disarming a trapped room as the walls close in, casting a spell to keep dark spirits at bay, and fighting battles with goliaths at the bottom of the dungeon.

Lead Designer Tom Green presents the third designer diary video giving an closer look at the mechanics of Challenges for both the Hero and Dungeon Lord.

Watchtower Games gives us another look into the design of their Fallen card game with another Designers Diary entry.

From the entry:

Join us for Fallen’s Designer Diary #2, as we take a closer look at the Story card that sets the scene and drives the action of the game. Choose the right path and treasure and glory are yours. Choose poorly, and fall prey to the traps and vile creatures controlled by the Dungeon Lord.

Fallen is a new game coming from Watchtower Games.

From the announcement:

Watchtower Games is proud to announce its new card and dice game Fallen.