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Wasteland Express Delivery Service

*runs around with arms over my head*
Alright, let's do this thing!

Today we have: Tulip Bubble, Nuked, Wasteland Express Delivery Service, Brutal Kingdom, Dwarven Smithy, Crows, Sticky Chameleons, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures, Haspelknecht: The Ruhr Valley, Rumbleslam, Game Toppers, Quantum, and Samurai Gardener.

Gamers love to be the first ones to get a new game. To be the first one on the block with the new hotness is a badge of honor. Well, if you want to be the first one to get yourself a copy of Wasteland Express Delivery Service, you can put in your pre-order now. You'll also get some cool, exclusive stuff.
Well, once more, the world has come to an end. Damnit, Carl! We've talked about this! Now we need to start a business as delivery drivers, taking food, water, and guns to the few remaining outposts of humanity. Of course, seeing as this is a post-apocalyptic world, there's all sorts of raiders and bandits who want that stuff for themselves, and so they're going to try and take it from us. Good thing we can practice our strategy by playing Wasteland Express Delivery Service.