Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy Issue 94 Now Available

While we try and bring you all the gaming news you can handle here on the site, I know that you still hunger for more. That’s alright. That’s where gaming magazines come in. They’re full of all manner of useful articles about strategies for you to try, tutorials about painting, event reports, and more. One of the venerable titles is Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy. They’ve got Issue 94 available now for your reading pleasure.
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The Great Wargaming Survey 2017 Happening Now

And now, a small interlude from all the Gen Con prep. It’s time once again for The Great Wargaming Survey. This has been going on for a couple years, and it’s interesting to see how things have changed in that time. I just finished typing up my responses and adding my bit of data to the pile. You should go do the same. You can even possibly win some cool stuff for participating.
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Midweek Snippets

We’ve made it to the halfway mark. Just the rest of today, and then two full days and we’ll be back into the sweet embrace of the weekend. How will you be beating the heat? Inside gaming? Outside trying to catch them all? A little of both? Just be sure to hydrate. A group of friends want to wander around downtown Atlanta on Sunday… when it’s supposed to get to 99F out. Whoof. Too hot for this arctic ursine.

Anyway, being the middle of the week, it means we need to stock back up on bite-size gaming stories.

Today we have: Team Canada Adventure for Save the Day Super-Powered RPG, Precision Polyhedral Floating Face Dice On Kickstarter, Siren lands in Purgatory, New 28mm 1806 Prussian Hussars, Semi Realistic Portrait Generator for your games, New Numidian Cavalry Available From Victrix, 3rd Annual Great Wargaming Survey Posted, Another World Miniatures Releases Alfred – Steampunk Monkey Assistant, and Baueda Releases new 15mm Sicilian Normans range.

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The Great Wargaming Survey 2015

Some of you may remember The Great Wargaming Survey that Wargames: Soldiers & Strategy did last year. Hopefully, you took part in the survey. A greater survey base is what makes the results useful. Another thing that will help is running the survey multiple times over the course of several years. Well, the time has come for this year’s survey.
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Steampunk Shenanigans Coming Soon in Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy 76

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy has started taking pre-orders for their next issue. Their cover game is In Her Majesty’s Name, and they’ve got articles like a look at an expansion, a Jack-the-Ripper manhunt scenario, and a look at what the Boxer Rebellion might’ve been like with steampunk-style weaponry.

Further content comes from Richard Clarke writing about fitting battles together into a campaign. There’s also quite a lot of reviews of both several historical games and various minis. Pre-order from Karwansaray Publishers and get a discount.


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Great Wargaming Survey results part 3

Wargames Soldiers and Strategy posted up the 3rd part of their Great Wargaming Survey results.



From the post:

We’ve got some more results of the Great Wargaming Survey. This time we take a look what gets to the table, what periods and genres are popular (and which ones aren’t), what scale or size of miniature wargamers prefer, how long we prefer our games to last and what size of game suits us best.

WSS 74 – Operation Market Garden – Coming Soon

Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy has issue 74 of their magazine coming out on the 25th for your historical wargaming reading pleasure.



In this issue:

The theme of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy issue 74 is operation Market Garden. It contains ten full scenarios (a linked campaign for four of those) at platoon and company level and suggestions for a whole lot more.

Aside from this notorious WW2 operation, there are excursions to the Seven Years War in India, Montrose’s campaign in Scotland, the Iliad, Game of Thrones and terrain making.
Finally, it’s the first issue of WS&S with a 15mm cover vignette – what’s not to like!

This issue is with the printer now and is due out on Monday August 25 (in stores in the UK september 1st). Subscribe or pre-order your copy now!

The Great Wargaming Survey – first results

Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy has the results in from their Great Wargaming Survey. Go and check out some of the analysis.



From the post:

It’ll be some time yet till we have recovered from the avalanche (well, it felt that way) of responses to the Great Wargaming Survey, but it’s easy enough to glean some information from selected questions. Moreover, there is obviously a lot of interest in the results and we didn’t want to keep them from you. So, here’s a start.

The Great Wargaming Survey – on to 10,000

The Great Wargaming Survey has been doing rather well, with more people taking it every day (I took it last time I posted it). Well, they’re closing in on 10k people having taken it. If they can make it to that number, they’re going to do a “stretch goal” sort of thing. Check it out.



From the update:

Last week we said that we were curious. Well, consider that curiosity at least partially sated. Over 5500 wargamers have filled out the survey so far, and the count is still climbing!
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The Great Wargaming Survey

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy has a poll up they’re calling the Great Wargaming Survey.
Do you like beans?
Do you like George Wendt?
Would you like to eat beans with George Wendt?



From them to you:

The people at WSS magazine are a very curious bunch (yes, probably probably in more senses of the word, but that doesn’t matter now). Mostly, we are curious about this hobby and the people in it. There is always much debate about the health of the hobby, the age of the average wargamer, which scale or size of miniature is better and endless other questions. Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, being a team of intrepid people, decided to solve at least some of these debates by way of theGreat Wargaming Survey. And YOU are cordially invited to take part.

Joking aside, this won’t take long (5-10 minutes), it’s entirely anonymous, it’s nothing every attempted on this scale and best of all, you’ll have a chance at winning some great prizes. What’s not to like? Just spend a few happy minutes contemplating your favorite pastime.

We’d really appreciate your input!