New Issue of Wargames Illustrated Now Available

The venerable Wargames Illustrated magazine has been bringing you articles, event reports, and interviews for quite a long time, and they keep on going strong. You can now pick up issue 367 from their website. As always, it’s basically got everything you’d need to keep yourself in gaming info for quite a while. This issue’s even 8 pages bigger than normal! They couldn’t contain it all in the regular space!
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Wargames Illustrated Issue 359 Available to Order

It’s easy to feel like, after Gen Con, that there’s a lot less gaming to talk about. Of course, that’s definitely not the case. There’s still plenty to fill up your day with gaming goodness. That includes great gaming magazines like Wargames Illustrated. They have issue 359 available now for your downloading and reading pleasure. Or, you can order a hard copy if you prefer.
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Latest Issue of Wargames Illustrated Now Available

Just last week, I watched a great documentary series on Netflix that was about WWII. It’s certainly not the first series I’ve seen on the war. And it probably won’t be the last. WWII fascinates a lot of people with just the scope and level of destruction that it had. And we know there’s several miniatures wargames based on it. This latest issue of Wargames Illustrated, which is available now, also takes a deep look at the war, particularly Dunkirk.
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Wargames Illustrated Giving Out Warlord Games Gift Cards With Subscription

Do you like hearing about all sorts of things that are going on in the world of hobby gaming?
That’s a silly question, since you’re reading it on a site that’s dedicated to the world of hobby gaming. So of course you don’t! …Err… Do! Of course you do!
Well, you can get lots of information from Wargames Illustrated. It’s like the Sports Illustrated of gaming. And while there may not be a “Game Designers Swimsuit Issue,” or football phone, you can get a Warlord Games gift card if you get a subscription.
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May Issue of Wargames Illustrated Now Available

Wargames Illustrated has their May issue of their magazine now available. This month’s focus is on the battle of Waterloo. Articles include a guided tour of the Waterloo battlefield, a culmination of a Hundred Days miniatures campaign, and a guide to painting figures based on the main armies that battled all those years ago. Get yourself a copy now.

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Change of Ownership at Wargames Illustrated

Wargames Illustrated is under new management. But it’s also sort of old management, if you think about it. Dan Faulconbridge has been working with the magazine for 10 years now. He’s taking over from Editor in Chief John Paul and owner Peter Simunovich. The magazine will still be associated with Battlefront, who will continue to distribute it. Also, the look of the magazine won’t change much in the near future. While there are some changes in the works, the WI you’ve loved will still be the one you’ll be getting.

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The February issue of Wargames Illustrated magazine is available now

Wargames Illustrated has their February issue available now for your downloading and reading pleasure. As usual, the issue is packed with articles. It includes such as a look at fighting in South Africa during WWI, painting several WWI forces, a battle the Australians fought during Vietnam, and a look at the Blucher Napoleonic rules set.


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Wargames Illustrated has their January issue now available for your downloading and reading pleasure. In this issue they’ve got such articles as a rules showcase of Aggro with Ainsty Casting’s Sam Catterall, a tactics article about Jeeps in Fate of a Nation, creating fire effects for your miniatures, and a talk with Alessio Cavatore about tourneys and the etiquette of players therein. All that and more inside this issue.


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The December issue of Wargames Illustrated magazine is available now

Wargames Illustrated now has their December issue available in both physical and digital versions. The main article focuses on hills. Hills have always been an important part of warfare and they should be a big part of miniatures games, too. The article lets you know how to better integrate them into your games and strategies.
The rest of the magazine is also rather hill-themed, with articles on creating buttes for your tabletop, using chariots in mountain campaigns, and a battle report on a rather hilly board.


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November issue of Wargames Illustrated now available

Wargames Illustrated has the November issue of their magazine up online for your downloading and reading pleasure.


In this issue:

For WI325 we take the theme of ‘Operation Barbarossa’; the German surprise attack into Russia in 1941, which began a four-year bitter campaign of assault and counter-assault.

As well as our World War Two theme articles we also feature articles on making a 28mm ACW Ironclad, the Historicon Painting Competition winners, the ancients battles of Himera and Cremona, Pirates, Bolt Action and much more!

Wargames Illustrated is available from you local hobby retailer, WH Smith, via our website, or digitally from the Apple, Amazon and Google App stores.

The October issue of Wargames Illustrated magazine is available now

Wargames Illustrated has their October issue of their magazine now available for your downloading and reading pleasure.


In this issue:

For WI324 we take the theme of ‘Modern Warfare’ and feature articles and photos covering wargames in Vietnam, South Ossetia, Palestine, The Rhine and The Golan Heights. We also have author Harvey Black writing for us this month and suggesting scenario ideas for ‘The Day the Cold War Turned Hot’. Our theme concludes with a look “Twenty years from now” at near-future gaming.

Outside of our five theme pieces we have a further nine articles to enjoy covering AWI, Colonial, World War Two, Shows, Modelling and more.

Wargames Illustrated posts September issue

Wargames Illustrated has posted the September issue of their magazine for your downloading and reading pleasure.

WGI September


In this issue:

For WI323 we take the theme of ‘Battles in Literature’.

We have two bestselling authors contributing to the magazine for us this month, Simon Scarrow tells us about his love of wargaming and how it has influenced his writing over the years. We follow up Simon’s piece with a scenario featuring characters from his ‘Roman Eagle’ series of books.
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Model Dads posts Wargames Illustrated’s sneak peek at Barbarossa video preview

Model Dads gives us a look inside Wargames Illustrated at the article talking about Operation Barbarossa for Flames of War.


From the post:

Model Dads slips between the pages of September’s Wargames Illustrated to update you on the long-awaited Barbarossa intelligence handbook for Flames of War.

Wargames Illustrated WI322 now available

Wargames Illustrated has posted issue WI322 up online for your reading pleasure.



In this issue:

The July issue of Wargames Illustrated is available now.

This month’s magazine comes with a FREE Flames Of War Great War supplement.

World War One comes to Flames Of War with this free 36 page supplement which contains special rules and army lists for fielding the armies of the Great War in Flames Of War games.

As well as the free supplement, the August issue itself contains further World War One articles for Flames Of War and other game systems.

Outside of our theme we have another nine articles covering Napoleonics, Crusaders, The Russo-Japanese War, Partizan 2014, World War Two, The Salute Painting Competition and more.

Wargames Illustrated 321 Available Now

Wargames Illustrated has issue 321 available up online for your downloading and reading pleasure.


In this issue:

The July issue of Wargames Illustrated is available now, and for WI321 we break with tradition and take the theme of Pulp Adventures – journeying into the world of twisted history, Steampunk and myth.

New Archive Volumes from Wargames Illustrated

Wargames Illustrated continues to expand their digital archive of their magazine.



From the announcement:

We continue to expand our digital archive with the release of four new volumes.
The Wargames Illustrated digital archive is a collection of digital magazines, designed specifically for iPad, Kindle Fire and Android tablets, which contain compiled (by period) articles from the last five years of Wargames Illustrated magazine.
This latest release contains: Medieval volume 3, Colonial volume 5, Dark ages volume 3 and Horse & Musket volume 3. Each volume costs $2.99/£1.99 and is available from the Apple, Amazon and Android App stores.
To view the full content list of these four new titles, and the other 23 volumes available, go to the website and click ‘Archive Volumes’.

Wargames Illustrated 320 available now

Wargames Illustrated has released Issue 320 of their magazine for your reading pleasure.



From the release:

The June issue of Wargames Illustrated magazine, WI320, is available to purchase now via the Wargames Illustrated website, or as a digital download.

WI Digital is available for iPad, Kindle Fire and Android tablets from your relevant App store.

Wargames Illustrated presents the Historicon™ painting competition

Wargames Illustrated is holding a painting competition in conjunction with the Historicon gaming event.


About the contest:

Following on from the great success of the first WargamesIillustrated Presents the Historicon™ Painting Competition event in july of 2013, we are proud to announce its return to Historicon™ in 2014. With over 120 entries from more than 60 artists, there were many wonderful wargaming miniatures that had been brought to life by the skilled hands of artisans from near and far. Without a doubt, the goals of our first event were met, and we look forward to seeing this competition grow over the coming years.

The Historicon™ painting competition will be hosted on Saturday, 19 July, 2014, as part of the largest historical wargaming convention in the us – Historicon™ – held again this year in Fredericksburg, va, 17-20 july, 2014.

Rules and category listings will soon be posted on the WargamesIillustrated, hmgs™, and Historicon™ websites. Additional questions regarding the competition can be directed to competition coordinator Dave Taylor at:

Free Dust Tactics Booklet from Wargames Illustrated

Wargames Illustrated is giving away a free 44-page booklet for Dust Tactics with the latest issue of their magazine.


From the announcement:

Wargames Illustrated is pleased to announce the inclusion of a FREE, 44-page Dust Tactics booklet with the March issue of the world’s premier tabletop gaming magazine.

“Wargames Illustrated have teamed up with the Battlefront Studio to publish this introductory guide to the world of Dust – a world in which WWII has continued into 1947 and alien resources have allowed the Allies and Axis to create heavy body armour, combat walkers, lasers and more and their quest to defeat the other.”

As well as introducing you to the background of Dust, your FREE Dust Tactics booklet provides a set of rules for playing Dust as a tabletop wargame.

The Dust Tactics booklet is available with all printed and digital copies of WI317.

Visit The World Of Dust website to learn more about the Dust universe

March Issue of Wargames Illustrated now available

Wargames Illustrated has their March issue now available for your reading pleasure.


In this issue:

Wargames Illustrated 317, April issue, is now available via the Wargames Illustrated website and Apple App Store.
As well as 124 pages of the best in wargaming, WI317 comes with a FREE 44 page Dust Tactics booklet, introducing you to a weird World War Two world in which the combatants have harnessed alien energy to power new and terrible machines of war.

WI317 Digital is currently available for iPad only (NOT mobile phones, NOT computers),

We have delayed the release of WI Digital for Android and Kindle Fire while our developer updates the software for these devices, which will allow ‘pinch and zoom’.

WI317 will be available in hobby and High Street stores at the end of the month.

New Digital Archive Releases from Wargames Illustrated

Wargames Illustrated has released new content into their digital archive for all of you to go check out.


From the announcement:

As well as our monthly magazine now being available for tablet devices, we are also making available re-packaged archive material.

Every month we will be releasing archive articles from the pages of Wargames Illustrated re-packaged by period, conflict or campaign. Our third release, available now, is: World War One Volume 1, Ancients Volume 2, Medieval Volume 1 and Napoleonic Volume 2.

Each volume is only $2.99 USD – £1.99 GBP – €2.69 EU (other areas are available).

Wargames Illustrated archive volumes are available for iPad, Kindle Fire and Android TABLET DEVICES, from the relevant App Stores and Newsstands.

Wargames Illustrated Digital goes Dynamic

Wargames Illustrated is showing off a preview video for their new Dynamic format for their digital magazine.


From the preview:

Wargames Illustrated is proud to announce the release of its first ‘dynamic’ digital issue.

WI316 will be our third digital magazine release, but our first to feature interactive/dynamic content.

Our dynamic content includes:
– 360 degree figure spins.
– Movies
– Photo galleries
– Bonus content
– Web links
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Wargames Illustrator hiring Sub-Editor

Wargames Illustrated is looking to add a new Sub-Editor to their team. Are you the perfect fit for them?


From the announcement:

Wargames Illustrated is a part of the Battlefront family of companies and the world’s premier tabletop gaming magazine. Its continued expansion and future aspirations have provided us with the opportunity to offer a position as SUB-EDITOR at our studio in Nottingham, England.

This position presents the successful candidate with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the wargaming hobby and share their passion with gamers from around the world.

Wargames Illustrated now available in digital format

Wargames Illustrated now has their magazine available in digital format for all you kids out there with iPads and tablets and smart cell phone telephones.
Back in my day, the only thing that came in tablet form were pain pills and law codes.


From the announcement:

Wargames Illustrated Magazine is proud to announce the launch of WI Digital – the tablet version of the world’s premier tabletop gaming magazine.

WI Digital is available for iPad, Kindle and Android, via iTunes the Amazon Store and Google Play. To get hold of your copy just go to the relevant store and download the App.

Both single issue and subscription copies of the magazine are available, with archive material being released from next week, and on a regular basis thereafter.

Dead Man’s Hand feature and exclusive cards in Wargames Illustrated 315

Great Escape Games will have a new gang and scenes in the upcoming issue of Wargames Illustrated.


From the post:

The upcoming issue 315 of Wargames Illustrated features a brand new gang, three new scenes and a new set of gang specific cards which are exclusive to Wargames Illustrated and come free with the magazine.

The new gang sees a Stranger coming to town and gathering up the local citizens, arming them and getting them ready to fight. Once in a while things’ll get so bad around town that the folks have just had enough. Sometimes the law helps, other times the folks in town are brought together by something else entirely. The Stranger came into town and shook everything up. Short on words, he let his pistols do the talking, and when they spoke they sang a song of death. Nobody knew his name, when he came or when he left; they just knew that the streets were safer and the cemetery held a few more corpses.

Great Escape Games will be stocking this issue of WI and have a couple of bundle deals in the webstore.

And if you haven’t played Dead Man’s Hand yet, then it’s time to quit talkin’ and get shootin’!

This item will be shipped upon release in the third week of December and will be due in time for Christmas in the UK. Pre-order now in the webstore.

Mega Wargaming photo book coming soon from Wargames Illustrated

Wargames Illustrated has announced their upcoming Mega Wargaming photo book that they’re working on. If you get inspired by photos of huge games, this is the book for you.


From the announcement:

Wargames Illustrated has been working with model maker and wargaming maestro Ron Ringrose for many years, his articles have been the highlight of a number of issues of WI, through which his models and games have inspired hobbyists around the world. For Mega Wargames we have teamed up with Ron, and professional miniatures photographer and author Joe Dever, to bring you a sumptuous publication showcasing the best of their mega-wargames; ten of the very best wargames tables and games you are ever likely to see.
From Ancient Rome to World War Two, Gettysburg to the Tet Offensive, the battles presented in Mega Wargames form a body of work which will prove irresistible to any gamer who enjoys looking at great looking models on great looking tables (don’t we all!). Beyond the aesthetics, Mega Wargames also provides Order of Battle, construction, historical and gaming information on the featured battles – making the book practical, as well as pretty.

We are printing Mega Wargames as a limited edition run of 1,000 hardback books. At 180, A4, full-colour pages – featuring over 200 highly-detailed photographs – the Mega Wargames hardback book will be a ‘must have’ for any gamer’s coffee table, and an ideal gift for Christmas.


Wargames Illustrated now on Facebook

Wargames Illustrated has themselves a new Facebook page as well as a new Twitter account.

From the announcement:

Wargames Illustrated has new Facebook and Twitter pages. Check us out at:

Facebook –
Twitter –

This week’s posts will include lots from our editors at Historicon.

Digital Graphic Designer Required For The Wargames Illustrated Nottingham Studio

Wargames Illustrated is looking for a new Digital Graphic Designer. Do you think you have what it takes? Send in your resume and find out.

From the announcement:

The team behind the world’s most popular wargames magazine; Wargames Illustrated, are looking to recruit a new member for its Nottingham, UK, Studio, to help expand and develop its digital ambitions.

In their role as Graphic Designer this new member of the WI team will work closely with the existing members of the WI team and Battlefront Studio in developing and producing content for both print and digital versions of the magazine, and online content.
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Wargames Illustrated posts up extra photos from Adepticon and Salute

Wargames Illustrated had so many photos from those two conventions that they couldn’t just keep them to themselves. So they’ve posted them up for all to enjoy.

From them to you:

Our intrepid reports caught so many great images from AdeptiCon and Salute 2012 there were too many to fit in the magazine, so we put the rest on the Wargames Illustrated website, come and have a look.

Wargames Illustrated updates for June

Wargames Illustrated has their new June content up on their website. Like every month, it’s simply packed with articles of all sorts to keep you reading for hours.

This month’s exciting update features ten different articles, downloads and reviews to supplement the content of Wargames Illustrated issue 296. Have a look at the images from our massive Sevastopol Table at Salute 2012, Matt Parkes paints Tartan on Bonnie Prince Charlie as well as much more!

Wargames Illustrated doing a 1:1 replica of Little Big Horn

Wargames Illustrated editor Dave Taylor is going to be doing a giant 1:1 scale replica of Little Big Horn. It’s going to be quite an event, so they want to get the word out.

From the notice:

Hi guys,
Coming up on June 9 our US Editor for Wargames Illustrated (Dave Taylor) is going to be photographing a big, 1:1 ratio Battle of Little Big Horn game for a future issue. The team running the event have made it a big extravaganza and want to get the word out to everyone.

Wargames Illustrated at Salute

Wargames Illustrated will be at Salute and would love it if you were, too.

From them to you:


At Salute 2011 Wargames Illustrated wowed the crowds with our spectacular WWI Gallipoli table. In 2012 we’re back with another outstanding piece of terrain, this time focusing on the British assault at Sevastopol, June 1855. Continue reading