Kickstarter Launch Date Announced For Anno Domini 1666

Preparation beats expiration, in any form. So having all your ducks in a row and a plan for what’s coming up is important. If you’re wanting to get in on the upcoming game Anno Domini 1666, that plan includes knowing when the campaign launches on Kickstarter. Well, that will be May 15th. So you’ve got just a couple weeks left to wait.
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New Models, Bundles, and Stretch Goals for The Deluge

Wargamer Games Studio made it through some more stretch goals in their The Deluge expansion Kickstarter for By Fire and Sword. There’s less than 2 days left to go. How many more stretch goals can they make it through?


From the update:

Imperial Unarmored Cuirassiers are now unlocked! We have reached 44k so portable obstacles are now unlocked! As promised, by reaching 44k, 3 sets of order tokens for new armies: Brandenburg, Transylvania and Holy Roman Empire are unlocked! The Transylvanian unit – light Székely cavalry/’chimney’ cavalry (like ‘chimney smoke’ in Polish infantry). Is unlocked! At the moment we are aiming for 47k there will be 3 large sets: High Command for Transylvania, Holy Roman Empire and Brandenburg. It’s final set that will allow to
publish ‘from skirmish to division’ bundles. As we have promised next batch of historical divisional bundles will be available when we reach 47000 for now Free PDF Rules. Please help us to make those wonders come true, spread the news!

Thank you very much for your support so far and we still count on you!

Final Days for The Deluge up on Kickstarter

Wargamer Games Studio is in their final couple days over on Kickstarter for their By Fire and Sword expansion, The Deluge. They’re still breaking through stretch goals, so go have a look-see.


From them to you:

In video You can see Gosiewski Foray clashing with Muscovite Zasieczna Guard.

Will Gosiewski lead his Winged Hussars to the victory or the Muscovite Zasieczna Guard wil fend off the Lithuanian Foray from the village?

See it for yourself!

New Stretch Goal and new Pledge Level for The Deluge

Wargamer Games Studio made it through a new stretch goal and added a new pledge level to their The Deluge: Norther War 1655-1660 Kickstarter campaign.


From the campaign:

First of all we would like to thank you many times for your great support and efforts. Thanks to You all of those was possible! So now we have unocked artillery for all new armies! On level of 41000 Transylvanian and Brandeburgian Commanders small sets will be available. When you reach 43000 The Imperial unarmoured cuirassierswe will be available. Beautiful minis sculpted by Artur ‘Dobywszypa?asza’ ?wietlik are ideal not only for Holy Roman Empire but for other armies where they can be used as reiters. When we gather 44000 The Portable Obstacles will be available. Now new Pledge leve is unlocked as well. The Dice Collector – This will give You set of 9 dice – 1 dice from each faction: Polish-Lithuanian, Swedes, Cossacks, Tartars, Turks, Muscovites, Transylvanian, Brandenburgian and Imperials.

By Fire&Sword reaches 35k: New Add-Ons, Stretch Goals, and more

Wargamer Games Studio keeps heading through more stretch goals over on their By Fire & Sword: Deluge Kickstarter campaign. There’s a little bit of everything going on over there.


From the campaign:

Thanks to your great support we have reached 35000! Together we can achieve more and we can make wonders! So now we’re fighting for Imperial infantry regiment to be unlock on 37.5k. In stretch goal for 40000 we would like to look into light artillery for three new armies. Now we have Special Regimental offer. We publish second Transylvanian skirmish – Pillaging Raid 1648-1660 – PDF for Free that will allow You to better plan composition of Your army. We decided to introduce new pledge level, called ‘Cautious Gambler’! Dont wait and engage in our effort today!

New special offers and new pdf for The Deluge

Wargamer Games Studio added more to their The Deluge Kickstarter campaign for By Fire and Sword. Check out the new add-ons and a new pdf of stats.


From the update:

It was long wait for this update but it’s really worth it (we think…)

You may remember that our goal for 35k is Transylvanian Comitatus cavalry. So it’s time to publish second Transylvanian skirmish – Pillaging Raid 1648-1660 – that will allow You to better plan composition of Your army. For the time being, as with previous Transylvanian skirmish, we only publish stats for the formations that will be available through Kickstarter.

Major updates posted for By Fire and Sword Kickstarter has some pretty big updates to their The Deluge: Norther War Kickstarter campaign for By Fire and Sword.


From the campaign:

Peasant Partisans Skirmish Force – New exclusive KS offer! – Unique in tactics and organisation skirmish set. Kickstarter only! – Azab versus Dvorians! – Great contest for extra units. Take vote while you can! Introduction to Transylvanians! – Background story for Transylvanian Forces and new miniature. Imperial cuirassier WIP! – First impressions. Go and have a look!

By Fire & Sword: Deluge Kickstarter passes 30000 £ stretch goal

By Fire & Sword keeps making it through stretch goals over on their Kickstarter campaign.


From the campaign:

So we’ve finally reached the level of 30k – The Imperial skirmish set is officially unlocked.

The competition for the Imperial General was won by Johann von Sporck: we will prepare the miniature and pdf with rules for him.

There is a new stretch goal revealed as well.

Miniatures of Erik Jönsson (You may better know him under surname Dahlberg) and Her Majesty the Queen are revealed.

You still have a chance to participate in this great project! Dont hesitate, there is still time to support us!

Miniwojna posts Interview with Wargamer Company

Miniwojna has posted up an interview they conducted with Konrad Sosi?ski of Wargamer Company and talked about their By Fire and Sword game.



From the post:

Interview with Konrad Sosi?ski, owner of Wargamer company, publisher of “By Fire and Sword” rules, has been published on my Miniwojna blog. Wargamer is currently running Kickstarter campaign with the goal of funding first major expansion for “BFaS” – “The Deluge”. Interview is published in two languages – English and Polish

New Add-ons for The Deluge: Northern War 1655-1660 posted a whole bunch of add-ons to their By Fir and Sword, The Deluge: Northern War 1655-1660.


From the campaign:

As requested, we’ve updated add ons lists on start page with banners, casualties markers, order counters and dice sets for armies from main rulebook.

A deluge of add-ons added to The Deluge Kickstarter has put a whole bunch of add-ons up on their The Deluge: Northern War 1655-1660 Kickstarter campaign. There’s plenty of terrain options and units you can add to your pledge.



From the campaign:

Taaadaaa!!! 22500£ reached! So we have Brandenburgian Dragoons unlocked! New Old Type Infantry miniatures are on horiozn as well! So now you can plan your pledge ahead and reach those new exciting goals. Go and check this newest update.

“By Fire and Sword – Deluge” Kickstarter: New Stretch Goals, New Freebie, New Add Ons has been making it through stretch goals, posting new ones, and showing off more add-ons over on their By Fire and Sword – Deluge Kickstarter campaign.


From the campaign:

Hurrray!! The 6th Stretch Goal for passing 20000L achieved – Prussian Territorial Defense is currently unlocked! Now onwards to 22500L!

The participating backers decided the fate of “Who will Become the Brandenburgian General” contest. The official commander therefore is: Georg von Derfflinge. It seems that the idea of a drunken cavalry officer was strong encouragement for many backers. Pdf with his rules (both in Polish and English) will be published soon on the official “By Fire and Sword” website.

The next stretch goal to achieve is on 22500L which will bring some new dragoon models for the Brandenburgian army. At 25000L we will see the return of Mercenary infantry – old type (style) set, with re-sculpted miniatures. It will be a nice addition to both Swedish and Polish-Lithuanian armies.

Finally, to celebrate reaching the number of 150 backers, we’ve decided to prepare a new freebie – the mini of the Polish Queen, Maria Louise Gonzaga, sitting on a military drum and commanding some Polish cannons!

The Deluge: Northern War 1655-1660 Kickstarter for By Fire and Sword launched has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new By Fire and Sword expansion. This one’s The Deluge: Northern War 1655-1660.

The Deluge


From the campaign:

Encouraged by the success and positive player opinions we decided to use Kickstarter once more in order to finance the first large By Fire and Sword supplement: The Deluge: Northern War 1655-1660. The main aim is to gather funds to publish Polish version of the supplement (which is almost ready) and finish work on English version so it can be published as well. Hence some materials that we will show below are currently only in Polish.
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Danes unlocked over in By Fire and Sword Kickstarter has passed $40k and unlocked the Danes for By Fire and Sword over on Kickstarter.

From the update:

The Danes have now been unlocked as a playable faction for “By Fire & Sword” and an overview of the list of freebies has now also been posted.

7 days left to go!

15mm Muscovites and Ottoman light artillery from Wargamer

Wargamer has released some new 15mm Muscovites and Ottoman light artillery.

From the release:

New sets of 15mm Muscovite and Ottoman light guns now on sale!
Each set contains:
* three guns
* six crewmen
* gunner’s equipment (rammer, sponge, gunpowder barrel, etc.)
* metal bases Releases 15mm Ottoman Deli Cavalry releases a new set of 15mm Ottoman Deli Cavalry:

From their website:

We are happy to announce the release of a new set from our growing range of 15mm Eastern-European renaissance range of miniatues “By Fire and Sword”.

We present the Deli (“the mad ones”) figures for the Ottoman Empire army. As always we took care to present all details according to historical facts. The new figures represent an elite light clad in hides of wild animals and bird feathers attached to their hats. This formation was stationed mainly near the borders with Christian countries.
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